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"Do not touch me" as she hits him. Why can't she get out of the elevator and take the stairs if she is afraid?

The man did the right thing. Stand your ground when you are in the right and don't resort to violence or rudeness. By maintaining civility, he just makes them look even crazier.

This state of society in usa when old hag ugly Karen grandmas able to hit man for not wear mask? Society real decay.

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That primal scream article is crap because the real reason they're so stressed is because the pandemic has forced them to do some real parenting for once. Of course, they're too selfish to put their careers aside for once as well.

Los Angeles revised its mask policy for schoolchildren.

Yea the headline should have been "Mothers were exhausted from having to actually be parents for once, they had to scream."


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The new mask protocols would further help the "slow down of Omicron", Ardern said.

"I know some of these adjustments may cause challenges but the science has been updated and these adjustments will slow the spread of the virus, save lives and give us time to get more of the eligible population boosted."

Omicron means new mask protocols for NZ. The science behind mask wearing for Delta was not wrong, just outdated my friends. Trust the science, especially when it's been updated!

I wonder if I should save my new mask until Omicron is well established, I don't want to waste it on the pathetic Delta variant!


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How can this horrific nightmare be happening?

The proximate explanation is that the parents of each and every one of these children failed their children and their biological duty and allowed this to happen.

The ultimate is explanation is much broader, but you know what it is already and there's no need to devote many paragraphs to it. It involves global scale brainwashing, the manipulation of facts and truth, greed, lust for power, censorship, social policing, sowing confusion, turning people against each other, the exploitation of fear, and so on.

But to bear my responsibility with sadness and humility, I'll add that my failure to resist at the beginning or even to engage in mockery by wearing a plague mask to the grocery store only served to perpetuate the evil shown in this image.

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Something is Terribly Wrong in Quebec aka COVID Hell

The Canadian province of Quebec boasts one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. It also holds another title: Harshest lockdowns and most oppressive sanitary measures in the world. Here’s a look at life in Quebec right now.

To quote the Alice Cooper song, "welcome to my nightmare".

Actually, that's not really accurate for me personally: the more we go down this road, the more I believe I am on the right path. I'm pretty sure I can get by without shopping at Walmart or buying booze.