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Leonard D Neubache

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She's just a puppet Karen. I doubt she utters a single word that isn't scripted for her. Have you ever needed a job done and the person that arrived to do it had that look of barely veiled perpetual terror that indicated they were in way over their head and were just hoping to get through the day?

That's Jacinda, all day, every day.

Anyway, I'm 90% in Papayatapper's camp. Why on earth would anyone discuss whether or not a 35+ year old woman was bangable? They're no good for kids and their plumbing is either a pustulous mess of roast beef or a dusty tomb.
I think it was only a matter of time until media clown world seeped into the real world of total terror and control.

On one hand a lot of guys that can work remotely are happy that we won't have to deal with crazy deranged blue haired tatteted up women day in day out anymore.

On the other hand people are slowly becoming prisoners in a system of total control.

Matrix pods when?

From yahoo comments. For such a shitty site the comments are pretty usually pretty red pill:

This Wuhan virus is the strangest virus I've ever heard of. It's very dangerous the way it spreads. It is so mysterious the way it lurks in schools but then dies at Home Depot. It can wreak havoc in churches; praying people are exceptionally vulnerable! Although it’s mind-boggling how it vanishes when people stand close together holding signs, destroying businesses, homes, property, monuments, etc. Yet, standing to watch a marathon or a concert triggers its wrath.

It is sneaky. It can spread when buying clothes at Kohl's but not at Target. It is non-alcoholic. It can't spread when you are buying beer. It lives for two days on Amazon boxes, you must wait 48 hours to touch them but It can't survive on Dunkin Donuts coffee cups, so enjoying a hot cup of joe is safe. It is the most curious thing, how it lives on basketballs, baseball bats, and ballet bars, but dies on WWE ropes and Walmart shopping carts. It is spread by hairstylists, dog groomers, and dentists, but not by bank tellers, cashiers, and fast-food workers.

It's so smart. It won’t bother the first 10 people but it knows when the 11th person shows up so be careful if that’s you. It even knows what you want vs what you need. If you want a massage or your nails done it is very active on the prowl and not even a mask can stop it but If you need a plumber, it is weak, and a mask will keep it away. It also seems to be most dangerous after 5:30pm so businesses must start to close before the virus comes out and wreaks havoc upon the populations. Whoever heard of such a smart sneaky virus?


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Houston protesters begin to fall ill with Coronavirus after marching for George Floyd.

What better way to continue the drama of the China virus. By getting a bunch of your Useless Idiots into one spot with the aid of compromised bureaucrats & media. Then purposefully infecting them while the Useless Idiots are unaware...

Not is as The Big Club would not be willing to expend a few thousand Pantifa Clowns to further the China virus drama...