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Unless you have a big estate far away from the cities, and the means to defend it, or family in the countryside, I would avoid Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Perú and maybe even Brazil unless you go to a Bolsonaro friendly state and again, away from the cities. Central America and Mexico I don't know much, except that North of Costa Rica, it's too dangerous, especially if you are noticeably foreign. Uruguay is falling off the cliff slowly, the country is closed to foreigners hence I wouldn't consider it and there is an all-out campaign to spread fear. For starters you can check this link: Paraguay I don't know much, except that the country would be a great place in the countryside except that there is a guerilla war brewing in that place and the terrorists have started killing farmers

The degrees of stringency vary, for example Panamá is relatively "free", but the shadow of new lockdowns is ever present (the lies that justified the first lockdowns were never shot down in the public discourse and debate was not allowed), while Chile went into lockdown just a few weeks ago as well as Argentina and Colombia is in a sort of soft lockdown that is decimating its service sector in an already impoverished country.

Please be advised that I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who is looking to escape the mask mandates and the probable vaccine mandates in the future. The elites of ALL the region, with the possible exception of Brazil have sold out their populations. They are not just corrupt, they are traitors.

Silver lining is that there are numerous investment opportunities in some of these countries, either in the medium or the long term...

How about Bolivia?


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I'm so sick of this shit. Shut the fuck up all you whiney conspiracy laden black pilled bullshiters who keep "prophesizing" shit that just does not happen. I've been hearing this doomsday shit my whole life. NO ONE is coming for you! Fuck corona, fuck the vaccine, fuck the Jews, fuck Bill Gates, fuck all ya'll all who keep feeding in to this non-God bullshit. THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING. The world is the way it is and ain't shit you can do about it. Who gives a fuck if "they" are trying to track you and depopulate you, what the fuck are you bunch of keyboard jockeys gonna do about it? Jack shit that's what. Suck on your fuckin' bottle or move to the woods bitches, but one things for certain, no one gives a fuck whether you take the vaccine or not. And in the USA, the best country on Earth to ride these uncertain times out, no one will ever force you to do jack shit, this place is as free as it gets (as long as you keep your attention whoring mouth shut, pay your taxes, and don't break any of our very lax and forgiving laws). Big fuckin' deal, so white men can't use the words faggot and nigger in public anymore without severe financial repurcussions, cry me a river... outside of that, America has never been so free. Come and get it, there's an endless supply of open businesses, maskless un-vaccinated red necks, and a shit load of free toilet paper. All the USA supply chains are, and have always been working PERFECTLY you dumb ass Alex Jones doomsday preppers
Gotta love this new crop of angry soy boys. Get this man-? some FURKING soy already he is clearly running at a deficit!



“ The next morning, Andrew says he had a fever and swollen lymph nodes near the arm where he received the shot. His mom found him lying face-down on the floor, so he stayed home from school.”


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Pretty thorough on the clotting issue if you trust the source. I feel like The Atlantic has been fairly less biased lately. And this is what normies will read.

Anyway, it also closes out by saying that the vaccine still has less risks than a natural infection. Extremely arrogant if you ask me since they just admitted all the things they don’t know about the vaccine yet. Clowns
Probably the only way to get something like that published in mainstream outlets these days. Tell the truth in the middle, but open and close by saying get the vaccine, and hope people can literally read between the lines.


How about Bolivia?

To be honest I don't know much about the country. I don't have business contacts there. All I know is that Evo Morales returned to power, using ethnic tensions, is a deeply divided country, on one side Amerindians (La Paz), on the other whites and Mestizos (Santa Cruz). It would be good if a Bolivian resident could chime in.


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“ The next morning, Andrew says he had a fever and swollen lymph nodes near the arm where he received the shot. His mom found him lying face-down on the floor, so he stayed home from school.”
That is very stupid: if I want to be a scientist why should I start science on myself? Yes there were scientists in history who were so sure that they were right that they tried their own idea on themselves. Think about sitting in a Faraday cage under high voltage and such things.
But they did that _after_ being trained and getting all the necessary knowledge to become a scientist and they tested _their own_ idea.

This boy thinks the route to be a scientist starts with being a lab rat. That will not work.


If I were an evil oligarch, I would have had the first "mRNA vaccine" to be a saline solution. There would be no side effects and along with the normal placebo effect, it would have groomed the population that it's safe and effective enough to take future mRNA "boosters" that were the real thing. But no, they tried to go for the touchdown on the first play. Unless they can control the narrative about vaccine side effects, they may not get to 50% total population vaccinated in the United States, which would cause a problem for the next part of their plan. It will be tough to force vaccine passports on a majority of the population who doesn't want it.

