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So why didn't he allow people to develop the natural immunity instead of developing “Operation Warp Speed”? He is such a hypocrite!
because he was a pressure release valve to make people think that the tide was turning, hes always been a player.

One silver lining after all this nonsense.

If such late comments by Trump bolster folks resolve to avoid the quack-cines.

All the better.
I want to write down here why I did not get the vaccine, purely for sentimental reasons. The amount of gaslighting is insane. I feel like a pariah among my peers. They will be in order of importance:

- Potential side-effects from the vaccine

- I don't need it (I'm young and fit, I also have a functioning immune system).

- I am against coercing people to get vaccinated

- I do not want to enrich big pharma any more

Others can feel free to add their own points to this list. It is not exhaustive. Written in a minute while eating breakfast
In addition to all of those:

- I know people personally who have had adverse reactions to the vaccine

- the same players putting fanatical pressure on everyone to get "jabbed" (politicians, the Mass Media, corporations, academic institutions, "experts" etc.) are the same ones who were foaming at the mouth against Trump for 4 years straight, lying at every turn

- the narrative around the virus and vaccines has shifted hundreds of times since early 2020, I remember Nancy Pelosi visiting Chinese New Year celebrations in San Francisco to make a point about not being racist, this isn't a truth-seeking process rather a disinformation campaign

- I've never heard any mainstream news source emphasize the need to strengthen your own immune system through exercise, nutrition and losing weight as personal health care against infection, only promoting masks, social isolation and injections

- If this were all truly as dire as was presented, Jesus Christ would have been front and center on everyone's minds and lips, there would have been mass repentance and begging for forgiveness, there would be HOPE instead of FEAR, but all we got was a fake secular apocalypse with no redeeming value and atheists and cafeteria Christians scared out of their minds at the thought of dying

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Point seems that 'succesful' people are rewarded by a society that looks for conformity and practical application of systems. Why would they question things? Life's been 'good' to them (materially, and superficially, socially).
An excellent point. Most of us got here through a red-pill event. Often, that is a loss after having done "the right thing." If you have never suffered real failure, then it is only obvious the system works. One must simply comply with the system.

After every major loss in my life, something good has come. So I see this risk, now, as another screening. I don't have a crystal ball, but deep down, I believe something meaningful and good can come to us that resist. And if not personally, then we serve God and the end cause of a natural humanity. We are pure bloods. We are not willing to be part of moderna or pfizer's "operating systems."

To the men that today lost their jobs, I hope you soon find such reward. Maybe it is not in material wealth. Maybe it will be in a freedom-from-the-norm epiphany of some kind. Maybe it will be that we are all forced to live humbler, simpler lives, closer to God and other believers, hopefully surrounded with love for each other.

But I am encouraged by you. Good men are drawing a line. You have a boundary. It has been tested, and you have held. The others do not yet have a boundary. Deep down, they are dreading "what comes next? How many boosters? Will I get in trouble for supporting my unvaxxed brother?" To the contrary, you know, "what is now here, and yet, here I stand, alive still." God bless you men.

I've had 3 big failures in my life. They resulted in some isolation, loss of status, embarrassment, even wealth. Still, I feel that after each of these failures, God had something good for me. May it be so again.

Men writing that the first priority is to make preps to live for the next 10 years. Secure food, water, and shelter. I'm grateful for these like-minded brothers. I have one son that is unvaxxed. I believe in 10 years, he will be an absolute rarity among his generation. And I suspect his sperm will be wildly prized. We joke that we may have to rent him out to stud. He wants a pureblood spouse, to raise natural humans with, and to live free. That is not too much to ask, and I am happy to support him at all cost.

We are not alone.


- the same players putting fanatical pressure on everyone to get "jabbed" (politicians, the Mass Media, corporations, academic institutions, "experts" etc.) are the same ones who were foaming at the mouth against Trump for 4 years straight, lying at every turn
Same ones who didn't want to shut down the flights and have zero accountability


Canada kept it open the whole time afaik and then "Stop asian hate" came out.
How did that look where we are.the left are absolutely nut cases with their political correctness.climate hysteria.femenism and COVID lockdown narrative.too many young generation commies in the west is the reason for is also mainly at fault. Also the lack of faith in god .the toxic vaccines pushed by the leftists is the scariest part tough as it involves potentially destroying our own health for the sake of their so called goodness Wich as we know all is BS.the left are only puppets to the elites narratives that are anti freedom.anti god and and anti human
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The same ones who allowed flights from China unchecked early in the scamdemic.claiming it was racist to ban flights from also China allowed their own citizens to travel abroad but not domestic early in the scamdemic.
Correct and that’s all been long forgotten and now the blame is on someone who doesn’t want the shot and their life suffers through loss of work etc.

But the media would never pose a question to politicians like that.

These politicians should be forced as a “lesson learned” what countries its racist to ban flights from in the future for any outbreaks so we can better prepare.



A comparison of official Government reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Latest UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on Covid cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-70 year olds have lost 40% of their immune system capability compared to unvaccinated people. Their immune systems are deteriorating at around 5% per week (between 2.7% and 8.7%). If this continues then 30-50 year olds will have 100% immune system degradation, zero viral defence by Christmas and all doubly vaccinated people over 30 will have lost their immune systems by March next year.

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Way to cover up clot shot cardiac problems, blame it on comfort eating eggs and bacon during lockdown. And then blame in on the lockdown ending for good measure.

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Friends. A brave french réalisateur is making a documentary on the vaccine. He already made one on the virus last year, making the mainstream media panic. It was named Hold Up. Millions of people watched it in France.

The sequel is called Hold On, and here is the trailer in English:

I guarantee you will enjoy this.

The moment it got out, the record company owning one of the music pieces in it, even though the musician was ok with it being used for the trailer, retracted it. So they changed the music. Here is the original tune, which I find absolutely beautiful. Bab'Aziz: The prince who contemplated his soul, Rumi.



Oh man, I almost didn't click it. Glad I did. Write a short sentence when you share videos, that way such gems don't get lost in the quicksand of this thread.

If anyone asks me why I'm not getting the vaccine, I'll just show this 2 min clip. Bookmarked and downloaded.

(2 mins of Fauci talking nonsense and newspaper articles contradicting him in hilarious fashion)
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