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46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

SPAIN, February 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) —Forty-six nursing home residents who had received their first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s fast-tracked vaccination against COVID-19 at the beginning of January had died by the end of the month, Spanish media have reported.
Staff first reported a coronavirus outbreak at Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary), a nursing home in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia in Spain on January 12, in the wake of a vaccine distribution campaign.
The Ministry of Housing and Families intervened in the private facility which houses up to 145 residents and where local media reported on February 4ththat a further 28 of 94 residents as well as 12 staff members had tested positive for COVID-19.
At another nursing home in the same southwestern Spanish province, in Novo Sancti Petri, in Chiclani, 22 elderly residents died and 103 were infected following a vaccination campaign.
Similar outbreaks and death clusters following vaccination have been reported across the globe, including:

- 29 elderly people died in Norway shortly after receiving Pfizer’s vaccination.
- 13 deaths among 40 residents following vaccination at one nursing home in Germany were dismissed as “tragic coincidence.”
- 10 deaths in a German palliative care patients within hours to four days of COVID-19 vaccination were deemed a “coincidence.”
- 22 of 72 residents of a nursing home in Basingstoke, England have died following vaccination.
- 24 seniors at a nursing home in Syracuse, NY were reported to have died from COVID-19 as of January 9, 2021 despite having been vaccinated beginning December 22, 2020.
- 10 cases of COVID-19 were reported on January 28 among seniors who had received both doses of Pfizer’s vaccine at one care home in Stockholm Sweden. The residents were vaccinated on December 27 and again on January 19.
- The COVID-19 death toll in the small British enclave of Gibraltar numbered 16 before it launched its Pfizer vaccination campaign on January 10, 2021 and then shot up to 53 deaths 10 days later and to 70 seven days after that. According to a Reuters report, the Gibraltar Health Authority declared there was “no evidence at all of any causal link” between 6 of the deaths that were investigated and the Pfizer’s vaccine, despite the individuals having tested negative for Covid-19 before vaccination, but positive “in the days immediately after.”
- 4,500 COVID-19 cases in Israel occurred in patients after they had received one dose of Pfizer’s vaccine and 375 of those vaccinated patients required hospitalization, Israeli news media reported on January 12.
- Seven adults living in a care home in Saskatoon tested positive for coronavirus a week after residents were vaccinated at the Sherbrooke Community Centre, the CBC reported. There were no positive cases at the time of vaccination.
- Seven residents at a Montreal long-term care facility tested positive for Covid-19 within 28 days of being vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine, prompting the province of Quebec to delay the second Pfizer dose.
- Abercorn Care Home in Scotland, which began COVID-19 vaccinations on December 14, 2020 was home to an outbreak of the virus by January 10 and the National Health Service for the region refused to comment on whether vaccinated residents were ill. A care home staff group founder told the Scottish Daily Record : “We have had members of our group whose parents have had the vaccine and then two weeks later have tested positive for coronavirus.”
- All of the residents at a home in Inverness, Scotland were vaccinated against COVID-19 early in January, but 17 became infected with the virus after the first dose.

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance – a group of doctors, scientists, lawyers and other professionals who advocate for informed consent in the United Kingdom – published an urgent open letter to Nadhim Zahawi, Minister for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment; Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care; and two vaccine oversight agencies calling for an immediate audit of the deaths following vaccination in the U.K.

The group refers to graphs showing a surge in care home deaths and cites data from the Office for National Statistics that residents’ deaths tripled in the two weeks between 8th and 22nd January 2021 at a time when there was a massive increase in the rate of vaccinations in care homes.
Similar graphs for Israel, Ireland, Bahrain and Jordan show a similar correlation.

An friend of a friend who works in an elderly home in Germany has said that they had already many people dying after the first vaccine.

And obviously those elderly homes have sometimes a dozen dead over a weekend, but even she mentioned that the kill-count after the vaccine is notable. Plus - getting vaxxed while being surrounded by men in military uniforms makes those elderly people afraid.

Ah well - they are in a better world now - the problem bieng of course that their deaths will be used to create a worse hell for the remaining people.

