Coronavirus Lounge thread

This must be such a joke to the guys at the top:

Again - if things were so dangerous indeed, then there would be no eating in public places. The true elite would not be seen anywhere. But in reality you have mugshots of high-level politicians across the world who embrace, shake hands and visit higher-tier restaurants without a care in the world. They know that it is a con.

king bast

That guy has a no neck, heavy set, powerlifter phenotype. Its the powerlifter/bulldog kind of body. For the past 2 years when they have been running "healthy 40 year old husband, dies suddenly from flu" news stories they have had the same build.

I think they have the same risk of actual bulldogs that they get breathing problems easily, similar to being high risk for sleep apnea. In general, those kinds of dudes are at risk of complications from any respiratory problem, its not specific to corona, he was probably at even higher risk for the flu, pnemonia or apnea induced cardiac arrest killing him.
Thats one way of saying "he's a fat cunt".


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Dude there's people like this...

I got a tenant who wanted me to come pick up the rent today. He has not gone out of the apartment since ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!

In his defense he has serious diabetes. There's also a good size lanai on the back overlooking a lot of green area. But still, how could you do that?

He had these huge bales of broken down Amazon boxes that I threw out. He had on a mask and some dishwashing gloves. I'm not too worried about the condition of the apartment because he had all kinda empty bleaches and cleaner sprays.

Freaking white people are nuts.

Aaaand it's gone.
Well yeah, imagine people gaining perspective about this virus and being able to see that this isn't a "killer virus".

If the masses gaing awareness that there exists safe and effective medicines against COVID, they will become more sceptical about the lockdown and the necissity of the future mandatory vaccines (and we can't have Evil Bill's dreams destroyed, now can we?).

It's clear that the usual suspects (WHO, Bill Gates, ...) want to keep the masses anxious. Because if they are anxious, you can keep them in check (i.e. enabling you to ram obligations down their throats in the name of public health).


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Hawaii's biggest jump in cases today. 41!

The government is gonna shut things down again. They are also gonna extend the 14 day visitor quarantine rule to September 1st. Even then you will have to have a negative test to come here.

Most people are upset because of the devastating financial impact.

I like it, and I think a lot of other people secretly do too. Everyone is doing a great job taking care of each other, and the quarantine law is keeping all the racial bullshit and antifas and whatnot the hell out.

I’m guessing it’s nice with fewer tourists.
Woman accosts family and kids without masks. Tells them she hopes they all die. I've realized what's going on out there is internet comment sections coming to real life. People the say the darndest things like this on the internet that they wouldn't say in person. All this pent up anger and rage is coming to fruition offline

And best is in the end where two dark Indian bros walk by mask-free. Luckily they have skin dark enough to be eligible for the BLM-bonus of being able to do whatever the fuck they want without getting targeted by Karens.

This is the best weaponization of a hysteria since a long time. Only in Mao's time did you see mobs publicly punishing doctors and teachers for being intellectuals or children giving up their parents for having hidden some old Chinese art. Even during the German Stasi times the people knew which side was part of the oppressive regime. Now near 50% would be willing to join the Stasi and be proud of it - and so angry at everyone not following the 'scientific' commands of the all-knowing new Stasi.