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Anyone not completely on board with the agenda is by default a good guy, because they are a bad guy as seen from the other perspective. I know this is a primitive metric, but at the point we find ourselves, that's the situation. And it doesn't matter if the person is wandering off the reservation because of some conscious decision they made or just because they're rich and kinda unpredictable, in that moment they are "the good guy". Trump, Kanye, etc.

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What is the mainstream narrative on "testing" anyway?
I don't understand the point.
What does telling someone they have a flu do? What does one do with that information?

If you ever go to the doctor, and he suspects you have the flu, he just says "You have some type of viral infection. Go home, drink a lot of fluids and get some sleep." They might do a bacterial test ie strep throat, because they can treat it with antibiotics, but if the bacteria test is negative then they just send you home. They don't "test for the flu" or perform a $200 test to see if you have the common cold.

They don't test for a virus because what would you ever do with that information? There is no cure. Can someone please explain when Joe Biden says we need more testing what do normies think that means? I can't wrap my head around it.

And I thought if you were tested last week it's no longer valid this week, plus there is supposedly no immunity, so if you are tested as "negative" it also means nothing.

Are they wanting healthy people to be tested? Sick people to confirm what they already know (if this flu is that bad, then you would know if you are sick with it) ? This doesnt make sense to me at all, before you even get into the details about how tests are unreliable, etc. Are people that dumb that they just think "test = good because tv said it" ?


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Listen to ‘As I Walked Out,’ the Second Anti-Lockdown Song from Van Morrison
Earlier this month, Van Morrison made his perspective known: He’s very opposed to government-imposed lockdowns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, so much so that he planned a series of “anti-lockdown protest songs” after penning a “Save Live Music” essay urging a return to full-capacity live concert performances.

He’s now premiered two of the planned three songs in this mini-series, with “As I Walked Out” showing up late last week.

Not interested in veiling his thoughts behind subtlety, Van Morrison’s point of view is about as clear as could be with this one:

As I walked out all the streets were empty
The government said everyone should stay home
And they spread fear and loathing and no hope for the future
Not many did question this very strange move

Well, on the government website from the 21st March 2020
It said COVID-19 was no longer high risk
Then two days later they put us under lockdown
Then why are we not being told the truth?

The track joins “Born to Be Free,” the first song shared from his trio of protest anthems — a tune featuring lines like this:

Don’t need the government cramping my style
Give them an inch, they take a mile
Take you in with a phony smile
Wouldn’t you agree
The new normal is not normal
It’s no kind of normal at all
Everyone seems to have amnesia
Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall

The third song, “No More Lockdown,” will premiere on Oct. 23.

“I’m not telling people what to do or think, the government is doing a great job of that already. It’s about freedom of choice, I believe people should have the right to think for themselves,” said Van Morrison of these three songs.

Meanwhile, furor caused by Van Morrison’s hardline public stance drew the ire of Northern Ireland’s health minister, Robin Swann, who told Rolling Stone in late September, “We expected better from him … Some of what is he saying is actually dangerous. It could encourage people not to take coronavirus seriously. If you see it all as a big conspiracy, then you are less likely to follow the vital public health advice that keeps you and others safe.”

Swan added:

“He’s chosen to attack attempts to protect the old and vulnerable in our society. It’s all bizarre and irresponsible. I only hope no one takes him seriously. He’s no guru, no teacher.”

"No More Lockdown"

"As I Walked Out"

"Born to Be Free"


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