Cosplayer Belle Delphine

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Such is the world we live in boyos. Pussy bubble just keeps growing and there's no end in sight.

Now she has 2.2 M insta followers, FB and Tik Tok presence. So won't be crazy to assume she's making at least 250k per month.

Well I have to go back to wageslavery. That minimum wage isn't gonna earn itself.
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You're just a hater bro

Her ability to wear makeup, look up, and stick her tongue out CLEARLY justifies her bringing in $250k a month... the real tragedy here is the fact shes only bringing in 250k a month, I mean did you see her???? SHE WEARS MAKEUP, LOOKS UPWARD, STICKS HER TONGUE OUT AND TAKES PHOTOS BRO



She's quite hot in my humble opinion. She won the genetic lottery. Most girls won't be able to do as much as her by whoring themselves.

If you're a man, at least you have some chances to bang hot girls. Be it by being famous OR good-looking OR having money OR big-dick (porn actor?) OR having good game...

By being a man, you don't have to rely on "lottery".


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Although I shouldnt be shocked, I am. The thirst displayed by soy males is at an all time high, holy shit. Thefaceberg, who also posted an article on ROK a while back, mentioned the incel economy. Maybe its time to look into it more in depth to help "the fool depart from his money" (by obviously providing a legitimate product or service lol).


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This lass wouldn't be making this kind of money if western women were more feminine. The real tragedy is such women are so scarce, men are paying money for just photos. This isn't some genetic lottery issue. It is the fact that girly girls are nearly dead in the west.


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She is pulling in about as much income as the average professional athlete. When you consider both her an athletes provide entertainment, and there is a willing consumer base that is paying, then I don't actually really mind it. Also, tons extent there is an obligation before her to create content and provide shit to her fans. This isn't some party potty hoe who gets paid to literally just exist.

I can't knock the hustle. She actually has to work for that cash. Putting in all that goofy makeup and those outfits maybe is not a labour intensive job but she will have a busy calendar creating content.


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The real story here is that the western sexual marketplace is such that just having a pretty face, being skinny, having long hair, and pretending to like nerdy shit can make you a millionaire in the incel economy without you even needing to bang any of them, and most girls still won't stop eating.


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Controversial opinion, but I'm happy we live in a world where such stupid amounts of money are thrown around and up for grabs.


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Enjoy it while it lasts girl.

If she was smart should would get someone else on board to actually create a business with the income. In China these streamers live in large multi room houses run by pimps.


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SamuelBRoberts said:
Respect the hustle.

No I don't, because there is no "hustle". It takes zero effort to sit around and not get fat then take half naked pictures of your skinny body. Fuck her.

Once Was Not

I hate male thirst more than life itself.

Sluts making a killing dressing up as fictional did it get this bad? Never would have imagined this reality when I was younger, what a retarded time we live in. Be pretty and cosplay, be on twitch, patreon, instagram, snapchat, youtube, whatever, and just rake in money for your looks.


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Yes, men are very stupid.

I learned that 20 years ago when I saw my friends paying $40 for a woman to grind on them at a strip club for 3 minutes.

Desperation knows no bounds. Sooner or later some Chinese guy will be buying her panties for $200 in a vending machine.

I don't feel bad for the men paying this. I think they deserve to be ripped off for being a retard. If they spent that money on a gym membership, food, and dental work, they wouldn't have to waste their money on teenie bopping women with pink hair.

Maybe they'll learn, maybe not. I don't care one way or another.


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Take away the following:

-Professional Camera
-Snapchat Filters
-Angles pictures are taken
-Tons of make up
-Obvious padded push up bra

She's not super hot, she's just a decent cute girl with a mediocre ass.

That's the sad part about all of this besides these SIMPs/Incels paying her.

I'm with LINUX on this, I don't feel bad at all about these chumps paying for this.

Just like how I never understood lapdances at strip clubs.
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