They gauged the demand first, they saw the demand from leftists was through the roof and even a shockingly high percentage of republicans were on board with it. They knew they had at least 40% to 50% of the population willing to get it first chance they got. So they made the decision to go all in. They didn't want to throw away an opportunity like this or risk it never coming again.

If the demand for the vax would've been low, they would've went with plan B, the placebo shot, with a slow roll out of it so that trust would be built. After a few months of no negative reports, no one speaking out against it, nothing, they would've switched the placebo for all the new comers to the vaccine with the kill shot. They then would've required the others who got the placebo to go in for their 3rd dose, the death dose.

But because demand was so high, they figured they could pull a few more tricks that they own to raise the amount that they knew would get it from 40-50% to 75% or higher doing the following.

1. Pre propaganda. Start the push of propaganda that "we will return to normal" once a "percentage" of the population is vaccinated. Fauci pushed this hard, and like we expected, kept raising the % of how many needed to be vaccinated. The key was to implement it into our brains that the vaccine will be the key to unlock normalcy.

Another part of the pre-propaganda were the CNN and other mainstream articles about "don't worry if someone you know dies from the vaccine after they got it, people die all the time". Once these articles came out, it was 100% they were going with the kill shot not the placebo.

2. Increase the fear. New variants from scary parts of the world like Africa, and Brazil are headed our way. Why wasn't there a new variant from the US? Because that's not as scary as areas we haven't been to and can only assume are diseased. We need more fear, higher fear, more deadlier variants.

3. Trump. Have Judas, the one who betrays, promote it, take credit for it, and call it safe. This should bring a huge percentage on board because most hesitancy would come from his voters. Trump is a type of Anti-Christ, no Christian should EVER follow or have faith in him again. Watch for him to come out and lead more people to their death with ways of betrayal that will shock us beyond belief.

4. False scarcity. Only "this age group" can get it because there's so few. Fake news reports of people driving miles for it, fake outrage at "celebrities" or politicians who just had to cut in line to get it. Fake outrage that rich neighborhoods are getting it at the expense of black neighborhoods. All lies, all fake psychological manipulation to cause a fake scarcity to increase demand.

5. All the politicians on board. Our hero Desantis, is sure doing his job getting all the old people in FL vaccinated. I don't trust him. These politicians are intelligent enough to see what's happening, they know it's genocide.

If they are not pushing back against it with all their strength, they are ALL ON BOARD with it. Rand, Jim Jordan, Desantis, Etc. Each and every single governor and mainstream politician you see in the news is not only allowing the vaccine, they are ALL promoting it. They have to have controlled opposition to keep us docile for now thinking we have others on our side. None of them are on your side, NONE.

Jim Jordan, "grilling" fauci. All fake, all theater, DO NOT TRUST HIM. He was talking to fauci as if fauci is in control of the whole country, "when will we be free?" Jordan asked in an angry tone. You see that, you see the conditioning? He set it up so that he's asking our ruler, our god, our president fauci for permission to be free. We think we got a victory because someone "grilled" fauci, but what we got was conditioning that we need to ask fauci our ruler when he will let us go. All conditioning. The constitution wasn't setup to allow a random bureaucrat to become dictator. But Jim Jordan wants you to believe that.

Don't trust ANY of the politicians, they serve the beast, the system, the spider. They are in their positions because they are allowed to be. They are playing a role for you. At the top, there is no Red or Blue, that's just theater for us, they are the same team ALL of them at the top. Until they ban abortion, trannies, vaccines, and gay marriage, they are your enemy. Remember, Christ said, "If you are not with me, you are against me." ALL THE POLITICIANS ARE AGAINST YOU!

6. Massive propaganda. Every website, every social media, every news station. All vaccine all the time. Every institution, all celebrities, sports stars, rappers, anyone who still holds any influence will need to push the vaccine or be destroyed. We're witnessing the biggest propaganda assault in human history.

7. Full censorship. Some anti-vax articles are breaking through on social media platforms, but anything that goes viral is instantly censored. Anti-vaccine accounts have been getting de-platformed in mass. Instagram just did a purge of a few thousand, twitter likewise. Any post that has the word vaccine in it is fact checked by authority. Look for this to increase with new algorithms.

8. Persuasion through authority. This is something they've known for a long time, that people are willing to listen to someone who they think is an authority, to the point they would shock others to death because an authority figured told them to do so (Milgram experiment).

