Corona Virus criticisms cheat sheet


The Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative policy thread has gotten long.

I wanted to get a thread going that would just be arguments as to why the narrative is false, why the numbers are wrong or any other reason we should cast doubt on the corona virus narrative.


A: Death rate is DRAMATICALLY lower than suggested. The high end of the estimate comes from the Diamond Princess accidentally created a perfect closed environment to study an outbreak. Extrapolating the deaths from that incident to the entire population gives a 0.5% IFR: . A belgian study of blood donors found an IFR of 0.08%. This is many, many, times lower than the general public which is given death rates of 5.7% to 11%. Those figures are wrong because they're not "deaths / infections", they're "deaths/confirmed tests" which is dramatically wrong when there's an estimated 20x as many cases occurring as those tested.

B:Statistical data from Harvard University (among others) indicates putting everyone on house arrest has zero additional benefit over simply enacting social distancing measures.

B-2: The house arrest policies are based on a statistical model from Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London who has been wrong on every predicition prior and was fired for repeatedly breaking his quarantine to have sex with his married mistress. The code for his model is publicly available on github and is widely criticized because the code is so bad it is impossible to even test changes or updates to the model.

C: The cure actually is worse than the disease: the United Nations is estimating 120 million people will starve due to lockdown policies. If you support lockdown policies, you're saying that you're willing to sacrifice the lives of tens of millions of Africans, South Americans, and Asians in order to make yourself feel safe. In the US over 50% of retail companies are classified by credit rating agencies of being at immediate risk of default and it is estimated that half of all layoffs will be permanent.

D: Leading epidemiologists such as Knutt Wittkowski have said that for a fraction of the cost of the lockdowns, we could have put nursing homes and vulnerable members of the population on a hard lockdown (nobody goes in or out except for contact-free deliver of food and essential supplies) while paying them full wages until the outbreak has run its course in that area. Our failure to do so has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

E: Most of the laws are non-sensical and don't actually stop the disease. For example, mask laws which require you to wear a mask but allow your children to go in the store with you not wearing a mask just mean the kid is going to immediately spread the virus to you the moment you walk out of the store and take off the mask.

Max Roscoe

I'll preface this by saying we have moved beyond the point where the medical question matters. I questioned this stuff a lot at first, but it doesn't really matter anymore. It's like when they found out there were no actual WMDs in Iraq. Did the war stop? The medical question was merely the "Sinking of the Maine" or the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident. It was merely a tool to put this mechanism into play.

I wouldn't even try to convince anyone it is fake because what we have done is actually created a REAL invisible fear with this lockdown. Just as there wasn't really a group called ISIS or Al Queda until the US memed it into existance and it became an organic entity. But for historical significance:

1) the coronavirus is essentially the flu. There is no one "flu." The flu is a group of viruses that mutate every year. The flu strains are typically between 7 and 15% coronavirus. This is probably a stronger virus, like the one that killed 80,000 in 2018 (though the numbers are now being manipulated so we will never know)

2) The flu is something to worry about, in the same vein that a car trip is something to worry about. You should buckle up when you get on the highway, and you should wash your hands a lot and stay away from unhygenic people around flu season. If you are old, you might even cut out some of your activities when contagion levels are high. Cars and the flu can kill you.

3) Quarantine is a method used against the sick, not the healthy. There is no precedent nor medical evidence for quarantining the healthy.

4) An N95 face mask is the only mask that is effective against a virus. These other masks are doing nothing, or possibly making things worse. Since viruses can penetrate them, when they are being worn in presumably viral areas (which is the whole point of wearing them) they will get covered inside and out with virus. Then when you touch them, the virus spreads. If you don't wash or sterilize these fake facemasks, then they could potentially be huge transfer mediums, but likely they just don't do much of anything at all because the virus simply isn't that bad.

5) Dr Birx stated that hospitals are ordered to count anyone who dies and has either flu-like symptoms or contracts corona (such as you get shot then go to the hospital full of corona and die from the gunshot) are coronavirus deaths (videos of her saying this are now removed from youtube). This has many implications, but for one, over 90% of Italians who died were senile and already had one or more chronic diseases. This virus may have sped up their death by a few days or weeks, but coronavirus did not "kill" them the way the average person fears it.

6) Death rates were within historical norms for the flu, up until the virus deaths peaked (week 6, as usual) and they went to strategy #5 above.

7) This virus essentially affects no children, yet children are sent home and schools closed--for next year even!

8) Places like Sweden that just asked people to sneeze into a hankerchief and wash your hands, have lower (typical flu) death rates.

9) The nonsense over "testing" is a distraction--think back to when you were sick. The Dr never tests for a virus, because we don't have ways of fighting virii. He tests if he thinks its bacteria, otherwise he just says "There's no point in testing, it looks like a virus. Go home and drink some tea and sleep". The testing does nothing from a medical point of view.

10) This absurd hope of a vaccine... the common cold is a coronavirus. No vaccine for it yet. It took 50 years to develop a polio vaccine. And another 50 to almost eradicate the disease. If you think they are coming out with a vaccine against this thing in a few months you are really delusional.

11) The orwellian term "social distancing" describes the opposite of what a society would do in a pandemic. We would physically distance but socially draw closer. I have never heard of that bizarre term before, but it did appear in the 2011 film Contagion. Many parallels to Fox's The Lone Gunman pilot episode...

12) The economic and social effects are enormous. This deserves a topic of its own but it's likely more could die from this than from the virus.

13) I have yet to have known someone who knows someone with this disease (I do know 2 people who know people who know people who have it).
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