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Former Disney CEO Iger stated that movie theaters will most likely not be coming back after the Covaids fearporn is no longer top headline. The following link claims a 300% rise in cancers amongst service members. I do not know very much about the source but they do have some interesting reporting. Alas, it is coming from a Horowitz and I believe the Blaze is a Glenn Beck production.

"Attorney Thomas Renz reportedly told conservative commentator Daniel Horowitz from The Blaze the details about the cancer epidemic sweeping through the military. Here is what Horowitz tweeted in a follow-up to the gathering:

“I can share with you from attorney Thomas Renz that the number of cancer diagnoses in the military’s DMED system went from a 5-year average (2016-2020) of 38,700 per year to 114,645 in the first 11 months of 2021. This is a predominantly young population.”

“Unlike VAERS where the naysayers can suggest that anyone can submit, this is only by military doctors and quantifies every single ICD code in the military for tri care billing of Humana. This is the ultimate defined and finite population with excellent surveillance.”

More evidence from a poster on zerohedge:

Dr. Noack - who was beaten to death within 72 hours of releasing the afore-linked bombshell video analysis of the COVID vaccines and the carbon nano-razors they contain - claimed that regular people who exercise (see above study), and especially athletes are far more prone to falling victim to these razors than sedentary folks because their blood flow increases dramatically while exerting themselves which causes the razors to slice and dice their internal organs with far greater efficiency:



^^^^ it doesn't say what the nano-razors do if they're injected into muscle instead of a vein. That would explain the wide variation of results. I wonder if injected into muscle it doesn't do much harm.
I wonder if even the spike protein process doesn't happen unless it gets into a vein.


I don't know it has been talked about before, but a compelling theory I've found recently is that the vaccines were a massive test program to calibrate the deadliness of a new bioweapon being created.

So essentially all of these vaccines were tests to see what kind of side effects can be generated in a large population. This would make sense of the wide variance in negative effects based on the batch used to inject the person.

They talk about it at length in the comments section in that article.

Anything is possible at this stage, but for me that theory doesn't hold water. I'm convinced, based on the facts we all have seen, that there is no thing "experimental" about these jabs.


Would we not expect a similar increase with the general population across the world? I guess unlike the military the data for the general population would not be so centralised?

It's interesting but there are many factors that might muddy the waters ie. percentage of placebos, share of different types of jabs (I'm convinced there is more than one), quality of reporting (most countries don't anything similar to VAERS and they are far more centralized than the US thus the flow of information is very limited, etc.. ).

For all we know, the killer jabs were sent to the more "problematic" groups while larger percentages of placebo, of sterilizing shots or the maiming ones were delivered to the rest.

Pointy Elbows

CV vaxxes rolled out very late in 2020, not being heavily deployed until early 2021. The timing may give us a decent opportunity to compare health metrics in a pre-2021 world vs. 2021-and-after. Some initial reports are not favorable for the vaxxers:

Reports emerging of dramatic illness increases in USDOD personnel, beginning in 2021 (not 2020). (edit - proper attribution: numbers below are from another forum I visit sometimes but come from the rumble video below)


279% SPIKE in Miscarriages
300% SPIKE in Cancers
1000% SPIKE in Nervous System Disorders / Neurological Disorders
155% SPIKE in Birth Defects
350% SPIKE in Male Infertility
471% SPIKE in Female Infertility

More data will be released at

Also, Greg Hunter had an excellent interview with Dr. Kory, where he goes into reports of notable increases in All Cause Mortality, beginning in 2021 (skip to 38 minutes):

The OneAmerica insurance CEO stated as much:

This Texas Tech University professor doesn't have a high opinion of FDA and CDC management (bottom paragraph for the TL;DR):

Charts for end of 2021 are not complete as they are still awaiting all late year Death Certificates.
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