Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications


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Can't find the link, but a big mainstream journalist in Germany did an interview with a German politician and grilled him on the covid-relief-funds. The politapparatchnik said that they gave billions to German businesses. But the journalist countered that most was given to corporations like Burger King, McDonald's and other giant conglomerates - not small businesses, not even the medium-sized German industries. The guy visibly stuttered after that because he knew it to be true.


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The coronavirus scam is similar to other scams the powers that be force upon us.
It's a unsolvable non-issue that they can use to extract more wealth, print more money and gain more power.
Similar to climate change, endless wars, inequality, perceived racism, environmentalism, and other globalist causes.
While people engage in Hegelian Dialectics, they are grifting and scheming.

They create the problem, or claim that there is a problem and their "solutions" to the perceived problem only perpetuates the issue further.
The criterion for "solving" these issues can never be met according to their standards. They keep shifting the goalposts.

But the coronavirus scam seems to be the most sinister of all, because merely existing and living a normal life is considered a crime.
Most people could've ignored most of the previous machinations of the elites, but now they want to subjugate all of humanity to the VirusRegime.

They have gained so much more power and wealth while simultaneously destroying their competition and those who are less dependent on the beast system like small business owners.
What is to stop them from claiming CV-21, CV-22, and any other fake undetectable phantom virus indefinitely?

And now that the precedent has been set.
Why should they stop?

Just search "mutant strain" on any search engine and they'll claim its even more contagious than CV-19.
Create and perpetuate an unsolvable issue. Gain and maintain power/wealth. That's what they do.


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Gruesome Newsome is job scared as recall petition has picked up steam and broke 1 million signatures. Its on pace to qualify for special election,

If he gets recalled he can kiss all aspiration for POTUS goodbye

Ive signed the petition 7 times using names and addresses of the few Biden voters neighbors I saw with Biden signs in their yard

Just playing by their rules ;)


Well, the First Amendment has been chiseled down yet some more as Joe Biden has signed an Executive Order banning the term “China Virus”. How Trotskyiest of Biden to implement such a law and I'm certain that this is only the beginning as "hate speech" will be next.

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Ever since this started, there was always this tiny nagging thought in my mind about the gargantuan amount of extra trash this planet has been making once GermPanic started. Nevermind airplane fumes.

I'm not OCD. And I'm not an environmentalist. But I recognize when waste is waste.

Back in April we were awed about how fat our trash can could get in such a small amount of time. It was those take-out only and styrofoam only restaurant trips.

Think of the hundred of millions of disposable towels and wipes that wouldn't have ever been used let alone manufactured if not for mandates of the state as well as basket case customers at countless stores, outlets, offices, and restaurants across the world.

Hospitals, which produced a lot of waste product prior to 2020, went into super-saiyan overdrive this year.

Gloves, gowns, masks, and shields are not recycled gents.

This is simply observation. Not a denunciation of 'cleanliness'. But my position should be pretty clear by now anyway.
Could it be that “single-use” products have a valid role in society after all, and that we shouldn’t be so quick to ban them just because of their alleged and mostly minimal impact on the environment?
Could it be that the problem is not these products in themselves, but rather...LITTERING?


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There is such a thing as a fecal transplant. Not exactly eating shit, but they do put the shit of the person who has a healthy gut in the anus of the person whose gut biome is lacking diversity and contributing to illness. Apparently can help.
Sounds like a South Park episode. ;)