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Styx thinks they're getting ready for massive lockdowns and is warning people to stock up for another "dark winter".

Obvious disclaimers that go along with the guy but he is predicting lockdowns and severe supply shortages, and is recommending you stock up on every essential you need that you can (including hygiene items, water, spices, cleaning supplies) in advance.

One overlooked gem for those in the US: Dollar Tree. Obviously you're sacrificing on some aspects in quality, but you can get plenty of cheap paper goods, cleaning supplies, and such and they have the cheapest prices available on a number of key "stock up" staples (such as dried black beans being $1/lb).

I'll add a few recommendation reminders based on personal military experience, and more with an eye towards empty shelves than a grid failure.

-More sucks, underwear, and under-shirts than you think you need.

-Wholesome reading material. You'll want some stuff that is light and easy to read, like a good escapist action novel

-Crispy, crunch junk food (I've had some days where the entire day was amazing because I managed to acquire some tortilla chips).

- Bug repellant gear (NOT sprays. stuff like mesh clothing)

-Cheap drinking alcohol (does everything hand alcohol does, BUT you can use it to disinfect water, drink a shot of yourself, or barter)

-Plenty of potable water (I recommend filling two rain barrels per person) in case you can't get any + drink additives to mix with it.

-First aid kit (buy a full IFAC if you can afford it).

- Extra hygiene supplies. The TP thing isn't a terrible thing to buy, but an alternative is a stack of cheap washclothes that you can rinse off (I know people who prefer that over TP normally).

- Layered clothing (look at what hunters and back-country skiers wear. This kind of stuff could be hard to find with disrupted supply chains).

-Solar charger for mobile (good to have in general, not necessarily for this)
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Chet Hanks is the son of Tom Hanks.

Both are Masons and Chet even has an illuminati pyramid tatooed on this chest!

Can you say Controlled Opposition?



One thought:

I think one reason you get some of the crazier responses like telling people to wear four masks, or wear masks at home, is because the script they've been given says "if you get a question you don't have a prepared answer for, give whatever response results in people following the most restrictions and steps".

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I know, but it's hard to be optimistic when it feels like I woke up in some Twilight Zone episode. How long pre-2020 had they had this authoritarian push planned for?
Probably few decades, Gates has beeb buying up the global vaxx industry since 2000 and the overall plan is way older, presumably even first half 20th century if not older.


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Warning: Language

That is not controlled opposition. No one would initiate that bloke into much of anything. And if he continues publicly bashing this big agenda, then he simply will be barred from future positions of power - those that his father certainly got.

But it is frankly meaningless for a guy like that - he can coast on the fame and fortune of his family for generations - without a care in the world. Still - his dad will make sure that the only vaccine his son gets will be a saline injection.

There have been even some celebs posting little videos of their nurses giving them something else than Pfizer or Moderna. It is likely ordered from above regardless how aware the peasant actors are - they cannot allow their so-called influencers to drop dead from the side-effects.


I understand that Jack Posobiec and a few others have been predicting that the Biden administration would start a new crackdown/lockdown on or around August 11 (tomorrow). I've been observing the media to see if they are helping to prep for such an event.

Yesterday, while I was on the treadmill for an hour at the gym, MSNBC was endlessly cycling stories about an "alarming increase" in COVID infections among adolescents. This morning, on the front page of Yahoo and the Bing home page, the lead stories were about a surge in infections and deaths among children across the US and the need to get them all vaccinated as soon as possible.

If the Feds do announce new restrictions in the immediate future, they may be intending to use "save the children!" as the rationale. We'll see. It could be that the globalists are simply re-orienting their vaccine push from adults to children.

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This video is long but I highly recommend it:

Parts of it are technical, which I may need to watch again myself. The presenter goes into some of the history of the patents to show how long this has been in the works.


What if...this COVID-19 thing is just another upper respiratory illness that's going to be with us forever (or for quite a while) like the flu and colds?

It seems like they don't want people to start thinking this way, because "oh well, if I catch it I catch it" is then going to be everyone's default behavior. But I know few people who've bought into the propaganda enough where they're still actively afraid of this thing.

I actually wonder about people who are. What's there to be afraid of? You'll likely not die if you get it...actually, you're extremely likely to not die. Do these people just get off on telling other people what to do and they're really not that afraid?


Styx thinks they're getting ready for massive lockdowns and is warning people to stock up for another "dark winter".
You are going to put your faith in a former Satanist? Probably not a great idea. And, I think stocking up for challenging times is a good idea. I am working on my first-aid kit this week. But, I would not put much stock in Styx.