Coronavirus Lounge thread


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I believe it is in fact the Michigan governor's husband

Leonard D Neubache

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This forum has always been a nexus for innovation and outside-the-box thinking, and with that in mind I am proud to present to you all my bold new idea for ensuring that social distancing is adhered to.

This idea has multiple merits. It functions both as a greeting AND as a defacto means of measuring acceptable personal space bubbles in the age of coronavirus. I think this technique has real potential. Please feel free to introduce this to your own locality. Hopefully if we all work together we can get it to go viral.



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You think Covid19 is bad the CoL Rothschild Jooze have merged with the Draco reptilians into a Cabal to rule the entire solar system:



This guy talks about feminism & divorce matters a lot, but otherwise never gets political. Even he's fed up.

Thailand lowered their quarantine; Philippines is also, to some extent on June 1st. Watch for airlines and cruise ships to fill up in the not too distant future. When one country after another relaxes it will become pretty ridiculous to insist on the nationwide nonsense going on in the west.

Given this virus only takes out the old and unwell, that reaffirms the likelihood it's not likely to be a bioweapon. If it is, it's a shitty one - the idea of a weapon is to take out the military ages males, not the combative equivalent of dead wood.