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Let's face it, human beings are sheeps to be culled. They are incapable to think for themselves, they needed to be told. Or to do as others do, to follow social consensus.
Which is why throughout western civilization, we had some form of heirarchal system, be it monarchy, the papacy, or the noblesse oblige classes. Look, people are not *supposed* to waste their time becoming experts on everything. It doesn't take 300 million people studying an illness. That task should be given to dozens of medical priests / doctors and the rest of society shouldn't have to worry their beautiful minds about vaccines and flu statistics and Bill Gates.

And in the last remaining countries like Tanzania where you had some sort of remnant of authority and class system, that's exactly what happened. The leadership examined the problem, determined it was Just The Flu Bro, and the people just did what their leaders and medical experts said without watching hours of youtube videos or studying banned internet forums.

That is a sane system. Most people in society are not capable of becoming Jacks of All Trades and we can't all watch hours of Alex Jones documentaries and vet every single thing coming in to our homes before we determine if it's good or bad. That's the whole point of what a society, or class system, or what we today call a government, is.

Sure, this country was founded by a collection of Renaissance Men, who were experts at many fields, ranging from philosophy to architecture to religion to literature to history. But even at that time, they were very rare, and most people were not Renaissance Men.

It's not a criticism of people to say that they require someone to make many decisions for them. It's simply the way things are, and if it were done properly it would allow everyone to live much more rewarding and happy lives. Just as it's not a criticism of women to say they do not have license.

But that system died with the monarchy, and despite a few attempts at resurrection like the NSDAP in Germany and Col. Gaddafi in Libya, and probably (though I have not studied him) Kim Jong Un of Korea, it is being taken off the table as an option.


Fashion store sells toilet paper and may stay open

Emmendingen-based fashion store Blum-Jundt has reorganized its product range to include blouses, pants and bags, as well as pandemic survival items such as disinfectant, toilet paper and noodles. As a result, it is now considered a drugstore and is allowed to open its doors despite high incidence levels in the Emmendingen district. The family business wants to set an example with its "first German toilet paper flagship store": The concept is to set a precedent. Owner Marcel Jundt hopes for imitators. After all, if it's possible to buy clothes at Aldi, his fashion house should also be allowed to sell toilet paper, says the company boss.

By German state broadcaster



This video as shared here is worth a watch.

That absolute pro-vaccine scientist and former GAVI co-worker is saying that the vaccine (which he is in theory a fan of) will destroy your natural immunity against all corona viruses (or corona exosomes - it's the same model frankly in terrain theory, because you get exposed to exosomes during certain seasons). So regardless whether you are more convinced of the tarrain and exosome theory, a natural destruction and disruption of the immune system reaction to corona exosomes or corona viruses could be actually deadly.

It's funny really to see this, because that doctor's statements are essentially supported by both big immune theories out there. Dr. Kaufmann would approve even if they differ on minute details - your immune system will be wrecked either way.

I personally think that the drug-vaccine is likely more designed to impact fertility, but if it kills off the vaccinated at huge 5-20% rates in the coming 2-5 years, then they will just blame it on covid mutations and blame the unvaccinated. By the way - virus shedding just as exosome shedding is real - so people who got the vaccine may expose you to those buggers even if to a lesser degree.

This autumn 2021 to spring 2022 might be heavy. If people start dying far more, then they will roll out a national lockdown in the US and most countries - at least as much as they can enforce it. Travel after 2022 will hardly be possible without at least the covid vaxx ID.


I know everybody here agrees that cities in the US and western europe are doomed and that the scamdemic has accelerated the destruction. But how do you guys predict the future of eastern european cities?
Last year i moved from west to eastern europe, i live in a beautifull second tier city which i really love, but i'm still thinking about selling my apartment and moving to the country side to start a small perma culture farm.
Thing is i'm a born and raised city guy and have zero experience in the countryside nor do i have passion for farming, and the countryside here is mostly abandoned by the younger people. However i'm worried about food shortages in the cities in the near future.
Walked into my local Tesco Express today to get a few things and now find you can no longer pay with cash. Card only! A message says 'use another terminal' but all of them say the same. I left my items on the checkout without scanning them and walked out. Went for a bit of a walk after this as (my heckles were raised by this) and found a small corner shop who only to happy to accept my folding stuff. Small and local only from now on.
I travel for work a lot and San Juan, Puerto Rico is starting to become unbearable.

I was there last week, and in addition to it becoming incredibly ghetto (loads of basketball Americans travelling there), the local police are insane with enforcing the mask wearing on the streets.

The hotels, beaches, and streets in generally have a heavy pot aroma almost constantly due to the basketball Americans.

I was walking back to my hotel from a local restaurant, and this cop on a motorcycle comes blazing over Poncharello from CHIPS style, ordering me to put on my mask. At this point I was in front of the hotel and pointed that I'm staying here. I turned away and walked up. The hotel staff are total dicks about it as well.

The beach is about the only redeemable thing in PR at the moment, and that demographically is starting to turn into a dump.

Love it too, the local cops ignore the group of 20 basketball Americans smoking weed n sheeeetttt on the street, making a shit ton of noise (the locals despise them you can tell), to go after people like me not wearing a mask!

Then again, BLM and the likes ran rampant all summer and no one did shit, any surprise these folks feel emboldened to do whatever they want with zero consequences???

I was in Kosovo last month, and despite the 2200 curfew, maybe half are wearing masks and it doesn't at all seem to be enforced, and absolutely ZERO shit related to 'diversity'. The U.S. of Gay, despite a few places, is starting to wear on my general civility.

I'm more of a happy-go-lucky type, but lately I have been having days when I have nothing but contempt for my fellow man. It's all so tiresome.


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