Could this be the tipping point for Illinois?

He opines on things in Chicagoland because he's from there. That's what I was getting at ... and I was amused to find that out, because I was going to guess something like that HS was his (very nice area with million dollar homes but even their school is the classic wokester Karen type nonsense).
He opines on things in Chicagoland because he's from there. That's what I was getting at ... and I was amused to find that out, because I was going to guess something like that HS was his (very nice area with million dollar homes but even their school is the classic wokester Karen type nonsense).

OK, I guessed it was a Chicago area reference but didn't know the significance of it. Thx.
And that's the whole point. They will spill over into every state of the nation until they overwhelm and replace the descendants of European Heritage America. It's great that some of them are nice and decent people but can't they be nice and decent people in their own lands? What claim do they have to our country besides taking advantage of our government hoping to slowly genocide us? These hordes of immigrant invaders literally just want our property, jobs and status and the power elite is equally enthusiastic in accommodating them.

Yeah I'll hire a humble Christian Latino hardworking immigrant over an atheist entitled American white boy any day of the week. You guys take this racial identity stuff way too far; I'm not sure there was ever this "European Heritage" utopia you seem to be alluding to, either in America or in Europe itself. It's always been a struggle and conflict as far back as I see, created by competition. The English, the Irish, the Germans, later the eastern Europeans, all migrated here for a better life. They were met with resistance, they endured, they eventually assimilated. Those are Europeans who came from countries that often warred with each other for centuries, hated each other deeply!

It's no different now with the Latino's, they migrate here for better opportunity, I'd do the same in their shoes. Again, I'll take them over Africans or Asians as far as ease of assimilation is concerned. I have no idea what race you are nor do I care but are you seriously pining away for a Portugese or Romanian immigrant over a Guatamalen or a Mexican? To me this is a weird distinction.

We have a fertility rate problem in America, especially among whites. Probably rooting in somewhat large part to white people not being nearly as Christian as they used to be in America, hence not having as big of a desire to start families. White atheists want to live for themselves, "live their best lives". Whatever, I'm not gonna sit here and wait for them to get a grip when I have a hardworking Christian brownskin man standing right next to him, ready to work hard and provide for his family. If white people don't want to get genocided, start making babies at least at a replacement level before complaining about immigrants replacing you. Until then, every first world country that has a birth rate replacement problem is going to be competing for immigrants for workers. It's economics.

Wtf are talking about? Growing up in the 90s I never saw mexican flags attached to hoods and 1x1s sticking out of sun roofs everywhere I go. Surely there was never these “caravans” taking over the loop. Old school CPD would’ve been cracking heads.

Is there a large “Latino” population here? No shit. But these displays and celebrations are new.
Then you definitely didn't grow up in Aurora! As for Chicago, in the 90's the crime rates were higher across all races than today, so this is pure fantasy "Old school CPD would’ve been cracking heads". My point is anyone who actually has grown up in Chicagoland over the past decades, would not be surprised that they're having what amounts to a Mexican pride parade in downtown. It's been a heavily Latino area for decades, and always a lot of Mexican flags and symbolism. And for my extensive experience with Latino's, they seem like decent Christian people on the whole, so what do I care?
Yeah I'll hire a humble Christian Latino hardworking immigrant over...

they eventually assimilated

Some of them also dramatically changed the culture. Most of NJ, New York City and Chicago's past character is lost. It was replaced by immigration. And although some sort of new identity has been formed, it is a new identity of white people/caucasian.

This has not happened in Latin America, where it is quite obvious there is a caste system. Go to somewhere like the Dominican Republic and you'll find there is "light supremacy". Pretty much everyone wants to build a wall to keep out the blacks, and the inherent nature of a caste system based on level of melanin is obvious.

There never will be an umbrella identity of Euro-Latino. There will be mulattoes indigenous, mezitos, white latinos, whites - as there are in all of their countries.

And just the same as there is no umbrella identity including blacks and any other group, even when they have lived together for 100s of years.

Chicago's beginning of becoming a city of abject corruption began with immigration. Before that it was one of the world's premier cities. Now it's well on the path to being a Latin-American city in America. Huge numbers of people have left Chicago and other cities, because what used to be a place they felt they belonged to - and probably took for granted - went through the process of becoming somewhere they didn't want to live. The phenomena of white flight is very obvious and at a 30-year high. This includes white liberals, who typically move out, saying something like - "Yeah. It got bad. The crime... But they are just suffering from racism..." If you happen to be one of the people who does not see why they move, you are in a minority. It's also difficult for me to see how someone could live in America and not see the effect black migration and Latin immigration has had. There are parts of California, which are basically Mexico. Places where people used to leave their doors unlocked, but now where hearing gunfire ins not unusual and the crime rate is 10-20x of what you might find in somewhere like Vermont.

We have a fertility rate problem in America, especially among whites.

All developed countries have this situation. I don't see it as an issue. It's an adjustment and reset. Part of this is that it's actually the white liberal fertility rate that is below replacement. The white Republican voting fertility rate in rural Trumpistan is around 3.0; while I imagine the white liberal city-dweller must be heading towards 0.5, and most unplanned and born in odd circumstances. A study from 2006 found the fertility gap between Republicans and Democrats was 41%. This is a problem that sorts itself out on its own without immigration.

Latino fertility rate is below replacement and falling.


I have for a long time found the assertions that some made on this forum from 1.0 days that Latinos are conservative and had family values as extremely inaccurate. 50% of people in Colombia don't know who their father is. I've been there and it's just a never-ending trainwreck of people abandoning their children, having affairs, sexual perversion, getting flyered to become a cam girl...

Some stats -

Lower employment rate:


Add to that the considerably lower incomes and dramatically higher welfare use. The number of Latinos who will be net tax payers in the US in their lifetime is likely around 1-2%. It's about 7% on average. If you want to say it's economics and talk about immigration, you'd be looking at Indians, who are probably more like 50% net tax payers.

Then there is the crime rate. Variable, but with higher concentrations the rate goes up.

But the most poignant metric, in my opinion, on this topic is births out of wedlock. Hard to see the Christian values of Latinos when their births out of wedlock are double white. And there's never been a time when this stat wasn't about double for them,


The marginally higher Latin fertility is basically all these children they are having out of wedlock. And their abortion rate is about double too.


Add to that their dramatic voting for the Democrat Party to destroy America at the quickest pace possible, mutilate children, leave the borders open and throw billions at people whose first act in your country is a crime. Their alleged based Christian values in Chicago have led to Democratic supermajorities, insanse pension fund ponzis, unaffordable welfare state, very weak on crime policies, Illinois has the 2nd highest abortion rate in the country and I presume many other social ills.

Latinos are turning large parts of America into the countries they are fleeing from and I can't see anything that lends to Christianity, family values, community, safety, the economy being added by this group. It seems the only bonus, which you reference in this thread, is you get people who are more eager to work for wages that can probably barely support a family.

The only area where you will find considerable concentrations of the values you are referring to is among conservative, christian heritage white Americans; whose ability to maintain their culture is being destroyed, with the Latin voting blocking being the primary instrument.

It's not possible to keep a society moral unless its enforced. If a permissive liberal society is created, people will flake away to individualism etc. It's only this remnant that is holding the ship. And they aren't going to have a country they might be able to have a moral authority, because of immigration.
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