Coronavirus Lounge thread


That's too sad when 103 year olds are taken away in the prime of their lives.

I want to speak to India's CEO:

On second thought - that guy sits likely somewhere on some remote estate and his name starts with Ro....



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Dude there's people like this...

I got a tenant who wanted me to come pick up the rent today. He has not gone out of the apartment since ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!

In his defense he has serious diabetes. There's also a good size lanai on the back overlooking a lot of green area. But still, how could you do that?

He had these huge bales of broken down Amazon boxes that I threw out. He had on a mask and some dishwashing gloves. I'm not too worried about the condition of the apartment because he had all kinda empty bleaches and cleaner sprays.

Freaking white people are nuts.

I posted this a month ago. Today I picked up another envelope. Under a rock 6-8 feet from the door.

This guy still has not gone outside! Strange, but he seems happy. I kind of envy him.



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Side note on wearing masks.

It would not surprise me, if "Big Club" surveillance are watching those who are not wearing masks in public at this time.
As a means of identifying those more inclined to think for themselves later.

Can't say I'm too fussed personally.
I would be rather surprised if I'm not already on a "Big Club" list or two by now anyway...
Dating during this time has been really hard.

I had a delightful courtship that ended as soon as the lockdowns began.

I had met a Polish postdoc and chatted several times over Zoom, but it went nowhere because my depression and anxiety levels were through the roof. This is the time that it was really dawning on me the gulf between normies (her) and redpills.

This weekend, I'm meeting a girl who shares a lot of same beliefs and interests, including the whole "corona-as-pretext-for-NWO"thing. But I've reached a point where I just can't see a future beyond the next two months and fighting off despair is a daily battle. I really can't shake the feeling that my destiny is to die fighting the Flu World Order.


Moldovian orthodox bishops calling covid19 a satanic conspiracy:

Moldovan Bishops See Satanic Conspiracy in COVID-19

“The new rules imposed on us by Satanist globalists are poisonous, like a devilish snake.”

The bishop went on to urge Moldovans to reject any prospective COVID-19 vaccines as they would be made by the same “satanist globalists who invented the coronavirus” and would in any case consist of a microchip allowing occult powers to control humanity.
That is obviously a total conspiracy that should be rejected by everyone. Let's better enjoy some nice wholesome MTV entertainment:



Bill Nye is looking unhealthier than ever, too. I know he's aging as we all will, but still, he's scrawny and droopy. Wikipedia tells me he's 64, both my parents are older than he is and neither are paragons of health - they've both lived typically awful boomer lifestyles - but they both look better than him.