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What is a theif?
Is this broad too stupid to spell "thief" correctly?



I am Drosten, your god. You shall not tolerate other virologists besides me. My word becomes law, for I am almighty and wise.

You shall honor and celebrate the Lauterbach. Listen to him daily, learn and understand. His prophecies are the source of enlightenment, an inspiration and the way to salvation.

Trust the media, especially state broadcasting. They are balanced, independent, fair, investigative, enlightened and critical of the government. They take you by the hand caringly and lead you through the valley of darkness. They give you the information you need and think for you. Do not trust alternative media, they only confuse you.

Beware of the apostles of the dark side of the power. The Bakhdis, Wodargs and Ballwegs of this time want to seduce you. Avoid them, report them, defame them, for they are apologists of falsehood, of darkness. Banish them from your life and block them.

Always wear a mask. It is a sign of true faith. It shows your obedience and willingness to disciple and live the truth. Wear it day and night, inside and outside, give it to the children and report all those who refuse. Fight this battle relentlessly. Let the dead also be buried with a mask, as a sign of your willingness to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Curse the countries that do not have the duty to wear a mask. Do not enter them.

Stay at home and do not celebrate any more. Everything that used to bring you joy is of evil. Do not laugh and do not sing, because you are throwing aerosols into the world. Do not kiss or hug, because physical contact is dangerous to your health. Do not go to parties, concerts, church services, the funfair, the stadium or Christmas markets. Show that you have understood and that you are good. Live alone and as a single being and show distrust towards everyone.

Live virtually. You can do everything on your PC. Jogging, dancing, shopping, playing, praying. Adore the new masters like Zuckerberg and Bezos, let them watch you, let the cash go, let them chip you. It will bring you salvation. And live in fear, be afraid, for this will set you free.

Get vaccinated with vaccines recommended by Bill Gates. Don't think about it, just trust. This is the shortest commandment, because this is the most important and easiest.

Denounce all those who do not accept these commandments. Fight for your faith. Become a block warden of the new lords. Report every deviant, denounce him, isolate him, put him in the pillory. Do not ask questions, do not inform yourself independently, do not doubt. Educate the unbelievers, punish them, mark them.

Look forward to a new reality. Let us build a new, more beautiful world that makes everyone happy. A new order shall be created, worldwide, where no virus will ever spread fear again. Let us leave the past behind, social beings are dangerous. We want responsible people who follow us unconditionally, who trust their government, who think for us and who act for us. We are creating a new time with new people, we thank Corona for this opportunity for transformation. The new time begins now.


"Gather 'round children, let me tap some tobacco into my pipe, and I will will tell you story of when the Pilgrims bravely sailed over from Europe on the Mayflower, and celebrated the very first masksgiving."

As a matter of fact it seems that the idea of plagues was in fact invented by Europeans and exported successfully across the world. Back in China during the time of the so-called plagues they had giant food shortages caused by a severe global cooling that cut their food production by more than half. The peasants there revolted and it usually led to a new dynasty.
The rulers in Europe were smarter by telling their peasants and poor that they got the covid1220 and they succumbed to their evil ways. Recent archeological accounts proved that virtually all people dying were either dirt-poor and starving with crickets and other malnourishment diseases (50% then) or they were the very rich who were poisoned by the quack pre-vaccines of the day in the form of arsenic, mercury or other medical goodies (practiced straight up to the 20th century with great life-shortening success). This belief in the virus or something evil being transferred from animals is also not new. Rabies has been invented thousands of years ago and to this day not proven by anything including the vaccine. Many vets think that it is only caused by a malnourished and maltreated animal - occasionally a malnourished wounded wild animal that results in weird behavior and nothing else. You certainly won't get anything from it except for the obvious treatment of a wound - something which must be done even with a cut by a sterile instrument.



COVID tests for concerts
Sure loads of companies will do this and will be threatened with legal consequences if they don't plus it fits with the whole risk management thing too. Companies won't want to take the risk of someone getting 'sick' so show me your papers comrade. Time to work on growing food, fixing and securing your property, learning how to fire a gun/self defence in other words the real man stuff.