Coronavirus vaccine thread


Can those who are coronavirus vaccinated shed spike proteins onto the unvaccinated? Spike protein is functioning enough to cause an immune response and possibly even illness. If true, the unvaccinated may have to stay away from those who were recently vaccinated. We really don't know what's going on in their body in response to this gene therapeutic. They may be shedding other organic materials.


Can those who are coronavirus vaccinated shed spike proteins onto the unvaccinated? Spike protein is functioning enough to cause an immune response and possibly even illness. If true, the unvaccinated may have to stay away from those who were recently vaccinated. We really don't know what's going on in their body in response to this gene therapeutic. They may be shedding other organic materials.

They are already working on vaccines that can be inhaled.

“the respiratory system is full of mucus tissues full of immune proteins that an inhaled vaccine could bolster”

So if the vaccinated can shed, then the unvaccinated can obviously receive.

In the new study, Arap and Pasqualini devised and validated a safe, effective lung delivery system that could be used for a broad range of translational applications, and showed how it works. The approach involves the use of phages -- viruses that can infect and replicate within bacterial cells. In certain types of vaccines, phage particles that carry peptides are used to trigger protective immune responses.

First, the researchers screened for and identified a peptide -- CAKSMGDIVC -- that could efficiently deliver phage particles across the pulmonary barrier and into the bloodstream. Specifically, phage particles that display CAKSMGDIVC on their surface are absorbed into the body when the peptide binds to and is internalized through its receptor, ?3?1 integrin, on the surface of cells lining the lung airways. Inhaled delivery of CAKSMGDIVC-displaying phage particles elicited a robust antibody response against the phage particles in mice and non-human primates, without damaging the lungs.


Can those who are coronavirus vaccinated shed spike proteins onto the unvaccinated? Spike protein is functioning enough to cause an immune response and possibly even illness. If true, the unvaccinated may have to stay away from those who were recently vaccinated. We really don't know what's going on in their body in response to this gene therapeutic. They may be shedding other organic materials.
Right it's one thing to have to fight off a vaxxed person's spike proteins, which would presumably be the same difficulty as fighting off the virus - very doable for young healthy people (should that be the case). But if they're shedding encapsulated mRNA itself? Well that's a whole other level of evil by those who made it.
If the hypothesis holds true (vaccinated individuals are shedding some sort of pathogen that is affecting those around that are unvaccinated) that just makes me wonder the following:

1. What are they shedding? particles with the spike protein? particles with mRNA? Some sort of artificial virus or bacteria that has been produced in their vaccinated bodies as a byproduct of the process?
2. Are all the vaccinated undergoing such a change in their bodies? Do they all shed the aforementioned materials?
3. Do ALL the magical concoctions provoke these events all the time or is it probabilistic? Or some of these magical concoctions produce nothing but others turn the inoculated into pathogen factories (eg. adenoviral vaccines vs mRNA vaccines etc.)

Those are just some of the few questions that will need to be answered soon. Maybe our very survival will depend on them...


Sorry i cant get my head around the notion that 'being around' the vaccinated can affect people.

Are people really believing that?

This is 1000% going on, look at all the anecdotal evidence (the most accurate evidence in this day and age of disinformation), it's all over the place.

I am a member of a very conservative church where no one is vaccinated, no mask ever, and no social distancing at all. Everything's been fine with everyone since the start with the occasional member catching the rona, being sick for a while, and then returning as normal. However, the last few weeks many families are reporting all types of different flues, stomach flues, and bouts of vomiting. Even members who've had the rona are reporting the sickness so it's not covid. They're also saying they've either never had an illness similar to this or not since they were children sick with the flu many years ago. Something is spreading and I put my money on it it's infection from the vaccinated.

It makes perfect sense that this type of shedding and contagiousness would be programmed into these demon shots. These evil rulers are playing to win. You don't think they would start a depopulation genocide without having contingencies in place for every possible situation do you? They didn't cross the Rubicon against humanity half-cocked, they went ALL in, we just don't see the "ALL" portion of it yet, just parts of it. They have some evil surprises waiting for us down the line we previously couldn't even fathom, like the now discovered viral shedding.

