Could Donald Trump pull a Grover Cleveland if he loses?


It’s mid June 2023. There hasn’t been much news about the Trump family in several years. Occasionally you see a headline about Tiffany Trump expecting her first child or her lavish wedding last summer. Supposedly Barron Trump is dating a young starlet. There was some talk about a new “Apprentice” series starting Eric and Don Jr-probably on the streaming service that has that Bill O’Reilly show. Ivanka May be mulling a run for senator. All in all nothing major. Not since November 2020.

The man himself has been fairly quiet-almost surprisingly so. People were surprised that he left office with no fuss. Aside from a few interviews in the aftermath, he hasn’t said much publicly, or written a book about his time in the Oval Office. Most shockingly, he barely tweets, except to wish a Happy 4th of July or Merry Christmas, but nothing political. The late night comedians and cable news hosts say he’s broken and couldn’t accept what happened.

Meanwhile, troubling claims are spreading about the Biden White House. Former staffers are saying that the rumors were true and Biden’s mental state is deteriorating. They’ve managed to keep it quiet for now but he is a puppet president. Kamala Harris and Dr. Jill are the de facto leaders of the country.

One afternoon there’s a news story. Someone in the Trump family has a “huge announcement”. Most likely Ivanka really is running for Senator. You’re out running errands, but stop for a few minutes to listen. Ivanka descends the escalator just as her father did all those years ago...but wait! There’s Trump himself! People in the audience start cheering and he smiles and waves with Melania by his side. The news analysts figure that he’s just there to support Ivanka, but for some reason you get the sense there’s more to it. And that’s when everyone notices who’s following them: Mike Pence.

“Why would Pence be there?” the host asks. He has a point, Pence already ruled out a presidential run. The people around you start growing quiet, none of them want to acknowledge the unthinkable: Donald Trump is going to run again. He’s just been biding his time, waiting and watching as things got worse. He knows that now is the time to strike.

It’s almost impossible to believe your prayers have been answered, and Trump doesn’t disappoint. He launches a verbal assault on the current administration and unleashes several years worth of his feelings, and then announces that he plans to be the 47th President. People in the audience start cheering, but around you most people look like they’re about to lose their minds...

These are just my thoughts on the possible outcome and Trump’s reaction if he loses. I could easily see him running again. Especially with his ego. The opportunity to be only the second man to be president on two non-consecutive occasions-making him 45th and 47th might be too much to pass up. Especially if he insists the 2020 election was rigged-and we all know he will if he loses.

I don’t know how realistic it would be, but I thought it was worth starting a discussion about. What are your thoughts?


Trump could easily win the GOP primary again in 2024 if he was younger and had the energy to go through it all again. There's nobody even close that garners his base of support in the modern GOP. The party is effectively Trump's as long as he's alive (assuming he's not jailed).