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TLDR: I got sick and feel better now. Viruses are a retarded idea.

So it finally happened. Since Sunday I'm in bed with flu-like symptoms.
I ate my first decent meal today and feeling better now.
My lungs seem to be made out of paper, still.
I control air humidity to not drop below 40%. I think that helped me with avoiding too much dry coughing.
I have been drinking a lot of water, took only some vitamins. I don't medicate. I didn't call a doctor. Personally, I don't believe a virus is the cause for my flu. I believe my body is cleansing itself. I did not take ivermectin, even though I kept it for this very occasion. I think any drugs would have made things worse.
They say each human is host to thousands of "dormant" viruses what will "activate" when your "immune system" drops. They also say you can "catch" a virus from outside. So witch one is it? And If my "immune system" is weakened, why didn't I get 10, 100, 1000 concurrent "viral infections"? Why is it only one virus at a time? It does not make sense to me.
Lots of time to pray. Lots of time to think. I'm grateful God created the flu. When it's all over I will come out of this stronger physically and spiritually. My post is not meant to be medical advice. If you get ill and have a trusted doctor, please contact him for all intents and purposes.
All the best

Dude, a flu is a virus. The viruses/bacteria are not dormant but your immune system is powerful enough not to let them take over. That's basically what AIDS is: your immune system failing and as a result any virus/bacteria can take over.

Without a test, there is no way to know if this was a coronavirus or just regular old flu or a bacterial infection (though that could be differentiated with the mucus you're letting out).

I control air humidity to not drop below 40%

Yeah, humidity/dryness is a b**ch. I've recently moved to a dry area and I had a couple of flu for the first time in five years. This is mostly due to dryness but even with a humidifier it's hard to control, you gotta go out at some point.

I got sick and feel better now. Viruses are a retarded idea.

Viruses are very real. Let's not throw away all science because of this coronavirus saga. The HIV virus is a very real and dangerous one. I don't think you'll be fine "exposing" yourself to this virus because you have an immune system.


How do the tests tell a difference between normal covid, delta, and omnicron?

They run the sample through 45 PCR cycle and they look for pieces of genetic sequences which they call "viruses" with different names. They don't even bother to culture these things anymore as they used to. The method is open for abuse.

By the way, this is the direction of where the whole medicine is heading. They now are trying to attribute the causes for different types of cancers to viruses and push vaccines as prevention.


Orthodox Inquirer
Omicron, and the Omicron Mini is CDC's most powerful and most capable virus yet. (1) With industry leading performance and its sleek new design along with incredible durability, it boasts a 33% increase in fear right across the board. The improved mRNA technology together with new 5G technology delivers complete loss of freedom through its most advanced BEAST system yet, transforming the way users connect, share, and enjoy content. (2) Omicron is carbon neutral for all global corporate-government operations, and by 2030, plans to have net zero climate impact through global depopulation.

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Geri Halliwell and her brother a week apart. In the sports thread I found about 8 HS athletes who died suddenly for cardiac arrest playing sports in the last month.

Dark times ahead.

I think Geri Halliwell is still alive, this was a Facebook hoax. But her brother is no longer with us.



The absolute humiliation ritual of it all hit home recently, after speaking to my father.

Firstly my father is / was not a stupid man, far from it. He has a PhD in Statistics, scored an IQ of 142 back in college, and had a very successful career as a Statistician. Yet the man is an abject fool. It's tragic to witness frankly.

He sings in a choir, and has done for years. He attends weekly rehearsals, which he has to present a clear PCR test for each time, and then proceed to the rehearsal, and sing in a mask.

Yes, sing in a &#&$^ing mask. They've done this ever since the masks were introduced way back. They perform concerts wearing them too, to full auditoriums (though no doubt safely spaced ones) of people, also wearing masks.

I mean, i just laughed and tried to shake him out of it, just say 'dad, take a step back and look what they're having you do here!", but he's utterly entranced at this point.

How people can just humiliate themselves to it all like this i just cant fathom. What is it that makes them think this is remotely normal or sane?

It transpires his entire choir is vaccinated, as a requirement. So these twice injected people, present weekly PCR tests, then wear masks and sing choral music for 90 mins.

He has had two injections of Pfiser, and subsequently 'had covid' (he felt a bit run down with a slight cough, which then popped as Covid - it was certainly not a bad illness, and IMHO was a fake positive used to get the numbers up),

He now wholly attributes the succesful recovery from this cough as being from the blessed injections, and will be queing up for his top in in the coming weeks.

We are in Pfiser scented tears rolling down the man's cheek at this point, such is his love for Big Pharma.

It is utterly pathetic, in the truest sense of the word. The subjection of people to these humiliation rituals, which even the alleged intelligent will assent to.

His IQ may've been high back in the day, but the man's instincts are appalling. I can't believe people can be made such mugs of like this, yet they do, without question.

There's a huge difference in worldly intelligence and wisdom. There are many intelligent people in the world but do not have liturgical and ascetical lives and hence cannot see that what is happening is demonic and a preparation for the final chapter. On the other hand, you have many monks who haven't done much schooling yet they can see what is happening and explain the demonic nature of the situation.


How do the tests tell a difference between normal covid, delta, and omnicron?

It's a great question I am asking myself from the start of this clown show. How do they arrive from someone dropping dead in the street to the conclusion "it's a new virus"? After hundreds of hours spent on this question (articles, interviews, books) my short answer is, they don't. It's bad methodology at best, pure fraud at worst.
The book "Virus Mania" is pretty eye opening. It documents meticulously, with 1500 references, the virus panics that have been going on for more than 100 years. Scurvy, polio, HIV, SARS and SCov2... are all mere hypothesis. There is no proof of a existence of a virus, not to mention transmission and infectiousness. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that scurvy is caused by vitamin deficiency and polio is caused by heavy metal poisoning. Freddy Mercury was killed by Fauci's AZT. He didn't die from AIDS, but from the treatment!

[edit] Here is another break down of how the voodoo science works with source to original "paper"


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Thomas More

How do the tests tell a difference between normal covid, delta, and omnicron?
They don't. I saw an article saying that Dutch officials reported Omnicron cases among 61 covid positives on a recently arrived flight from South Africa.

Lower down in the article they said the tests don't tell which variant it is, but they will do some further testing to sequence the viral samples.

However, they're "pretty sure" it's omnicron, and are officially reporting it as such.

I think this has been the norm not only for omnicron, but for this whole "delta" wave.

It's all clown world.