These demons doing this have been the most paranoid "humans" on planet earth forever because they know they are guilty of the most heinous crimes and oppressions. Their paranoia of peasant revolts that would have their necks wouldn't allow them to launch such an evil unless their advanced calculations assured them a complete victory. They are many steps ahead of us as you can see by the results they've gotten thus far and how fast they achieved them. They're continuing this attack with military precision as we speak. Operation Warp Speed? Why a military name for a "miracle medical cure?" Because it's a military operation designed to mark for death as many as fast as possible before a counter attack can even be imagined.

As part of an advanced military operation, they had to plan in advance any and all possible scenarios that could occur once it was launched. One of the biggest ones was what this poster asked.
Lets just WarGame this one a minute.

If they are pre-meditatively going to wipe out X percent of the population with these vaccines, what is the next stage ?

Vaccines have been going on in earnest all across the Western (and to varying degrees, the whole) world for what, 3-4 months now.

If these vaccines have some despicable component in to start culling people, & within 6 months a wave of vaccine deaths start occurring, how could they realistically manage that?

Surely the remaining people would rise up & revolt, knowing they'd just witnessed the biggest mass murder on an unprecedented scale in human history? It would be abject chaos on a global scale. Wars kicking off, just bedlam.

Well you see, to mount a revolt, you must be able to organize, see who's hitting you, see where to strike, and strike before it's too late. All of these things they took off the table.

Organize. You try to organize anything you need communication, you can't do it over the internet and you can't do it over phones, they control all communication fronts. Done. No organization.

See who's hitting you. Who do you go after? The useful idiot nurses who are pushing the injections into arms? The controlled politicians taking orders and surrounded by security at all times? Gates himself, you gonna catch him? The thing that's really pushing this, Satan, is not even seen by the eye so how do you take him out?

Where do you strike? You realize you're being depopulated so you arm up spontaneously and head for... where again? Your state capital? D.C? what's that gonna accomplish? You will be January 6thed so fast your eyes will spin. You're really going to cause an insurrection over a miracle vaccine that's saving lives? To the gallows with you.

Strike before it's too late? It's already too late, when they went warp speed on us it was for a reason, so they can hit us before we knew what was going on and could even start talking about mounting a defense, let alone an offense. Right now, being conservative, let's say 30% of the population from nations that could ever mount any type of resistance have the poison. That' means it's now too late because... because the viral shedding.

Like I mentioned earlier, these paranoid demons wouldn't launch a full scale attack if they weren't 100% sure they could overcome all obstacles and get a complete victory. They would never ever take even the smallest risk in putting their actual safety in jeopardy. So they launched the military operation with contingencies and counter operations planned to overcome any obstacles.

They figured that despite the full push to get everyone the shot, the % of those willing to take it will eventually come to a stop. This percentage of those who won't take it would be enough to eventually mount a revolt and take vengeance for the genocide of their fellow man. The demons couldn't risk this, no no no, if they were gonna hit us, they were gonna hit us with something real good. It's now obvious the technology in these vaccines is designed to spread and infect those who never even got the vax. WOW. That takes care of all those who never got the vaccine, they still ended up getting it because they live amongst the other peasants who got it. So now the unvaxxed can't mount that revolt that would've happened once the mass kill offs start because they'll be dying in mass too.

But wait, it gets better. The elites have antidotes against their vaccines. That's right, the viral shedding can't get them because since they created the vaccines, they were also able to create antidotes against the vaccine. How brilliant. But that's not even the most brilliant part, no no no, the most brilliant part is because they carry the antidote, they were able to get every single ruler of every single country on board with the plan.

That answers one of the biggest questions to the whole scam. How did they manage to get every country and every leader on board with the corona scam and depopulation? They gave them no outs. Either join us, get the antidote, or be depopulated. Makes sense now doesn't it? Makes sense why trump turned to evil and pushes the vaccine doesn't it? He was promised the antidote. They took him aside, along with all the other rulers of countries, showed them the plan, said we're launching this, showed them what will take place, and gave them two options, be depopulated, or join us, and live in a world without the vile cancer of humans plaguing OUR precious earth.

It all makes sense now.

I've made some bold predictions in this thread up until now and I pray to God I am wrong about all of them, but unfortunately, all evidence is mounting that me and others are right on the money with what we're saying. I mean what other reasons could there be for the vaccine?

