Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications


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As we've all witnessed doctors willfully break-in the Hippocratic oath by denying patients care for not taking the Vacx, this can be seen as the next level in the evolution of the free market. While not perfect for a few reasons, it is quite interesting


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I actually tried to ask the price of a colonoscopy on the day of the procedure once, because I'd noticed in the literature they sent me there was a "patient rights" section that said they could give specific pricing upon request. I naively assumed they just had a price list. The response I got was "um...we don't actually have that...maybe if you'd asked us like a month beforehand..."

It was covered by insurance so it ended up only being a few hundred USD out of pocket for me like always, but still. I guess if you're going to try to get a price, ask long before the day of the procedure.