COVID meme thread


So the kind Doctors that are part of the largest medical fraud in history are just "Keeping Their heads down."

The kind reporters that have spread these lies are just "Keeping Their heads down."

The kind teachers who make kids wear masks are just "Keeping Their heads down."

The kind restaurant/business owners who have banned you from their restaurants are "Keeping Their heads down."

Hmmm.....this has lead somewhere before. Genocide perhaps?

Sorry to derail this thread. This will be my only reply.

Looking foward to the day all those cunts have their head in a noose.

Thomas More

I was going to say the same thing. If you live in one of those cities, if a restaurant asks to see your vaccine passport, write a Yelp review and mention it. Don't give them a negative review or else the fascists who run that website will remove your review. Give them 3 or 4 stars and just say something like, "This restaurant enforces the vaccine passport mandate" along with a neutral review of the restaurant's food, service, and price. This will tell the resisters which restaurants to avoid or harass like the example above.
In my city, only a few restaurants do this, so I'd say give it to them good and hard. In a place like NYC where it is mandated, I would feel more sympathy for the owner, unless it is known that they are outspoken advocates for vax mandates.


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