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Does anyone have any seemingly unbiased and neutral articles which debate whether or not to take the vaccine? For normies like my parents

I know it is the mark of the beast but others are not reaching that conclusion so easily

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying were on Bill Maher's show recently. Maher has expressed strong doubts about vaccines in the past but now seems to be in the "concerned but will take a shot to get back to normal" camp. It's about as good a discussion on the jab that one can expect in mainstream media. They talk about the worries about mRNA vaccine, and that even the AstraZeneca one is not a traditional vaccine, but the "closest" to a traditional one of the options currently available in America. It might be enough to raise some concerns and at least get someone to look into the risks more.

Weinstein was famously fired from Evergreen College (the most insane of all the university wokeness) because he came to college anyway when whites were supposed to stay off campus because they are inherently evil (Weinstein is actually Jewish but whatever).

Other than that I would refer people to RFK Jr who has been talking about problems with vaccines for years and is a well recognized and respected name, particularly for boomers. The bad part is you probably have to send them to some weird site like bitchute which makes it look less reputable.

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I'm reposting this yet again. The negative effects of vaccines on children don't metastasize often for years after taking them. As an adult we have no idea what it could do to you. Drop your IQ a few points? Lower your testosterone to make you better tax cattle? Sterilize you? We don't know, and we won't know for many years if they ever even let us know, which they probably won't. It's already near impossible to do studies on vaccines. They won't tell you what exactly is in the vaccine, so you have to trust the people actively trying to wipe you off the planet that there is nothing harmful in it.
Remember, there have been cases of latent harm of vaccination that comes up years later. Polio vaccines were found to cause cancer years later in many who received them, due to some monkey cells they used in its creation. Even if the powers that be were being honest about what is in the vaccines and what the harms were, the truth is they do not know the long term effects.



Remember, there have been cases of latent harm of vaccination that comes up years later. Polio vaccines were found to cause cancer years later in many who received them, due to some monkey cells they used in its creation. Even if the powers that be were being honest about what is in the vaccines and what the harms were, the truth is they do not know the long term effects.

This is worth your time:

In 1960, Doctors Benjamin Sweet and Maurice Hilleman, the Merck scientists who named the virus SV40, published their findings:

Viruses are commonly carried by monkeys and may appear as contaminants in cell cultures of their tissues, especially the kidney . . . . The discovery of this new virus, the vacuolating agent, represents the detection for the first time of a hitherto “non-detectable” simian virus of monkey renal cultures and raises the important question of the existence of other such viruses . . . . As shown in this report, all 3 types of Sabin’s live poliovirus vaccine, now fed to millions of persons of all ages, were contaminated with vacuolating virus.[19]

The vacuolating virus was another name for SV40.

In 1962, Dr. Bernice Eddy published her findings in the journal produced by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. She wrote:

There is now an impressive list of oncogenic (cancer causing) viruses—the rabbit papilloma, polyoma, Rous sarcoma, the leukemia viruses . . . . It has been known for a number of years that monkeys harbor latent viruses . . . . The (SV40) virus was injected at once into 13 newborn hamsters and 10 newborn mice. Subcutaneous neoplasms indistinguishable from those induced by the rhesus monkey kidney extracts developed in 11 of the 13 hamsters between 156 and 380 days . . . .[20]

Subsequent studies performed in the early 1960s demonstrated that SV40 caused brain tumors in animals[21] and that SV40 could transform or turn cancerous normal human tissue in vitro.[22] A disturbing experiment performed during this era also suggested that SV40 could cause human cancers in man in vivo.[23] In 1964, Fred Jensen and his colleagues took tissue from patients who were terminally ill with cancer.[24] They exposed the tissue to SV40 and then after it was transformed, they implanted the tissue back into the patient.[25] These implants grew into tumors in their human hosts.[26] This suggested the possibility that SV40 could cause cancers in man.

Despite the government’s foot dragging, in the last several years, scientists from around the world have made startling and disturbing discoveries. They have found SV40 antibodies in a significant percentage of people including children who were too young to receive the SV40 contaminated vaccines of the early 1960’s.[81] They have also discovered that cancers with SV40 are less likely to be responsive to chemotherapy and radiation because SV40 interferes with the genes necessary for cancer cells to die when they are exposed to chemo or radiation therapy.[82]

And they have been blaming Mesothelioma on asbestos for decades:

[69] Paul Rizzo et al., Simian Virus 40 is Present in Most United States Human Mesotheliomas, but it is Rarely Present in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 116 Chest 470S, 470S–473S (1999); Narayan Shivapurkar et al., Presence of Simian Virus 40 Sequences in Malignant Mesotheliomas and Mesothelial Cell Proliferations, 76 J. Cellular Biochemistry 181, 181–88 (1999).
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It was known that viruses that are latent in animals could become pathogenic in humans when injected, yet they continue to use animal tissues. Why is this?

