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You're going to love this.

University of Virginia scientists have demonstrated that neurons in the brain that have been supplemented with a synthetic gene can be remotely manipulated by a magnetic field. The finding has implications for possible future treatment of a range of neurological diseases, such as schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.


We are actually magnetically evoking behavioral responses in animals by creating a cell that can sense magnetic fields. This could pave the way toward eventually treating neurological diseases through magnetism. It is precise and noninvasive.”

Güler and Wheeler call their synthetic gene “Magneto,” after a Marvel Comics cartoon character who can alter magnetic fields.

In a series of tests on mice that had the Magneto gene used to express comfort or pleasure, the mice voluntarily went to a chamber of their cage where the magnetic field was present, similar to going there as if food was present. Likewise, when the magnetic field was turned off, the mice did not display any particular preference for that area of the cage. But when the magnetic field was turned back on, they again moved to that area of the cage.
Mice without the Magneto gene did not display any behavioral changes in the presence of magnets.


“The mice were hanging out in the magnetic chamber because they were experiencing some pleasure there, since we were remotely turning on the neurons that signal reward,”

“These response behaviors, in two separate species of animals, validate that the cells containing the synthetic gene turn on in a magnetic field,” Wheeler noted. “This field can penetrate the brain regardless of tissue density – like MRI – and can turn on specific circuits at a specific time, whenever the test subject is within the magnetic field.”

Dated 2016, March. Apologies if it's already been posted. This means it's OLD.

Ok so if I'm reading this correctly:
mice + magnetic field + genetic modification = control of reward circuitry aka mind control

I wonder what:

humans + 5g network + MRNa vaccines = ???

Next thing you know you get vaccinated and then you start hearing Klaus Schwabs voice in your head telling you to go to lockdown because there is too much CO2 in your area...LOL
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Sent to me by a Catholic friend:

These kind of men have never seen evil or maybe never seen it in themselves.

And therefore, they have never taken the next step to question if the leadership pushing the vaxx are Christians. Or if that leadership is not Christian, do they have any empathy for Christian values.

As we all know it is just the opposite. They hate our guts.
Young friend of my brothers just randomly died of a brain aneurysm. About 30 years old. Very healthy young man, expecting a child. Now the 3rd person I know who has randomly gotten blood clots in the last 3 months or so. 2 have died. I don't remember anyone I know getting blood clots for at least the last 5 years before the vax. My brother hung up on me when I asked if his friend had been vaccinated. This shit is fucked up.