Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications


Hawaii is getting destroyed not by covid, because people are not dropping dead in the streets. Asymptomatic cancer, pneumonia and asymptomatic heart attack, what is that? Even Gates said that most tests are rubbish.

Hawaii is destroyed by the international and national covid measures and not by any virus - the tourism industry is getting clobbered and the descent of the real estate prices in Hawaii has barely begun. Realistically you can look towards a marginal improvement by summer 2021 at the earliest. Meanwhile credit is going to be restricted - not that many people have enough income to pay off mortgage. The best real estate are rentals to the bottom welfare recipients. Alternatively some are not bogged down by too much mortgage so they could lower prices and reach that clientele. This strategy will remain recession proof so long as Antifa does not burn it down or father Sam is not broke.

Making sense out of the test cases is moot - it was recently found that some of the test primer tests for human DNA, so they can make up cases whenever they want. A funny recent story I heard recently was of a female construction company owner who wanted to do a quick and 'efficient' covid test for ther newly imported 15 essential construction workers. She thought that she is not taking any risk of one of the men being asymptomatic but healthy, so she swabbed herself 15 times and sent in the tests. Those 15 tests of her own saliva came in the following: 9 negatives and 6 positives. AT that time she made this public even if what she did was illegal. The very tests are in my opinion even more illegal.


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Interesting article here on the death of universities due to COVID. A bit old but still relevant.

Even without the economic argument (that the financial system is completely insolvent and the debt bubble has to burst without massive Fed bailouts and dollar destruction) the technology factor alone is powerful.

College is never coming back
JULY 20, 2020

Here’s some great news...
One of America’s most broken industries is finally being exposed as a sham.
And make no mistake... the end of college as we know it is a great thing.
It’s great for families... who’ll save money and take on less debt putting kids through school.
It’s great for kids... who’ll no longer be lured into the socialist indoctrination centers that many American campuses have become.
And as I’ll show you, it’s great for investors... who stand to make a killing on the companies that’ll disrupt college for good.
  • Stephen, how can you be against education?!
I love learning, but I hate what college has become.
As recently as 1980, you could get a four-year bachelor’s degree at a public school for less than $10,000.
These days, it’ll cost you $40,000 at a minimum… $140,000 for a private school... or well over $250,000 for a top school.
College costs have ballooned beyond all reason. They’ve risen even faster than healthcare costs... which is really saying something.
Kids are burying themselves in debt—$1.6 trillion at last count—in order to attend college.
Longtime RiskHedge readers know that college is broken. But the last time I wrote you about this, I had little hope things would change anytime soon.
Why? It’s a tough sell to convince an 18-year-old kid not to attend the four-year party all his friends are going to... especially when the US government is financing it through student loans.
  • But a lightning bolt of disruption just fried the business model of college.
Mark my words… coronavirus will be remembered for transforming college forever.
The virus has forced practically every college to move their courses online for the next semester.
So instead of living on campus and walking to lectures… kids will be sitting in their bedrooms watching professors on Zoom calls.
This is FAR more disruptive than most folks realize.
College is about much more than just the learning. There’s the education… and then you have the experience.
The learning part has barely changed in a century. Kids still sit in 60-year-old lecture halls listening to professors.
But now, the “experience” has been stripped away. Do you think teenagers will be willing to mortgage their futures in order to watch college lecture videos on the internet?
  • This is the end of college as we know it.
Right now, millions of kids are questioning what they’re paying tens of thousands of dollars for.
NOBODY is willing to pay $30,000/year to watch lecturers on Zoom calls. In fact, tuitions are already falling.
New data shows colleges reopening “online only” this Fall have slashed costs by $9,000, on average.
How many kids will jump at the chance to save themselves tens of thousands of dollars in tuition with online learning?
My prediction: millions.
In fact, by slashing tuitions for online courses, schools have permanently changed the perception of what college is worth.
  • Here's my prediction for how the disruption of college will play out.
Millions of American kids will soon be able to complete degrees—fully online—for way less than the cost of traditional college.
But they won’t just be enrolling in Ohio State or University of Florida’s “online classes.”
With learning shifting onto the internet, there’s nothing stopping nimble disruptors from offering real college degrees at much cheaper prices.
Last week, I mentioned 2U (TWOU). In short, 2U runs online classes for 73 of the world’s best colleges including Yale… Cambridge… Georgetown... and NYU.
It’s only a matter of time before online disruptors like 2U or Coursera start offering their own degree courses.
For example, they could hire world-class professors to create online courses for, say, $200,000/year. Each professor might teach 250 students per school year, which works out to roughly $800 per student.
Tack on the cost of running the online course… plus a profit for the college… and you could probably charge each student $3,000/year.
These courses would carry the same qualification as any regular college. Yet, tuitions could be slashed by 70–80%.
Right now, every US state has a couple of big schools and dozens of little ones. And they’re essentially all teaching the same material in a slightly different way.
I expect online disruptors will put many of the 4,000 “middle-of-the-road” US colleges out of business.
Top schools like Harvard… Yale… and Stanford will always attract elite kids and command huge tuitions. They are disruption proof.
But the thousands of schools that sell “standard issue” degrees for tens of thousands of dollars are in for a rude awakening.
Think of them as the new department stores.
You know how unspecialized, middle of the road retailers like Macy’s and Sears are dying off?
Nimble online schools will do to traditional colleges what Amazon did to department stores.
This is a change every American kid should be cheering for.
What do you think of how college works in America today? Let me know at [email protected].
Stephen McBride
Editor — Disruption Investor


It should be noted, though, that college in many parts of the world, especially in developing countries, are not like those in the U.S. That is, they don't have social indoctrination and costs are low, but tuition is still too high as too many people are poor.