What reasons could possibly exist for the vaccine?

The biggest obvious conclusion is that it's not about health, that's the most obvious, because corona, AKA the common cold/flu repackaged is not a threat, and if it was, Gates and his cronies would be rejoicing at the depopulation it would be bringing. Corona is not bringing any depopulation.

Money. Is it about money? We know that big pharma is a greedy satanic inspired and controlled cult that is responsible for the deaths of millions of humans spanning decades, but they always operated with plausible deniability in making their profits from killing and maiming.

You have to look at what's going on now, they left themselves NO OUT, no plausible deniability, no way to defend what they're doing once the dust settles. They can't come out years later down the line with any excuse of why they:

1. Propagandized, threatened, coerced, shamed, and psychologically manipulated a population into getting a chemical cocktail injected into their bloodstream to prevent against something that amounts to the common cold.

2. Didn't immediately stop the death shots after the tens of thousands of public reports (and millions of private ones they for sure know about) of deaths, severe reactions, debilitating conditions, miscarriages, and viral shedding, surfaced with clear and obvious links to the shots.

3. Continued the mass injections while in fine print, and as a surprise to most NPCs who got them, admitted they don't actually do anything. Once you get them, according to the demons pushing them, you can still catch rona, you can still spread rona, and you will need more in the future that also won't do anything because you can still catch and spread the future variants too.

There is no plausible deniability for the above 3 things, and you must ask yourself why not? All 3 of them are crimes against humanity punishable by death. So why would the most paranoid "humans" on earth commit crimes against humanity out in the open knowing that once the dust settles that even the most brainwashed of all brainwashed would easily see what happened and that they got got?

Why would they do this knowing it would mean Nuremberg trials for them? Because they don't plan on losing, because they hold secret keys that we don't even know about, because they would go as far as launching nukes before they would allow themselves to be prosecuted and it won't even come to that because their plan is a brilliant one and working exactly as designed for now with no resistance to it.

It's not about money, it's not about control, they've had both of those for the longest of times, it's about doing what they've ben salivating and talking about doing for the longest time. It's about depopulation, many of you still can't face the fact, but it's going on right in front of our eyes and daily you will see all roads, all evidence pointing to it.

Like I said in my previous post in the thread, they are doing it now mainly because of two things. First, the world has reached an ultimate level of evil, despicable abominations before God are common place and lauded as good so we lost His protection. Second, they finally have all the tools and technology to carry out what they're doing.

God will ultimately be the one who mounts our resistance to preserve His remnant. God will save many by His strength and His strength alone. Many who do not know Him will be the ones who die because they rejected Him along time ago even though they've been given chances time and time again.

When God mounts our defense for us, I believe it will lead to the anti-christ and the real mark of the beast and the book of revelation being playing out in our lifetimes. Don't be surprised or shocked that you are living in end times. It was clear before any of the scamdemic took place because of how evil and vile the world had gotten. God can simply not allow such evil to continue to exist and mock Him and His creation.

Although we can not see the devil to crush him and end what is happening, it is not our job to even do so. Jesus, Lord and King will defeat him. In times like this, in a war like this, we have but one thing to do. Put on Ephesians 6:10


My gut tells me that the cabal would not try to exterminate humanity. Why? Because that would be self defeating. their quest to, say, kill 10 out of 20 people in a room, it's possible that they accidentally kill 15. Because, you know, accidents happen. It's similar to a person that robs a liquor store and, in the quest to achieve his goal, ends up killing the cashier.

In the meantime, Dr. Tenpenny recommended staying diligent in your Vitamin C and D intake until more is known about this shedding. I think that is solid advice and does not hurt.



And so it begins. In Arkansas suprisingly of all places.
In Clown World, the voice of reason has become "extreme".

Fact: Regular prescription medication goes through years of long term safety testing before it comes to market.

Fact: These shots have never been long term safety tested. We are just now finding out about the blood clots, menstrual problems for women, and who knows what else will be coming down the pipe.

Only in Clown World would someone be called an "anti-vaxxer" for not wanting to be a guinea pig. I would no more sign up to be tested with new prescription medication then I would take one of these shots.