Coronavirus vaccine thread


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Barely through the door last night, in the process of drawing the curtains, and the mobile pings. Another text from the NHS, and the rhetoric is being amped up beyond the simple "Get the jab" of previous messages.

One for you older guys:

You can opt out of these btw. You'd need to go on their website or app, I can't remember how, but you can do it.


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It's the holiday season. My vaxxed family members are sick, testing positive for the nth time, and cancelling. Right on cue. Meanwhile, CDC/FDA tells them to avoid me. CV is the gift that keeps giving for hypochondriacs, bootlickers, do-gooders, Karens, and scaredy-cats.

I have work colleagues here in NZ getting sick, and the weather is warm/tropical at the moment. Fatigue, coughing, etc....The vaccines are truly diverse - making people ill whatever hemisphere you're in!


While saying the truth about the vax, I do think they simultaneously do damage control for the (((perpetrators))) with Kirsch being overrepresented in this movie. Just a thought. Also, no mention of graphene oxide and basically nothing new that wasn't said even months ago. Pay attention.

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