Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications


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While ordinary Americans find themselves at their most vulnerable, the deep state is salivating. Rahm Emmanuel’s famous dictum, “never let a crisis go to waste,” applies equally if not more so to artificial and exaggerated crises. Just as 9/11 gave us the patriot act, so will Covid-19 be used to ram through elevated measures of surveillance and control.

Former Bush official Jack Goldsmith and his co-author Andrew Keane Woods describe exactly how the deep state will use Covid-19 to enhance and consolidate the trend of internet censorship that began in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election.

Covid-19 has emboldened American tech platforms to emerge from their defensive crouch. Before the pandemic, they were targets of public outrage over life under their dominion. Today, the platforms are proudly collaborating with one another, and following government guidance, to censor harmful information related to the coronavirus. [The Atlantic]

As with all crises, Covid-19 has been used to push previously uncrossed boundaries of censorship. One example of note is the proposed censorship of the “Wayback Machine.” The Wayback Machine is a device that archives the history of the internet so users can access deleted sites, ensuring internet transparency and accountability.

As mainstream websites were forced to delete any information on Covid that conflicted with the ever-changing narratives of the so-called “health-experts,” internet users were taking to the wayback machine to access this deleted information.

Researchers at MIT took exception to the public’s ability to access forbidden information on covid, and even lobbied the wayback machine to delete information conflicting with the “expert consensus” entirely.

The old saw that the “internet is forever” might apply to an off-color joke posted online 10 years ago, but evidently it does not apply to information that conflicts with the “health experts” ever changing narrative consensus on Covid-19.

The original Atlantic article continues:

As surprising as it may sound, digital surveillance and speech control in the United States already show many similarities to what one finds in authoritarian states such as China.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?



I think one of the things going on is that we really do not need a workforce as large as it was pre COVID-19. The workforce was about 160 million people or so with 130 million employed. Currently there are about 30 to 40 million out of work, but everything seems to be still working. The utilities are on, food and fuel are available, anything you would want can be delivered from online ordering . The big problem is that there are probably all kinds of jobs that are not needed and could be eliminated without effecting production. The problem is then what would happen to the debt that most of those people had piled up from income of not needed jobs. Keeping people working at government jobs may be one way to mitigate that problem, just as how some ancient civilizations had public works projects to make monuments and such. It is also possible that governments are simply in denial as to how bad things are going to be for tax collections and not doing anything to reduce their payrolls.

james Altucher related stories in the financial crisis of 2008/2009 about talking with the CEOs of some companies where they told him in private that many of the jobs they had in the company where simply not needed. The CEOs used the excuse of restructuring from the financial crisis as cover to eliminate those jobs and avoid any negative media about doing it.

I think we are going through a similar process today; many jobs simply add no value and have nothing to do with servicing the customers of the company or institution and are not coming back once things get to normal, probably around 2022.

I am going to guess that the typical reader here is not in that situation and is doing work that directly effects a customer and is needed; even if out of work now should be employed again sometime this year. But out favorite group to deride, SJWs and the looney left, most if not all will probably be out of work for a very long time.

As bad as things are for some for employment, I fear that something far worse is going to happen in the second half of this year or first half of 2021.
“I am going to guess that the typical reader here“ will see his business (however “needed”) fall off, as those who lose their jobs (however un-“needed”) will be buying less (or none) of almost any good or service we might happen to sell.
(Upgraded electronics? A newer car? A new heating or air conditioning system? Remodeling? A house? Diapers for that now-unaffordable baby? Halloween costumes? Deluxe Christmas toys? Not this year; not next year.)

But gun stores and pawn shops may do okay.
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I'll put in that I've actually done some work that very possibly lead to that. I've worked on some projects that involved system upgrades that would make processes like accounting reconciliations semi-automated....which means you need a few less bureaucrats whose only job is to just review the paperwork and make sure that all the numbers are the same.
A lot of bureaucracy is just the execution of algorithms anyway. Many of it is just being a human robot. NPC Job at its finest.
For restaurants I can understand how they will never come back. However I think this is good for the consumer. For example a local donut shop was very popular and sold out of donuts everyday before covid. They are still open albeit with pickup only and still selling out of donuts everyday. If you made a great product and didn't over charge and have a large customer base then you will be fine. So these food and bev will survive and they should because they had a great business model before. Maybe your profits will drop some but that's understandable. Now if you over charged, or only served a particular ethnicity/niche/demographic or did not have a large customer base because your product was poor, average, or below average. If those were the case then you will definitely not survive this economic purge.


Lots of restaurants will permanently close...

The real effects look to be disastrous.

+ most independent restaurants closing
+ most small businesses that don't rely on government or corporations also to close
+ record unemployment that is hardly about to fall
* record debt that for example the UK has admitted will take decades to be paid off! decades of tax-rises admitted just for covid!!!!
+ Food shortages that will be felt in the next year as they have shut down not only meatpackers, but also apple, potato and vegetable supply chains:

+ it's not necesserily that food will be scarce, but the better food will just become far far mor expensive and thus unaffordable for most, but don't fear the insect based protein-solution is already under way:

Once you have your cricket, mealworm powder mixed into a paste and printed in the form of a steak or a chicken nugget, then most will gobble it down especially when told that meat caused corona and it's 10 times more expensive.

They are ramming through so many agendas in such a short time that it is truly admirable. It's admirable because the gullability factor in the population is so high. Guess when fear is high, then they can run roughshod over the populations. There are still way too many believers in the scamdemic, so I still think that they will manage to implement most changes with the worst to be seen and felt only in 2021 to 2025.


They know that they won't be able to control the serfs if they make them bankrupt via a mix of covid con and global warming hoax, so they have the UBI set ready to be implemented country after country.

Of course - receiving it will depend on your cooperation, on a good social credit score, on wearing a covid tracking app, on obedient vaccinations and later on getting yourself chipped. It's a good plan - first bankrupt the economy, make most peoeple unemployed, then offer the solution in the form of an UBI - knowing that most people would devolve into ghetto-like conditions where single mothers and drunk men populate the dystopian urban hellhole - until of course most die out within a generation or two.


Lots of restaurants are liquidating assets:





And all these renewed lockdowns, restrictions are happening while Gates claims that the deaths are on the tremendous uptick:

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Yeah - truly scary numbers - and even those are inflated at the bottom. The numbers at the top are akin to saying:

'All 7.5 bio. people on Earth will die!' (* during their lifetime and be replaced by more people)


Seems they want us to be worker units to be used then discarded. Wondering if they create some sort of euthanasia program once a worker unit is deemed old an thus unproductive? I would put nothing past them. Thank you LeoniusD for the heads up about ALDI they won't get another penny from me disgusting!

Euthanasia program - they got you covered - both the UBI as well as relentless vaccinations are being rolled out at the same time. Men react badly to an eternally unemployed lifesyle. Many will self-destruct while the frequent vaccines will cut your life short for sure. It's a great plan actually - bankrupt the economy, make the people more dependent on them, then force them to take vaccines which will kill them off much sooner. What you need an economy for when big corporations can supply all you need?