From the start of the scam, they used fake authority institutions to build credibility to the scam and implement the fear. Now the same demonic institutions like the CDC and WHO are the ones who fact check any thing that goes against the narrative. Keep in mind, these two institutions are supposed to be the world's leading health experts. Now, who would not believe them right?

Doctors and nurses, also fake authority pushing vaccines. Who would of thought it, but the supposed best and brightest people in our country are actually some of the biggest NPCs who only regurgitate the false teachings of big pharma and can't form a critical thought of their own. They are trained to do one thing, and one thing only, obey their masters, big pharma. They kill and maim for big pharma, but for them it's noting, most of them lost their souls when they converted to the religion of big pharma. Now they are continuing their occultism with the latest command from their god pharma. To give this new vax. In a just world, over 75% of our medical professionals would be rotting in prison for knowingly destroying lives, and murdering patients for decades.

9. The churches. Get as many pastors who don't have real discernment from God on board with this. Get all the controlled churches (vatican, etc.) to push it. If your church requires a mask or talks favorably of the vaccine. Flee for your soul is at risk.

10. Peer pressure. Use the brainwashed majority to influence, pressure, and bully others into getting it. This is going on at levels you don't even know. I personally know instances where grandmothers who don't want the vaccine are being made to take it by their own children in order to see their grand children. This and similar acts are going on around the country at levels that we can't imagine. All by design.

11. Fake concern for the safety of the vaccines. This is a plan they kept in their back pocket to use once needed. Once the reports of the massive amounts of deaths, horrific side effects, women's menstrual cycles being altered started to come out, they knew that ignoring them flat out would cause the percentage of those willing to get the vax to go down enough points that it would hinder the plan. What's the solution?

Sacrifice two of the vaccines, one overseas, one in the US, so the public thinks the institutions care about their safety. Why did they come out with so many different vaccines instead of just one? Well isn't it obvious, so that they can use some of them as scapegoats, put all the blame of all the deaths on them, sacrifice them by removing them, and calm the public into thinking something was done while the others are death vaxes are still pushed.

It was actually a genius move. Had they only came out with one vaccine, once the reports of deaths would of come in, they would of had to halt it or else there would of been too much suspicion, and then bam the whole plan would of been stopped. But the way they did it was so smart. Come out with multiple ones, all equally as deadly, and then blame just one for the deaths that all of them are causing, yank the scapegoat, and use the removal of it as evidence that the government cares for you because they yanked it. All while the others continue to kill en mass.

Well now I know these things are safe because look, the government pulled one when only 6 people had side effects. Since they are letting all the others run their course, that means they are safe and not even 6 people have been injured by the other ones. Nice, gonna go get mine now.

Future Steps

1. Fake science papers.
You will see the most "prestigious" science journals and studies vindicate all the pharma companies with their fully scientific studies that every NPC will link to when you argue with them. The studies will vindicate the NPC because they'll prove with no bias at all that the vaccine is not only safe, and effective, it actually adds new previously unknown benefits to one's life. The vaccine also helps reduce anxiety and depression! Mark my words, they will throw in those fake benefits as summaries to their fake studies.

2. Break you. All the gas lighting, all the hysteria, all the change, all the news, all the assaults, it's meant to break the critical thinkers down. They know the more lunacy they can make main-stream, the more they can make our brains gas-lit, that the more of us will finally cave. They want us separated, thinking we're going insane, and that we're the only ones who think something is up. That's why the biggest assaults are on keeping us out of churches, because there we can talk with others who know something is up. They want us alone! They want to break us so we finally join in. More de-platforming, more shadow banning, more ways to isolate us are coming up.

3. Vaccine passport. You thought it would never happen, but look at the mask. You can't enter any business even in "open" states without seeing 95-99% muzzled humans being led around on a leash by satan. You walk a muzzled dog on a leash, satan walks a muzzled human on a leash. Once all the above tactics I just discussed brings the percentage of those who got the demon shot up enough, some sort of vaccine passport will be implemented to bring the remaining on board. You won't be able to buy, sell, or do anything without one, and no earthly authority will care or come save you.

Those that still refuse?

They need to vaccinate as many as fast as possible, because the mass kill off is not far off. They need to be able to blame it on those who didn't get the vaccine. The mass kill off won't kill 100% of those who got the vaccine (future boosters will do that) but it will kill enough that they can blame the unvaxed for doing it. They will then use the remaining living vaxed zombies to fully civil war those who resisted the vaccine. After the zombies murder the majority of those who resisted the vaccine, they themselves will then be taken out by the latest vax, or kept as slaves, tagged and chipped as cattle for the elites.

