Coronavirus Lounge thread

Rumor is my local school board has told teachers to ensure they have zoom URLs for remote learning.

I think TPTB are really going to push for more masking and perhaps even another lockdown.

A couple of normies I've talked to have said that they will not be participating this time around. After 2020-2021, I'm not as hopeful -- I think people will be happily told what to do and like it.
You know.
As much as I've derided the Covid Cultists on this & other forums.

In a way, you do have to be somewhat impressed by their devotion to their quasi religion.

Especially in an age that is so secular & agnostic at best... :hmm:

The Religion Of Masking

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Only worshippers of the public health fascists would gladly comply...
Warning: Language.


Edit. For those who are wondering about the coordinated MSM attacks on Russell Brand...


Yet to be determined exactly what is going on here.

Yet it is another example, of how being involved with Hellywood, even for a brief period of time.
Is akin to a Sword of Damoclese hanging over your head.

If you get involved with the Them. They will readily throw you under the bus, when it suits Them.
Occam's Razor.

It was warm in Sydney yes. However, it was / is a dryer heat. There is hardly any humidity.
So it wasn't anywhere near as uncomfortable as the media were proclaiming with their alarmist / fear-mongering 'heat wave' diatribe.

Perhaps these folk were not as well prepared for a hefty marathon as they thought they were post Plandemic; & they needed more suitable training prior.

To throw out Occam's Razor in favour of the elephant in the room. Perhaps they've poisoned themselves by way of sinister injections...

Sydney marathon runners hospitalised after spring heat smashes event​

34 minutes ago

Unseasonably warm weather in Sydney has wreaked havoc during the city's marathon yesterday.
The Sydney Marathon experienced a record number of participants with thousands running the gruelling 42km course on a hot spring morning, with temperatures reaching 31 degrees.
Paramedics say they provided treatment to more than 40 people for heat exhaustion as more than 17,000 runners took part in the event.
Authorities say 26 people were taken to hospital, seven of those are in a serious condition this morning.

Heat or otherwise.
I don't recall hearing of mass hospitalizations of marathon runners to that extent prior.

Also. a few internet searches for - 'sydney marathon 2018 hospitalization' or 'sydney marathon 2017 hospitalization' etc.
Didn't result in anything, other than the news of hospitalizations from this years event...