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Seeing the levels of wailing & gnashing of teeth that a bunch of football teams breaking away & forming a new Super League has caused, in comparison to the compliance & acceptance of all the insanity & naked evil of the last 12 months, really is something to behold.

The wider population in Britain has been so engineered, so propagandised & so spoilt with comfort, that it just accepts anything. Beaten down by the velvet gloved BBC. Placated by drugs, football, booze, low moral standards & chicken tikka masalas.

I wake up to see my friend has left me angry voice-notes ranting about this new league, the very same friend that has openly mocked me to the point of open annoyance for calling out the Scam since day one.

At this point i see this issue as the ultimate barometer of a person's will, ability to reason and fundamentally whether they are going to make it or not.

I've not got time for people that after 12 months plus of it, still cant see the woods for the trees.

I gave up trying to influence my family months ago. They just can't handle staring into the flames & admiting it's all a scam, by those with utterly malign intentions.

It's too much cognitive disonance for someone who's trusted society, the BBC, the media, the healthcare etc their entire life, to wake up one morning, at 75, and realise it's all lies. Let alone the concept that they might actually be wilfully doing harm to the population on a mass scale.
It's easier to just go along with the tide, and continue feeling that 'everything is fine' & 'we'll muddle through'.

At this point i just write them off, or at very least downgrade them mentally. It's a tough time mentally for everyone out there, I try to cut people slack appropriately, & family is family, but i'm just not continuing to put any significant energy or thought on people like this anymore.

They are lost.

I can understand your frustration, and for the most part you might be right, but i bloody love a good chicken tikka'.



Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines​

While the media have focused on blood clots, the UK has registered another phenomenon taking place after coronavirus vaccines.

In the U.K., the Yellow Card adverse event reporting system includes 2,233 reports of “reproductive and breast disorders” after reception of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.

The U.K. Yellow Card program reports 1,465 reactions involving reproductive systems as well as 19 “spontaneous abortions” (miscarriages), five premature labors, and two stillbirths in association with the AstraZeneca vaccine as of April 5.

The reports include:
  • 255 cases of abnormal uterine bleeding
  • 242 reports of unusual breast pain and swelling
  • 182 women who experienced absent or delayed menstruation
  • 175 cases of heavy menstrual bleeding
  • 165 cases of vaginal hemorrhaging
  • 55 reports of genital swelling, lesions, rashes or ulcerations
  • 19 cases of postmenopausal hemorrhaging
  • 12 cases of premature or “artificial” menopause

Another 768 reports of “reproductive and breast disorders” have been reported for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine in the U.K., as well as 42 “spontaneous abortions,” five premature labor onsets, and two stillbirths. These include:
  • 265 reports of breast changes, including 22 reports of breast cancer and 177 reports of breast pain
  • 134 cases of irregular menstrual bleeding
  • 127 reports of absent or light menstruation
  • 92 cases of heavy bleeding
  • 73 cases of vaginal hemorrhaging
  • 5 reports of postmenopausal hemorrhaging
  • 5 cases of premature or ‘artificial’ menopause

Male reproductive disorders are fewer, but 75 Yellow Card reports on AstraZeneca’s vaccine include 63 erectile dysfunction reactions, 50 cases of testicular pain, 11 cases of scrotal pain and swelling, and three reports of haematospermia, or blood in sperm.

Pfizer’s Yellow Card includes 22 reports of testicular and scrotal pain and 21 counts of sexual dysfunction.

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The whole story of getting vaccinated to go back to the pubs irks me especially.

"Gotta have that experimental gene therapy with unknown long term consequences so I don't catch a virus with 99,98% survival rate, in order to go back to my hobby of voluntarily ingesting toxins with well studied negative long term consequences."

Alcohol kills 3 million and smoking 7 million a year globally.

El Draque

Ireland reports FEWER deaths in 2020 vs 2019.

How are people buying this scam?

It's wilful from those that do, at this point.

My mother is pretty clever. She told me almost from the beginning that this whole thing looks sinister for her and she feels bad for her grandchildren in what kind of world will they live in. (She was raised behind the iron curtain in the eastern block: thats the baseline she compares things to). She also does not want to take the vaccine.

Her friends, relatives and ex-co-workers all started to nag her to take it! All of them call her to nag her! (At least they don't visit in person because that would be tremendously dangerous :) ) I have told her that the only way out will be to lie them that she was vaxxed but she likes to be straight and not lie to anyone and especially not to her friends. Interesting times...


Obviously proof that lockdowns work. Now is the time to enact new legislation to establish that lockdowns don't violate civil rights, so they can be more easily repeated in the future.
Easy to defeat. Say if the 20 million in NY ignored the lock-downs, whatever that means, there wouldn't be any. Stop legitimizing what government places on the legal papers they themselves create. Eventually they will sign away all of your property and rights so are you just going to fall in line and complain?

No man should have dominion over another and definitely no woman should.


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I wonder how effective it might be to label it "Trump's vaccine?" Use their hatred of Trump against them. After all, it was only Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" that led to the vaccines being approved (pardon me, emergency use authorized) in the first place. By this point they're likely so brainwashed they think Kamala and Joe created the vaccines with their own hands.
I've tried it and it doesn't work. They just say something like, "It's the only thing he did right in spite of himself" or something along those lines. It annoys them, but doesn't work as persuasion to get them to decide not to get it.

By the way, as an experiment I searched for "18 reasons I won't get the vaccine" on search sites. Bing and DuckDuckGo brought up the blog post as the first entry. The commies at Google, however, have placed the Snopes rebuttal to it as the top item.
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Can’t find anything else after basic search but it looks like there is a VAERS report.