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Let's read through the double-speak:

- Reduce by 50% the number of children missing out on eugenics.
- Achieve 90% total control of children's medical health.
- Introduce 500 new ways to reduce the population.

Even the need to state - "#vaccineswork" - is rather telling.

If they feel the need to state it out loud. As opposed to it merely being a given.
Chances are they're lying - again...

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Ex-Pfizer researcher Yeadon warns: mRNA vaccinations are killing us

Feb 10, 2023

Dr. Michael Yeadon, formerly a senior researcher at vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, has now warned of disaster: if governments' plans to treat everyone, including children, only with mRNA vaccines in the future come to fruition, "it will kill everyone." He spoke of a "terrible plot." Because every time a child is injected with this technology for a particular disease, he says, it produces a protein that is not endogenous to his body. And his immune system attacks the tissue in which the protein is produced. So the body is at war with itself. The Jews His government (the U.K.) and the governments of other countries have made agreements with Moderna and Pfizer the Jews to buy an additional 10 syringes per man, woman and baby, Yeadon said on the program "CHD Friday Roundtable." So the intention is to vaccinate each of us ten times, he said.

Corrected that one.


Lovely bit of white pill action here;...

Honestly, if the truth comes out and these morons realise the consequences of their blind trust and utter stupidity... sorry... I mean if they realise the level they have been lied to the vitrole unleashed will be wild.


Apparently a leaked WhatsApp conversation of UK Health Secretary. It's not appearing on any of the news outlets. Can't confirm this yet. Link
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It's true and american news is all but ignoring it:




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There needs to be a new international competition for mental gymnastics & dancing around the obvious...

Report shows Australia’s excess mortality rate has risen to levels not seen since World War II​

A new study released this week has shown Australia is experiencing its highest excess mortality rates in over 80 years.
According to the Actuaries Institute, there was a 12 per cent increase in excess deaths in 2022. Of the additional 20,000 deaths, 10,300 were attributed to Covid-19 — with another 2,900 deaths where the virus was a contributing factor,

The remaining 6,600 excess deaths were not related to Covid-19, with ischaemic heart disease and cancer being the most common causes, leading to 2,020 and 970 excess deaths respectively.
All age groups experienced excess deaths, with a notable rise among females under 44, but the number and rate were highest among people over 65 years of age.

Additionally, a report released in January showed a shocking 17 per cent increase in Australians dying from a heart attack, compared to a regular year.
Cutter stated that vaccine side effects were not cited as a reason for the increased mortality rates.