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0:25 - I’ve still got a long way to recover from this virus...

He goes a year and a half surviving the so-called “pandemic” without anything happening, then goes in for the not vaxx and within days he has liver failure and a swollen nutsack - yet he still thinks the “virus” is the culprit.

At this point, I don't even think what this guy or those supporting the psyop claim, should be take at face value.


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It just means being an un-vaccinated actor is a high risk category



He is a neurologist and he would not deal with those noted zero covid deaths in Alabama - in fact he wouldn't deal with them at all. At best Dr. Cobia would treat the vaxx side-effects.

The propaganda pushers just picked a random name that existed, trumped up one of their crisis actors, did a photo-shoot and then wrote a fake story. The story is faker than fake - as fake as the stupid statements of 99% infected being unvaccinated. How about the politicians who are supposedly getting covid now - or get tested positive. Apple juice can test positive - does not mean anything.

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hahahahah my bad brother

What's strange about this whole thing is that I remain hopeful and optimistic, perhaps more than ever before. I've resigned from the idea that I can control anything in this world, except for my attitude towards events. My relationship with God has improved tremendously as well as the relationship with myself.

I give thanks to God every day that he has blessed me and others with the 'eyes to see and ears to hear'. He gives his greatest battles to his strongest warriors.

We will win this war.
Amen brother and big shoutout too everybody on this forum for being on this journey together.


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I noticed that page as well others (i.e., LinkedIn) when I did a search for her name.

As a rule of thumb, I use the Internet Archive to double-check a specific site URL's history (i.e., how long ago it's created, when it's created, what updates were made, etc.).

From what I gathered, there is not a lot of history about the "Hospitalist". She basically just popped up out of nowhere into the fake news story.



I went to HS in Birmingham, AL. It's a fairly populated area. There were 15 covid deaths in Jefferson County in the last 30 days. She must have a propensity for being where the action is for having seen enough of those patients that died to have a statistically significant sample to know what they say. With that many doctors in the area I'm skeptical she's seen more than one patient die


One thing I want everyone here to know; One reason this whole ‘vaccine’ operation is designed for is the ‘complete destruction of personal boundaries’. Many people don’t understand what boundaries are but they are really important aspects of ourselves, so much so, that the bible speaks about them a lot. Armour of God etc. Tyrants always try to break the citizens boundaries, as does the devil, because its the only resistance we have against the dark forces.

Whether you’re religious or not, even Jung talks of the importance of boundaries to stay sane and healthy. Many of us had boomer parents who had weak boundaries, it’s not too late to understand this. Tolkien wrote about it, in the attack on Helms Deep in The Two Towers, the deeping wall, protect those boundaries, no matter what!!!

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The EudraVigilance database reports that through July 17, 2021 there are 18,928 deaths and 1,823,219 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

From the total of injuries recorded, half of them (904,609) are serious injuries.


I am generally skeptical about "numbers reported" cause there's lots of noise that comes along with any data.

I was skeptical about covid not necessarily because of the red pilled community "reporting numbers" but because I could see with my own eyes that no-one I knew died from it and no-one I knew told me about the people they knew who died from covid.

Likewise, I'm not entirely conviced so far that the vaccine'S gonna kill ya (I won't take it either way). Your body doesn't need it but should I be that scary based on the "numbers reported"? Many people I know are double jabbed already (including people under 30), mostly out of convenience. They reported feeling all shitty the day they took the second shot and that kind of staff but so far - God be merciful - no one died.

But today a good friend of us - who was pregnant - told us that the fetus was dead. Granted our friend didn't know that she was pregnant when she got her jabs. So I'm officially announcing that the vaccine is MUCH worse than the China virus.