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A very limited number of fans are now being allowed back into Italian football stadiums. The below image is from AC Milan's recent (21/09) home victory against Bologna:

Milan 2-0 Bologna Ibrahimović Scores Twice For Hosts! Serie A TIM - YouTube - 3 46.jpeg
Amazon vows to remove ‘hugely distasteful’ coronavirus-themed Halloween masks from sale – as UK police chiefs warn trick-and-treating and bonfire night will both need to be CANCELLED

This is just one of several styles of Coronavirus themed masks! And here I thought Halloween was meant to be sort of therapeutic, where people faced fear, made fun of it, and then came away from it feeling better.



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An interesting piece from Wired (24/09/2020) which suggests that the fashion for lockdowns is ending:

'Chen does not believe that repeated China-style lockdowns are going to be the future: they are way too onerous to be triggered as a routine countermeasure.

'In his latest study, he puts forward a new way of nipping the contagion in the bud, by enforcing different degrees of restrictions in different parts of the country – regions, cities, towns, down to the individual neighbourhood – depending on how bad the outbreak is, and how central to the country’s general movement of people that specific location is. “I don't think a complete lockdown is the optimal choice,” he says.'

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This is big news: UEFA will allow matches to take place in front of 30% capacity crowds after a successful experiment at the UEFA Super Cup Final, when 15,500 spectators watched Bayern Munich beat Sevilla 2-1 (24/09/2020).

Looks like commercial pressures in Europe are leading to a slow exit from COVID-19 restrictions.


So I'm sorry if this has been asked or stated already. What is the protocol with someone who had Covid and beat it? Are they still considered a possible infection source?


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Silver lining to all this madness / nonsense.

Hollowood - BTFO!

Not forgetting the delays of the pending Marvel films, Bond film & The Batman has also been delayed until 2022.

Hollywood APOCALYPSE Now | Tinseltown Wants a BAILOUT for Theaters as Regal Shuts DOWN

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I just finished watching the Southpark Pandemic Special, and it was terrific! They mocked everyone and everything.... And it showed how people are just not on the same page on how to deal with the pandemic. The completely defunded and trigger happy cops take over for the teachers who quit because they feared extra exposure to the Coronavirus. And it had a scene where mask wearers get into a huge public brawl with the mask non-wearers. Cartman and Trump were willing to do anything to keep the pandemic going, for their own selfish reasons. Oh, and it turned out beastiality was the cause of the disease jumping species! I loved how they had the background music from the classic sf film, "They Live" in the scene where the town kids are all forced into quarantine, at gunpoint. And when the out of control cops open fire on a classroom full of children, they only manage to hit the black kid!

The episode had the highest rating a Southpark episode has had, within the past seven years. Everyone here should definitely watch it...