Dr. G. Stuart made the same warning in 1953, when he spoke to the World Health Organization. He was talking about the yellow fever vaccine at that time. He stated:

Two main objections to this vaccine have been voiced, because of the possibility that (i) the mouse brain employed in its preparation may be contaminated with a virus pathogenic for man although latent in mice … Or may be the cause of a de-myelinating encephalomyelitis; (ii) the use, as an antigen, or a virus with enhanced neurotropic properties may be followed by serious reactions involving the central nervous system. [5]
In 1996, Dr. John Coffin, a leading expert on recombination in viruses, warned against transplanting cells from animals into humans to improve the functioning of the immune system of HIV-AIDS patients. He stated:

The infection is a virtually inevitable consequence of xenotransplantation and this is a very serious worry because the animals that have been chosen for doing this — the baboon and the pig — are both known to carry endogenous viruses, replication competent, but very poorly studied, that are capable of infecting human cells. [6]


Not that I`m a fan of vaccinations, for this particular virus at least. But the fact that Israel is so far ahead of all other developed nations in terms of vaccination of it`s population, tells you everything that you need to know about the pharmaceutical industry.



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I'm starting to see this too, i know a woman who doesn't want the vaccine but she has to travel abroad sometimes. She said she wants to get the Israeli vaccine because she thinks that one will be the least harmfull.
Personally i would rather be locked up in my house for the rest of my life, than take this poison. What is more important than health? If only more people were awake, we would not be in this mess.
Tell her to request a medical waiver from her doctor. Most governments will likely allow people to obtain medical waivers for the shot from their doctor, because they acknowledge that there are people who medically cannot get that type of "vaccination."


I had a discussion with a retired psychiatrist today (that means he actually studied medicine at one point) about the vaccines. When I said I wouldn't take it he asked why and I said there aren't any long term studies.

"Ofcourse", he said "but the mechanism has been the known for 220 years. I'll explain it to you: You inject something to which your immune system responds... yadda... yadda."

Which is funny because that means he doesn't understand what he was injected with either. He was talking about the vector based vaccine, which is a genetically modified harmless virus. But he thinks the immune system reacts to the virus as if it were a corona virus and therefore produces antibodies. In reality, the harmless virus is merely used to get inside the cell to transport the mRNA to the ribosomes which then produces antibodies. [edit: antigens I mean. Ribosomes produce the antigens to which the immune system responds]

And that's not a trivial difference. That's the very crux of why these vaccines are so potentially dangerous. Some say it's an autoimmune disorder waiting to happen. Some say these modified viruses DO have the ability to affect the genome in rare cases.

But even quasi doctors who take the shot themselves seem to have been lulled into thinking it's just another plain old vaccine. Trialled and tested by hundreds of years of science.

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World’s first coronavirus human challenge study gets green light in UK

The so-called human challenge study will begin within a month, said the U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in a statement Wednesday, with up to 90 people being exposed to a very small amount of coronavirus in a safe and controlled environment. These kinds of trials are controversial as they expose healthy volunteers to diseases that may be deadly.

The next stage of the study, which has not yet been approved, will involve giving a coronavirus vaccine to different volunteers and then exposing them to coronavirus. Only vaccines that “have proven to be safe in clinical trials” will be used. However, researchers are still a “long way” from this stage of the study, according to Terence Stephenson, chair of the Health Research Authority, which gave ethics approval.
This initial part of the study will help doctors understand how the immune system reacts to the virus and identify what affects transmission. The drug Remdesivir will be used as soon as volunteers start developing symptoms.

The volunteers, who are being encouraged to come forward for the study, will be between 18 and 30 and will be exposed to the variant circulating in the U.K. since March 2020.



Haha. I think they made a mistake in revealing this part of the plan so early. That is just such good ammo for critics, because it's basically clear now that new shots will be needed every year - maybe even more often.

And that prospect will likely convince a certain number to not start at all. Those groups especially who didn't want to take it, but would've caved to the pressure 'this once' to get it over with. But when it becomes apparent to normies that lifelong vaccine schedules are coming, some will put their foot down too.