Also, only around 7 pct of people worldwide have a college degree or better, while industrial civilization requires more specialists.

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God is great my fellow forum members.

Coronavirus causing college collapse and now this fantastic news

Mothers leaving the workforce en masse to stay home and take care of their children

Way to go Bill Gates, thank you for restoring God's design for women and families. The article of course paints this in a negative light, but stuff like the featured woman in the article who leaves her 5! children in the care of someone else so she can run a business is just wrong.

wannable alpha

God is great my fellow forum members.

Coronavirus causing college collapse and now this fantastic news

Mothers leaving the workforce en masse to stay home and take care of their children

Way to go Bill Gates, thank you for restoring God's design for women and families. The article of course paints this in a negative light, but stuff like the featured woman in the article who leaves her 5! children in the care of someone else so she can run a business is just wrong.

Won't the women just be replaced by more immigrants? Also, couples will put off having children.



The stories coming out from US colleges are insane - they are on par with Melbourne level of terror.

They often have one-incident-instant-dismissal policy in some. 36500$ per semester paid, but you are out! They are testing students every week in those insane 90% false positive tests. And no one is sick, testing positive means jack shit. Students have to stay away from parties on campus and off campus.

And listen to the insane talk of the university commissars in the video - covid wants contact and fun - we don't want you to have any fun (ever).

War on Covid is war on humans, war on human behavior and ultimately humanity. Some colleges have even created actual prisons for quarantined students. They are shut away for 14 days and the doors are locked with only hazmat-suited people entering their premises for food delivery.


RE: Coronavirus Socioeconomic/Cultural/Political Ramifications

Assuming this corona will be a long-term mutating disease that will keep coming every year with same intensity or stronger.

- Remote work: This one might be obvious from the fact that Tech stocks dropped less than regular stocks. This used to be the other way around. Remote work will be the preferred mode.

- Home delivery / Online Shopping for ... everything.

- Tele-medication will become big. Online schools/Universities will become the norm for field that can afford it.

- Airlines / Hotels / Mass tourism is a thing of the past.

- The EU is finished, I guess. High density, low temperatures, older population, illegal immigration will make it a hot bed for infection and high unemployment. A deadly combination.

- Higher divorce rate / Lower marriage rate / Lower birth rate.
Let's do the math: The daily number of new infections will start to drop when about half the people on Earth are infected. That is called "herd immunity". There are 7 billion people on the planet. Half that is 3.5B. The daily new infection rate is about 300K. At this rate, how long will it take to reach herd immunity? 3.5B/300k=11,667 days or about 32 years! We are currently doing all that we can to keep the daily new infections down as low as possible. What if we did the opposite? What if everyone went out into public on the same day and breathed into their neighbor's faces intentionally? Note: The face-breathing is for fat bearded men. If your neighbor is an attractive woman then should just tongue kiss her. If we did this then everyone would become infected very quickly. Those who survived would become immune. Within a couple of months, there would be no more corona virus. If we had done this in February, the virus would be long gone and trillions of dollars would have been saved.

Would this drastic intentional infection cause more people to die? Let's do the math on that too.

The death rate for those infected with corona virus is about 4%. This would be the same death rate whether 100 people are infected or 1 billion people are infected. The total number of deaths would be the same after the virus runs it's course. Granted, it would take much longer for those 4% to die at the current rate but in the end, the same number of people would die whether it is very quickly or over the course of several years.

Which is better? Limiting the rate of infections and death and damaging the world economy for 32 years or allowing the virus to spread quickly and having it over in a couple of months with the same number of total deaths?

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The frog boiling technique of coronavirus laws is interesting. The Canada/US land border is a good example, every 30 days they extend the closure for another 30 days, this time until Oct 21. Its been closed for a good part of the year now and open only to 'essential travel'

That essential travel also includes business traffic like truckers. But how does that work when people returning to Canada need to isolate for 14 days....oh except truckers, they are exempt because that would make their job infeasible.

Who else is exempt? Anyone the government deems an essential worker, or that has special permission from the chief health officer, or a person that works across the border on a daily basis, or lives in a border community. Who is an essential worker as defined by the Canadian Government? Vetrenarians? School teachers? Generally anyone who works for the goverment? Yes. Bankers...also yes of course. So, if you are a public school teacher in Canada you can cross the US land border and not have to isolate on return to Canada because you are an essential worker.

This is how it starts. Watch "essential workers" become exempt from immunity passports, or people of a certain skin color be deemed "essential workers" and "essential workers" get more and more special privileges as their lobbyists become more effective.

This isn't about illness or masks.