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Do NOT Comply: How to Keep Yourself Safe from the Next COVID Scare

“Lockdowns, social distancing, masks - they’ve all failed,” attested Dr.
. And “the new vaccines coming in have already missed the target.”

Here’s what actually works:

• Nasal sprays and gargles
• Nutraceuticals and supplements
• Zinc
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin C
• Curcumin
• Famotidine
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Disability claims have shot up after 2020. Will scientists be able to figure out why?

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If they use the hypnotic magic witchcraft word that starts with a "C", almost anything can be explained or justified.
It's now starting to hit my small social structure too. People are dropping like flies on a cold day. Births are way down too, midwives sitting on their hands, this is much more of a concern.
It's hard to say what the long term effects are - if the intentions are nefarious which is possible, then it can just be a slow detonation bomb, that could get active for much more people in let's say 10-20 years. Or leave the body open for other diseases, which then won't be directly linked but will be ''suddenly'' increasing. It's hard to say. If one wants to depopulate the planet, you've got 2 choices; you either come up with a nuclear bomb scenario where let's say you inject the entire world and you let 6 billion people die within months, or you do it in a slower way which won't have the spotlight so much on it. Knowing the ''elite'', they prefer the long game and easily think in decades to get things done. I was surprised when they stopped the cycles en masse, although there's boosters and such I had expected them to keep the thrimontly or so injections recurring for the rest of time, with that also having the possibility to have continual access to the world population, although eventually in parts of the 3rd world they were not able to really get the infra proper in place to inject entire populations, let alone have recurring cycles.
Disability claims have shot up after 2020. Will scientists be able to figure out why?

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Of course they'll figure it out (for the vast majority).

The real question is if they say anything - and that depends on where their income comes from/dependent on...
I was helping a friend move to a new home yesterday. He had another male show up to help also.

Halfway through the move the other helper says he has to stop. Reveals he's been to the ER for heart issues twice in the last 3 months. Moving a few medium weight cardboard boxes, his heart was racing again.

Decently fit 35 year old male. Is a public school teacher so of course has had all the boosters.

I asked as respectfully as I could even though I knew the answers. No, he had never had a heart problem before.

Here's the kicker. He said he didn't have a heart problem after he got covid the first time early on. Didn't have it immediately after the vaccine.

He got covid 3 months ago, and said it was severe. That's when his heart problems started. He thinks it was the second covid that gave him the heart problem..

He asked how I've handled it and I said I've been lucky enough not to have it. Our mutual friend added "and he's not even vaccinated!". The heart problem guy just got quiet and shrugged and moved to a new subject.