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The black particles seen in some videos are just condensed textile fragments - if you magnify it further with better equipment, then it becomes clearer.

We have to differentiate between the real and the hyperbole. They are not implanting chips or little robotic arms into people's noses.

However I am adamant that the tests make people sick. A swab doused in ethylene oxide (used as a powerful carcinogenic pesticide and sterilizing agent!) is put deep down our skulls, poked around in a very sensitive area. Plenty of pesticide-doused textile fragments from the swab are left there with the body having to get rid of it over time. There is zero reason for them to do this kind of test - they did tests proving that a swab from the cheek or even spitting on the test will accomplish the same.

The tests make people sick - consider for example dunking a long pure swab into Monsanto Roundup, then sticking it up your nose and the noses of your family, poking around. Do it twice a week and then find out how long it will take before anyone of you or all of you become sick. Does not take a genius to realize that this kind of 'testing' will in fact have repercussions on your health.

There is no reason to go hunting into strange theories when the obvious thing is right before our face - toxic chemical put deep into our bodies and poked around in a sensitive area of the human anatomy. Those that get zero of those tests and demand just a cheek swab - they are healthy. I have friends who took multiple flights and remained firm of only allowing either a blood-test or a cheek-swab. They are fine and have had zero issues. Meanwhile the other bunch are reporting with covidian conviction that 'so many of their friends got sick'. Yeah - they all got sick after running to the toxic-up-your-nose tests again and again. Go stick a swab doused in Roundup down your brain and see how healthy you will be afterwards.

So how do you explain the stretching and squirming?

Sure, acrylic microfibers can look like they're moving due to static etc, but this seems different.
What's the reality with tests in the UK at the moment?

You need to neg test to get in, then take two further test (under threat of GBP2Kif you don't comply), plus a neg test to leave?

Legally I'm sure you can refuse and demand to give a blood test (they've just developed next gen tests that use a pin prick... like next gen HIV tests)...

In reality though?

The gestapo would show up at the hospital and pin you down?

(I should add, I'm resident abroad, so I would have no problem leaving, assuming flights are running.)

PS. These int'l travel rules are a joke. Take out 'covid-19' and it really is the Soviet UK.


Morgellons found in Masks.

I've been having an online Q&A with a Doc on 'Just Ask' about whether these could possibly be 'live', and if they could get into your system.

She hasn't got a clue, but obviously won't admit it.

It's gotten pretty funny...

Doc: They're just microfibers. They're everywhere. Nothing to worry about.

Me: But could they get into your system? If they did, what would happen?

Doc: They do normally. Nothing.

Me: So in theory, would it be possible for them to be impregnated with something?

Doc: In theory, a lot of things are possible.

Me: So if I was part of an evil cabal, with a plan to, say, sterilize the population, tricking people into allowing me to drop impregnated microfibers down the back of their noses would be a good way to achieve that?

Doc: NO. That's not how it works.

Me: What about nanotechnology? Could they contain nanotech, that reacts to 5G, so when the towers are turned up to 11, your insides rupture?



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The details of the latest government briefing have just been posted on news sites. If goalpost moving became an Olympic sport, nobody could hold a candle to us.


Now they're really playing dirty! The latest propaganda advert was voiced by Mariella Frostrup! Here's her from the early 90's:

I must resist..........
Too bad there is no roman salute on that list of covid greetings. At least it makes sense and looks better than all that nonsense.
Funny thing is, here it is customary for men to shake hands not only when you first meet, but every day. Basically, this is a way to say hi. Now thanks to covid it is easy to spot paranoid dummies in office or gym - they are too scared to shake your hand and they try to use retarded nu-greetings like elbow bump.


It's funny. I was hanging out with one of my best friends. He's liberal as is his wife(even more so). And I seem to get the same from my other liberal friends. Even whilst I tell them I am never getting the vaccine they still insist on hugging the hell out of me. Which I enjoy because I'm a hugger. The irony also helps.