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Coja Petrus Uscan

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I have a Telegram group of people from my town. We had to split off a new group for the four people who can compute the big scam. I noted that the group of four people contains the only people who could be considered successful and normal, all of whom have managed to run their own business.

I always itch to bomb some spicy memes into the normie group, but limit myself.

I bombed in ten of the spiciest memes from this thread and it has caused an eruption. In particular this ProHub (sic) meme has cut a little too close to home.

And it has unleashed the inner authoritarian,

Why should you be allowed to enjoy the benefits of society if you're not prepared to take any responsibility in looking after it?

This from someone who is happy to take a booster every six months, forever.

With the levels of insanity, I can no longer keep quiet. They hope to shut you up with the scorn, derision, anger, and backing of the authorities that have had to re-fit their narrative to accommodate conspiracy theories and quacks.


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