Coronavirus vaccine thread


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Just got word from my job too about a mandatory vax.

Things are gonna get rough. I really wish we could unite better to fight back against this. I can't believe how many people are accepting and enforcing this.

Edit: some good news?

Don't believe the hype mate.

You're surrounded by a ton of people all over the world that believe in Truth and are willing to fight against it. It's a difficult thing, but It's the right thing. As we say in my country "Kia Kaha" (stay strong)

Don Quixote

Orthodox Inquirer
The mandates are unenforceable. Politicians know this, so the goal is just to give private industry the excuse to discriminate now. It's going to generate a ton of litigation still, and hopefully something changes on that front. I hope some companies resist this but the problem is that it's a double edged sword. They are facing litigation from people who are claiming discrimination, and on the other hand from people who claim that the workplace is now a hazard. I think the latter is a stronger case, so the employers are guarding themselves accordingly. So the only way this changes is if courts challenge the rule on a constitutional/administrative law front (both of these arguments have merit, and should succeed if our courts are not completely corrupt...), or the next President removes the order.

So it may be up to the court system now, which I have zero faith in.


Help me out...
Several pages ago on this thread, someone posted link to a website that had several pdf files on how to challenge your employer's vaccine mandate and I can't find it. I recall one of the questions on the document inquired about the payout on life insurance provided by your employer in the event of death due to injury or harm caused by the mandatory vaccine.
The link was very similar to Americas Front Line Doctors, but I checked AFLD and its not there.

Any one remember the link?


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Howard :alien: Stern:alien: has a message for you

^^ Jew who gained his riches on promoting pornography, adultery and sodomy believes that we should bow down and accept the mark of his master, via force if necessary. This is shocking.

Add benefiting off the addictions/misery of others too


Here's another thought: if for some reason anyone reading this gets backed into a corner and has to take it (for example, you have no savings and a family that depends on your income) then my recommendation would be to ask around or even just get on social media. Find someone of your same ethnic background and blood type who experienced no reactions recently, then get them to give you a lot number and where they got vaccinated. Go to that exact same location and ask if they can give you a specific lot of the vaccine.

Logic: Whatever is in these vaccines does not seem to be consistent across shots. Different people are having different bizarre symptoms. However they seem to be tracking this by lot # so if you can get a shot from a lot with no bad effects attributed to it you maximize your odds of getting the saline shot.


The British Civil Service (they really run the show, who's kidding who) and the Whitehall apparchiks are pretty sophisticated at this game.

Rather than act like the Little Emperor (ala Macron) - Something that the British public loathe, and do not want from their government, they game it so they are presented as in opposition to something, play 'the bad guy' to the liberal media, who then whip up the NPC mong mass into a frenzy, meaning the govt will then 'reluctantly' relent, and 'give the people what they want'.

So in this case, why force VaxPass on a population that's enjoying (relatively) loose regulations, and the current 'covid climate' is in a lull. We all know this will change in November, so when the cAsEs aRe rIsInG again, expect pressure to come from the media saying "Why are the heartless government not protecting us?!". And then when a large chunk of the population are crying out for more controls, this sort of policy will be "sheepishly" brought back by a 'reluctant' govt.

Bureaucratic domination is far more sophisticated and apparently effective than by overt Warrior Aristocracy in the Feudal System.

It is rule by "Gammas"

Very effective Imperial System.