COVID meme thread

The Penitent Man

It's just not true. Take away the left wing and all you do is take away the party of the bankers. Take away the right wing and you remove the workers, soldiers, factory men, truck drivers, taxi drivers, laborers of all stripes, builders, etc. literally the salt of the earth.

Only one is needed to run the country. The left are parasites and the right are the volk. It's pretty obvious that the old lolbertarian view of left/right is terribly outdated, an anarchism from the 90's.
I think the referenced meme pertains specifically to the political class, not necessarily the people.


Another thing about this picture: the address of the building is 33-55. Anyone good here with numerology?

33 on the satanic side is the number 6, while 55 on the right side is 10. I know 6 is Satan's number, but what is 10 supposed to represent?
These numbers aren't meant to be reduced. 33 does not reduce in numerology, it remains as 33. (33 is the highest level in freemasonry.) typically you would reduce 55 in numerology but not here. 33 and 55 both stand for universal love, light, wisdom etc. But 55 is angelic. And 33 is lucerfarian