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^^ I have a hard time trusting recommendations from a narcissistic parasite who subsists on a mixture of government subsidies and stock market fraud, while being involved with satanism in his personal life. Not the kind of "red pill role model" that I can support.

I agree and he needn't be, but people have found themselves on the path towards truth and God through the most rudimentary and atypical of ways. If this be another of them, all the better.


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^^ I have a hard time trusting recommendations from a narcissistic parasite who subsists on a mixture of government subsidies and stock market fraud, while being involved with satanism in his personal life. Not the kind of "red pill role model" that I can support.

I'd be far more inclined to think, the only thing Effete Elon cares about, are Tesla's profit margins.
Ironically, seems his reliance on China to save his company bit him in the arse.

Promoting the return to Clown World simply allows him to sell more stupid cars.
Jokes on him though, if there's a big economic recession / retraction.
Coronavirus football: FC Seoul apologises for 'sex dolls' in stands


It is a challenge for sports leagues across the world - if play can only resume in empty stadiums, how can the atmosphere be improved?

However, not many clubs will be rushing to follow the example of FC Seoul.

The top-flight South Korean side has apologised after fans accused them of using sex dolls in the stands.

FC Seoul insisted they were "premium mannequins" rather than sex dolls - but did admit they came from a supplier that produces sex toys.

And some of the dolls were holding signs advertising x-rated websites - despite pornography being banned in South Korea.

The mannequins' manufacturer told the BBC they had apologised to FC Seoul. But they also reiterated that the dolls were merely "premium mannequins".

What happened at the match?
On Sunday, FC Seoul played their first home match of the K League season.

The ground was empty - one of many measures designed to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak.

So before the match, a company called Dalcom offered to fill some of the empty seats, and the club agreed.

In total, there were 30 mannequins - 28 of them female, and two of them male.

However, fans watching online noticed that some of the mannequins looked more like sex dolls - and some were advertising x-rated websites - leading to the club apologising on Instagram and Facebook.

Dalcom said the adverts came from a sex toy company who placed orders with Dalcom, and wanted to take pictures of the mannequins before the game.

"They were supposed to take all the logos down before the game started," Dalcom director Cho Young-june told the BBC. "But there were several hairbands and logos left to be caught by public eye."

FC Seoul official Lee Ji-hoon told the BBC it didn't do a background check on Dalcom, and didn't realise they worked in the sex industry.

Mr Lee admitted he thought the dolls looked "very human" - but said it didn't even enter his mind that they could be sex toys.

When did football resume in South Korea?

The 2020 K League season was supposed to begin in February but was delayed because of the virus outbreak.

But South Korea's success in fighting the virus allowed football to resume sooner than almost everywhere else.

And, when the season began on 8 May, the K League was one of the few places for sports fans to get their fix - leading to increased global attention.

The opening match - Jeonbuk Motors versus Suwon Bluewings - was even streamed live by the BBC.

As well as empty stands, handshakes are banned, and coaches have to wear facemasks.

"Excessive spitting or blowing of the nose is prohibited and players should refrain from close conversations," said a K League official before the first match.

Which other football leagues have resumed?

The Bundesliga in Germany resumed at the weekend, but, like South Korea, with no fans present.

The Premier League in England has a tentative return date of 12 June - but there is a "growing feeling" this will need to be pushed back.

Other leagues, such as France's Ligue 1, have cancelled their season entirely.


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I'm in a place where masks are mandatory and temperature checks are made in every shop. I was waiting behind another guy getting his temperature checked by the guard, and for no apparantly reason the guy started ranting and shouting. I felt bad for the guard so when it was my turn to have my temperature checked I smiled at him. He didn't respond. He didn't see the smile under my mask and eye smiles can only go so far. I'm a man trapped inside the body of a Saudi Arabian woman.


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What the Global geopolitical landscape looks like post covid 19, 20, 21...

USA/USMCA and dollar UP for next 50 years as EU and CCP China dis-integrate due to corrupt incompetent and evil response to Covid 19 ... Since the Beijing answer to the world and Brussels answer to Southern Europe was literally phock off and die the Covid backlash in supply chains repatriation and Super Anglosphere anchored trading block as UK dumps sinking EU Globalists Titanic and is thrown a lifeline to rejoin British North America (Canada-USMCA) along with 5 Eyes members Oz and NZ... Who the US will forgive as the Anglosphere ends its 40 year tryst with it's mistress whore Communist Red China saying the sex was great but the Covid STDs are deadly.

Blowback is a beatch.

Venezuela turns into new Biafra as Oil demand collapses, Persian Gulf Chaos and Nigeria/Africa chaos continues...

Central South America thrive based upon how well they integrate trading relationships with USMCAnglosphere trading blocks as Latams growing youth demo shifts more manufacturing with growing young labor pools as China 30 year 1 child policy decimates CCP demographics.

Nordic and Southern Europe also re-trade with the Mega USMCAnglosphere global trading block after being told to foff and die by the Brussels 4th Reich.

Russia Saudi oil conflict escalates with Saudi kingdom flooding Russian islamostans with ISIS diversity enrichment... Putin pulls a page from his Cechnyan annihilation playbook and crushes the Islamostans and Mecca and Medina while the Anglosphere clutches their pearls...

After CCP Covid backlash plays out Irony is future for China follows Hong Kong and Taiwan free markets playbooks.

UN WHO WTO etc clueless why their funding seems to evaporate...

Brilliant Peter Zeihan interview:

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