Why are they doing this now?

First, because God is allowing it. We lost his protection, and by we, I mean nations as a whole, not us as Christians, but the world in general. We are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, I don't need to go into examples of what is going on in this world, all of us here on this forum know what's taking place. But evil has reached an all time high that not even the bible ever says took place.

Second, the demons doing this finally have the means to do it. They have the technology, things that once seemed impossible, they now control. They have the infrastructure, wealth, capability, weapons, studies, everything. The time had to come when they felt they could implement it. They know think they hold all the pieces they need.

Third, They understand our psychology better than ever. Facebook and all other social media allowed them to run the most sophisticated studies on human psychology ever to exist. We don't know what they've found out about the human nature, but we see them using what they learned on us. We see behavior that defies logic from people. We see such insanity that we can't believe our own eyes. But the demons can believe it, they knew what they can manipulate the masses into doing before we could ever imagine such behavior was possible. And now they're doing it, and we're witnessing the results of what they're doing.

Fourth, they want to be alive for the depopulation. Past elites who only dreamed of having the tools that the current elite have died off before they could implement any real depopulation. The current demons like bill gates, zuckerburg, and others, have all the tools they need to pull it off. They are doing it now because they want it done in their life times, so they can enjoy the benefits of their evil. They don't want to delay it anymore, what good will de-population be to them if they themselves are dead?

The time is here, the time is now. Anyone who thinks this is anything other than depopulation, please open your eyes and pay attention. This is the full push, this IS the end times. We have ONE and only ONE hope, and that is Christ the King. Prepare your soul, repent from evil, be reborn in Christ, spend the remainder of your days in prayer. Minister to the poor, and most importantly, get the words of the gospel out to as many as you can because that is our ultimate calling and there's never been a season like this one for harvesting souls to Christ.
I met with my mother today, she was told by one of her coworkers(who is an immigrant, she's not sure of the country, she thinks it's Suriname(next to French Guyna), that at the vaccines centers they are asking people if they plan to get pregnant. I hope others can confirm this.


Unless you have a big estate far away from the cities, and the means to defend it, or family in the countryside, I would avoid Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Perú and maybe even Brazil unless you go to a Bolsonaro friendly state and again, away from the cities. Central America and Mexico I don't know much, except that North of Costa Rica, it's too dangerous, especially if you are noticeably foreign. Uruguay is falling off the cliff slowly, the country is closed to foreigners hence I wouldn't consider it and there is an all-out campaign to spread fear. For starters you can check this link: Paraguay I don't know much, except that the country would be a great place in the countryside except that there is a guerilla war brewing in that place and the terrorists have started killing farmers

Paraguay rebels/communist guerillas are limited to wilder Eastern region, where the jungle is, which is undesirable for expats in any case. The good region for expats is Southern Paraguay, my understanding it's pretty peaceful down there.
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America hits the vaccine wall: Thousands of appointments go unfilled as states across the nation warn that 'hesitancy' to get the shots threatens to derail rollout​

  • Evidence is growing that the US vaccine rollout is beginning to stall out
  • Supply is now outstripping demand in many states, with appointments unfilled
  • Experts fear vaccine hesitancy will derail attempts to end the pandemic
  • So far, at least 49% of American adults have received at least one dose
  • Polls suggest only around 60% are interested in getting the shot right now
  • That is far below the projected 70-80% needed to achieve herd immunity
  • Pause in J&J vaccine may only spur more vaccine fears among the people

The U.S. supply of COVID-19 vaccines is beginning to rapidly outpace demand, as appointments remain unfilled across the country and states say they are running out of people willing to get the shots.

As of Friday, 49 percent of U.S. adults had received at least one vaccine dose, and various polls suggest that only about 60 percent are interested in getting a vaccine right away.

Health officials have suggested that the country needs to achieve a vaccination rate of 70 to 90 percent to achieve coronavirus herd immunity, the point at which a virus no longer circulates freely because it cannot find susceptible hosts.

The decision this week to suspend administering the Johnson & Johnson shot over rare blood clots may only deepen suspicious about vaccines -- but public health experts say the pause is evidence that safety concerns are being rigorously monitored.



On Friday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a desperate plea for residents to get vaccinated, as clinics in the state reported hundreds, if not thousands, of available appointments that were not being filled each day.

