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I'm not sayin it's not that bad. I'm just saying that "lockdown for the unvaxxed" is extremely vague, therefore, I wanted to have a look at what it actually means. And, as I said, I expect it to get more severe as time goes on.

As for the Greek thing, some of those over 60 year olds will probably have to sell their houses to be able to pay the fines. It's sick, but, yea, "no one is forcing them to get it".

Np mate I ment to say that the Austrian measures are so horrible I couldn't believe it. Not what you said we agree 100%. Let's keep up the good work!!


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Not turning fast enough...

Voxday :

The Tide is Turning

Scott Adams, a reliable bellwether for the Narrative, is beginning to publicly backtrack on Twitter. The Great Predictor senses that he was completely wrong and is attempting to preemptively cover his exposed backside:

Yeah, that was a really tough prediction there, Scott. I mean, what are the odds that a global vaccination campaign led by vocal global depopulationists in support of new vaccine technology that has never been successfully tested by massive pharmaceutical companies that insist on complete legal immunity before delivering the vaccines for massive profits might, possibly, perhaps, result in adverse effects for its victims?
If a posturing charlatan like Adams is starting to worry that he got it wrong, that’s a guarantee that plenty of politicians and corporate executives are beginning to realize that they have collectively made the worst mistake of their lives.
Vox is getting delusional about this. Kinda like with Trump and the elections.

Ulysses K

Vox is getting delusional about this. Kinda like with Trump and the elections.
Scott Adams is vaccinated right?
I read Mike Cernovich on twitter and he says if he were forced to get the vaccine to support his family he would get it as well, and he doesn't actually believe it is poison. I think he is honest though I wonder how a man so intelligent cannot see it for what it really is.
Maybe it's because it sounds like a james bond movie and smart people want the truth to be complicated or something. And there's Occams razor saying we should be mindful of the simple=true explanation... but in this case... come on.

Also because of how horrible it is, what is happening. That would mean that billions of people will die, and that is just... unimaginable. I don't pretend to know the future, only God knows when somebody will actually die.

All I know is that so far there are many many dead people from the vaccines, and many with life threatening illnesses. With the side-effects being completely underreported, systematically, and taking into account that the vaccination campaign just started, it hasn't even been a year, people are dying and serious side-effects or even death can take years to develop... Not to mention the depopulation adgenda preached by the same people that say you should get vaccinated, the deaths from all the ''health'' measures...Can we really be optimistic? What is it really that prooves they couldn't take it this far?
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He picks out one tiny data point and extrapolates it to 'The tide is shifting'.

That said, I think it's a valuable small data point but the title and content is bombastic in comparison.
The globalists' path is narrowing and they are accelerating, sure, but there is an ever increasing amount of resistance each day. There's plenty of evidence of this, and we only need one stone to be thrown in the water for a ripple to occur, as we in the UK are seeing with supermarkets not forcing mask mandates.

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It looks the current narrative from the cabal is you can still get Omnicrom despite previous infection, which means they trying to stop natural immunity card being used.

On a seperate note:
- My uncle's friend had a bad allergic reaction on his face after the booster; think it went red and patchy everywhere.
- Most of my double jabbed family are refusing the booster and see it as pointless as Omnicrom means more vaccines anyway.



This is a great discussion and sums up a lot of what is said on this forum.
Specifically talks about the digitization of the world and the push towards tyranny.
Also discusses vaccine philosophy and the idea of progressivism/scientism pushing on one side and the other side has spiritual reasons for not wanting the vaccine (although this side often gets into debates about the science as well).

A very good point is made around min 29. The “antithesis” people often get wrapped up into debates about vaccine efficacy and safety which becomes a debate on SCIENTIFIC terms. What needs to be stressed is the fact that this just isn’t the way they want to live. This goes along with Chris Sky’s mantra of “Just say NO!”.

Paul Kingsnorth sees the vaccine wars as symptomatic of a bigger division between two fundamentally different world views: he calls them “thesis” and “antithesis.” When it comes to Covid, “thesis” is the establishment viewpoint: that lockdowns are needed to contain the virus, masks work, vaccines are safe, and people who question them are wrongheaded or worse. When Covid-19 first struck, Kingsnorth took the “thesis” viewpoint. But over the last few months, his perspective changed. As he writes in today’s UnHerd, the crystallising moment arrived when he woke up to the news that the Austrian government had ‘interned an entire third of the population’. This move, he writes, sent a ‘chill down my spine’. The “antithesis” view can be summed up as: lockdowns are not needed, masks do not work, the safety and efficacy of the vaccines are being oversold, vaccine passports will not only fail but further segregate society, and in the near future we can expect Giradian scapegoating of the unvaccinated. In other words, we are positioned on the precipice of a slippery slope that leads towards increasingly draconian biopolitical control measures, the grip of which is unlikely to release even once the pandemic is over. In a conversation with Freddie Sayers on this week’s UnHerdTV, he explains this division and the bigger epistemological divides it reveals. “People are arguing about vaccines,” he says, “but they’re really under the surface arguing about what kind of person you are if you have taken these things, whether you’re a good or a bad person, or clean or unclean one”. In Kingsnorth’s view, each of us has a line that cannot be crossed. And his has now been reached.
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This thread is interesting. Made by an English researcher:

It is extremely useful for authorities to list those who take the jabs as still being unvaccinated for 14 days after the shot. Because a significant amount of people die following the injection... but they can then categorize those as "unvaccinated" in their systems and push the narrative that mortality rates are lower for the "fully vaccinated". When the research team made adjustments for everything, it obviously showed that the vaccines do nothing to limit Covid and that vaccinated people are actually the ones with increased mortality