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"Let's Find A Person We Can Trust": House GOP Leader Says Fauci Needs To Go

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Does the American public trust Dr. Fauci now that you’ve seen the emails? Now that you’re seeing the flip-flop of positions? And just now that he’s requesting from China to get the information?”

I wonder how much the average Globalist / Cabalist puppet fears being thrown under the bus?
Do they struggle to sleep at night?
Or do they attempt to persuade themselves that it will never happen to them, even if they follow the sinister Globalist plot...?

They clearly never learn from history.
Stalin was doing this shite ~70 odd years ago.


Infections from feces are ok I guess...
The reaction emoji doesn't even do this justice..

Many people on the deep forums around the web say it's fishy.

Most likely to keep the idea alive that the virus is somehow dangerous, now that the numbers are going down.
Or maybe to justify some future policies in regards to China. Who knows.
Yeah I think it's another red herring. Give people the idea that China is behind it to 1. divide and conquer, 2. give red pill light normies the idea that their concerns have been answered. Total scam if you ask me.


Yeah I think it's another red herring. Give people the idea that China is behind it to 1. divide and conquer, 2. give red pill light normies the idea that their concerns have been answered. Total scam if you ask me.

"red pill light normies" , haha. Nice one.

What suprises me though is that in these e-mails apparently the effectiveness of HCQ is discussed as well as masks being useless. I only heard that from a screenshot somewhere (maybe even this forum) so I can't verify that information. But if it's true that Fauci knew about this AND communicated it, I don't think that's information they want the public to know.

But maybe they don't care, since they can have MSM discuss only what they want to. No normie is gonna read those e-mails himself, and if 'China did it.' is the only thing MSM takes from them, then that's the only thing that will exist in the mainstream consciousness.

After all: Nothing is 'proven' according to NPC logic until it appears in the news.


Having thought about the common experience of members of the forum interacting with their friends and acquaintances and how many of these individuals are seemingly intelligent and 'high IQ' yet still are propagandised and still seem to lack basic... BASIC critical thinking skills. I thought it would be worth pointing to Otto Ammon's distribution of human abilities. Ammon did not consider that social utility, or success in life, depended simply on 'intelligence'. He listed three groups of mental traits which are largely decisive in the place which a man will occupy in life. These were:

1. Intellectual traits; Included in these are all that belong to rational side of man-power of quick comprehension, memory, power of judgement, power of invention, and whatever also belongs to this field.

2. Moral traits; namely, self control, will power, industry, perseverance, moderation, regard for family obligations, honesty and the like.

3. Economic traits; such as business ability, organising talent, technical skill, caution, clever calculation, foresight, thrift and so on.

To these mental traits he also added:

4. Bodily traits; power to work, endurance, power of undergoing exertions and of resisting excitements of every kind, vigour, good health, etc..

This to me then makes much more sense when interacting with high IQ normies and why they are so pathetic.


I hope you are right, but it's hard to tell from my view. I used to be the blue pill lefty of my friends in my 20s, but now my married, formerly non-PC, former Trump voting, former organically red pilled male friends, say "masks aren't a big deal", "I have a vaccine appointment", and ho-hum around about "having an adult in the White House". One of them is even a BLM supporting SJW now. I suspect it's the result of marriage (possibly a defense mechanism of some sort, considering the new SJW could be seriously Me-Too'd by numerous women in his past), but I never would have thought 10 years ago such a role reversal would be possible.

Could be these guys back then just wanted to fit in - they had built an "image" and they had to act the part for their circumstantial social circle and whatever residual character traits left from their formative years. Now less constrained by social circle peer pressure, and because they never put any effort into filtering for truth, they decline back into passively accepting reality as it is presented to them.

Lol, on a more serious note does anyone think these emails were leaked ''accidentally''? I don't believe anything that comes out as a story in the MSM, not the least when emails are ''leaked'' of the elite or their gofers.
No way. This is planned demolition of a puppet, whatever the reason - damage control, to buy time, distract, even the status quo.