'The appointment availability does give us cause for concern because it's indicative of hesitancy, which really is the challenge to come,' said Alison Beam, the state's acting health secretary, who joined Wolf at a news conference.

She said the fact that nearly half of Pennsylvania's nursing home workers have declined the vaccine is further evidence of 'how far we have to go and how much of a challenge overcoming this vaccine hesitancy will be in the near future.'

A recent survey from KFF found that just 61 percent of adults say they have either received the vaccine or want to as soon as possible.

Another 17 percent want to 'wait and see' while 13 percent said they would 'definitely not' get vaccinated. Seven percent said they would only get the shot if required.

The poll shows, as others have, a strange political divide over vaccines, with 29 percent of Republicans said they would 'definitely not' get vaccinated, compared to just 5 percent of Democrats.

Less than half of Republicans (46 percent) say they want a vaccine as soon as possible, compared to 79 percent of Democrats who do.

This is despite the vaccine rollout being overseen in part by both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who both received the shots themselves.



There is also a racial divide over vaccines, though it is less pronounced than the political split.

Black people are the racial group most likely to say they want to 'wait and see', at 24 percent. Only 16 percent of white people want to wait, and 18 percent of Hispanics.

Louisiana has gotten creative in its vaccine push, with brass bands playing at a 24-hour drive-thru coronavirus vaccine event, and doses delivered to commercial fishermen minutes from the docks.

State surveys indicate 40 percent or more of Louisiana residents are hesitant about getting the vaccine or entirely unwilling to do so.

And while Louisiana is administering doses at rates greater than some other Southern states, it remains among the bottom six in vaccinating adults 18 and older, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other states also are trying novel approaches, either because they've seen noticeable dips in vaccine interest or have concerns about equitable access.

Even with the resistance, the United States has shown remarkable progress: As of Friday, more than 200 million doses have been administered to Americans, and nearly half of American adults have received at least one dose.

Alaska's health department is weighing creating vaccine clinics in airports.

Ohio's health agency asked vaccine providers to develop sites near bus stops and to consider offering mobile immunization services.

In Connecticut, the health department launched an effort to call residents directly to schedule appointments.

Mississippi is working with local organizations to bring vaccinations directly to homebound elderly people.

Alabama's health agency surveyed vaccine reluctance to determine how it should craft messaging to appeal to the hesitant.

Mike Bayham, secretary of the Republican Party of Louisiana, had a rough battle with COVID-19 in March 2020. He was bedridden for a week and dealing with symptoms for weeks longer.

He's now received his first shot - and he's encouraging fellow Republicans to do the same. Bayham tells friends and colleagues the vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of Donald Trump's presidency, and he shares details of what it feels like to have COVID-19.

'You don't want this virus. Whatever the vaccine can do to you, the virus is far worse,' Bayham said.



America hits the vaccine wall: Thousands of appointments go unfilled as states across the nation warn that 'hesitancy' to get the shots threatens to derail rollout​

Time to pull out "double-mutants", increasing "asymptomatic disease" rates, mandates and lockdowns card.


Paraguay rebels/communist guerillas are limited to wilder Eastern region, where the jungle is, which is undesirable for expats in any case. The good region for expats is Southern Paraguay, my understanding it's pretty peaceful down there.

Well, If I were to seek refuge in Paraguay, I wouldn't go to Asunción or any of the other cities. My experience tells me even in the third world, most of the brainwashed and the state apparatus are located in the cities. But I get your point and as far as I know, it's a sort of low intesity warfare, not something like Colombia in the 90s. But still, I wouldn't go there unless I have contacts in the country and a place to live, outside the cities. I hope that Paraguayans can sort out their differences. However the external situation points in the other direction. The international environment in the next months or years might be a catalyst for violent conflict due to impoverishment of the paraguayans, "all done in the name of their health". They are surrounded by a leftist countries (Bolivia, Argentina).

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What would you guys say is needed to happen to turn this all around?

A major whistleblower on vaccine deaths? Or whistleblower about suspicious additive to the vaccine? Someone within Pfizer or Moderna? Reports of side effects alone don’t seem to be making a huge dent. I’m not even sure removing two vaccines has changed enough minds. I guess we are still early.

What about a huge celebrity that likes to twerk has a huge spiritual awakening? A group of healthcare providers walks away and forms a major movement? (America FrontLine Doctors seemed to fail at this already).

Is there absolutely anything that changes the narrative now?

Major anchors/presenters going rogue live on air and blurting out the truth...

Something like the end of 'They Live'
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