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I just finished watching the Southpark Pandemic Special, and it was terrific! They mocked everyone and everything.... And it showed how people are just not on the same page on how to deal with the pandemic. The completely defunded and trigger happy cops take over for the teachers who quit because they feared extra exposure to the Coronavirus. And it had a scene where mask wearers get into a huge public brawl with the mask non-wearers. Cartman and Trump were willing to do anything to keep the pandemic going, for their own selfish reasons. Oh, and it turned out beastiality was the cause of the disease jumping species! I loved how they had the background music from the classic sf film, "They Live" in the scene where the town kids are all forced into quarantine, at gunpoint. And when the out of control cops open fire on a classroom full of children, they only manage to hit the black kid!

The episode had the highest rating a Southpark episode has had, within the past seven years. Everyone here should definitely watch it...

The one small thing that could have made the Pandemic Special all the better, was if it was aired at the end of the real life plandemic.
As a summary of all the retardation & nonsense.


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Hollywood will still get their money from the CIA.
There is a hell of a lot of shady & sinister funding for Hellywood.

Yet at the same time.
Whenever a project promoted by Hellywood doesn't do well at the box office. Said projects rarely get sequels.

The box office revenue still matters. As such, as long as there are no bailouts for Hellywood. They might very well find themselves rapidly & readily on the back foot.


How daft would you have to be to volunteer for an untested vaccine in this day & age?

Even if you were struggling for cash? Not wise to essentially shoot yourself in the foot for who knows how long.

But more importantly, have you noticed that the "side effects" get lower in intensity, from month to month?
A couple of months ago, reports were about people becoming very sick, from taking this experimental vaccine.
Now they just get a fever.

From my point of view, it's clearly a way to say to the public : the vaccine will be 100% safe in a couple of months, no need to worry, no need to do your own research, trust us, we care about you friends.


A friend of mine invited my family and me out to the lake for a day of kayaking and hanging out on the beach tomorrow. He invited me before several times this summer, but I have little kids and we're busy and haven't made it until now. Talked to him on the phone last night and inferred that his normie friends who are kayaking regulars are upset about us coming because we're potential vectors for spreading the plague to them. Not going to lie, I'm fighting the urge to cough a lot and loudly comment to the wife about how I can't taste my sandwich for some weird reason at lunchtime.


Cool. Put the diaper on the minute you enter and then take it right off. Same drill at walmart without the tech.
In my area at least everywhere I go is still cool with a bandit-style bandana instead of the typical face diaper. I much prefer it, seems far more dignified. When I was at Costco once a nice black lady even looked at me and said "'s the bandit!!!" Made me smile.