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Digital Green Certificates for free and safe movement in the EU
Ursula von der Leyen 2021, safe movement in the EU? hmm.. sounds familiar... just where I saw it... Yes, I know!

A long time ago, around 1941, I was in a small Polish village called by a strange name Auschwitz, and there was a nice holiday camp with a big sign over the gate "Arbeit macht frei".
People from all European nations were there behind barbed wire and they looked truly happy because some loving people from the EU were taking care of them.
Good to know that these times are back. Thanks, Ursula von Himmler! ..sorry Leyen


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the Big problem with this is the slow creep of the evil.

Normies - who’ve kept a mask on their face in their own home for a year - still scoff at the idea of “conspiracies“ because they expect the Mark or passport to be some sort of outright, unavoidable, immediate evil. Like police kick in your door on a cloudy night, every person, individually since they’re all the star of their own movie, is taken to some torture chamber and a singular villainous character injects them with some toxin, or microchips them as a slave. It’s obvious & happens perceptibly against your will.

Reality is if it was that simple, everyone would refuse. Now, the most dangerous part is the general folk who enable and support this, and think it’s for their safety. Every circumstance is “different“ and there’s no consistency of standards, enforcement or relative risk (like... voting IDs being racist, but a concert security guard needs access to your entire medical history)

The problem with most people is they’re too stupid to think ahead and see the endgame, have no instincts, and worse - prefer to outsource every aspect of their lives. Then, when they encounter freethinkers, they can’t even consider it bc the info they are being presented with contradicts the lies they’re being feed from the same authority leading them down a clear path to poverty & surveillance.

I do not know how to get thru to these people. My dad got the PFE yest, even tho he had covid. He seemed enthusiastic that it would be like a yearly flu shot, and a good thing, and that you’d need it for travel.


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Very good news for Floridians, although I remain skeptical. This may be the first example in history of a Florida Republican growing a spine.

This is nice and all, but I hope he has a stellar legal team. If he doesn't fall in line soon, sexual harassment scandals are soon to follow. Or perhaps a soft exit when the next election will be rigged to oust him. Either way I wouldn't punch my ticket to Florida yet - whatever he puts into place can and will be undone just as swiftly.


It's just another step in (((their))) endless war of terror. By projecting their consciousness of terror onto others, it releves them (temporarily) from the existential horror that marks their everyday lives.

It's an attempt to transfer a sick brain into a healthy body.


This is about creating digital internal passports.

These paper certificates going around will not be valid. And they don't care if you actually have been vaccinated. They just want you to always carry your phone with you, and to check in with your phone whenever you go anywhere.

This is for two reasons: to track you, and to control where you go.

The tracking will be so they can know who you talk to. They would be able to identify dissident organizations. You might have a traditionalist church that is quietly teaching that homo marriage is immoral. But if they track a few edgy posts from parishioners they would then be able to map that church as dissident and harass it, tax it, strictly enforce virus hoax restrictions etc.

The control will be so they can deny dissidents access to air travel, conferences, colleges and libraries. Once you get identified as a "racist" you'll be denied physical access to globohomo stores. This will go hand in hand with online restrictions that don't require the digital passport (denying people access to bank accounts, mortgages etc.). That vaccine passport very soon will be used as a universal two factor authentication online. So you won't be able to use globohomo network services without the passport.

We're not going to be able to stop this - it will happen. If you are a person who currently has a smartphone - then almost certainly you're going to accept the digital passport.

They may even allow people to refuse the vaccine on religious grounds and still get the passport - what matters to them is that you consent to be tracked. They will tell you that since you don't have the vaccine, and they oh so respect your religious freedom, they just need to track you extra carefully so they can contact trace you - since you are so high risk. That jab refusal will also be black mark on your social credit.

I don't believe the mark of the beast requires an 18 digit (6-6-6) number, or some other specific format to align with Revelation. The core of the prediction of Revelation is that in order to transact in the beast's coming society you would have to accept a mark. This is absolutely the mark of the beast.

Those who reject the mark will suffer materially, and have their physical freedom greatly restricted. Your rejection of the mark will mean that you will be forced to be self sufficient to survive and interact only with other refusers. Ironically this struggle is what will help to you remain human - since it will force you to separate from the beast system.

Those who accept the mark are going to find that the restrictions are going to get tighter and tighter, and their dependency on the system more and more complete. At a certain point making the jump from a beast hive citizen back to a human being with human dignity will be almost impossible for most people. We can see the outlines of their world already: living in pods, eating bugs, masturbation, television, and drug use.

The vaccine regime (because there are going to be annual vaccines) either now, or definitely in the future, will be used as birth control. So if they find you are not docile enough for their system, you'll get the birth control as they reduce population.

Its possible their system will fail in the implementation somehow. But I actually don't think it will fail. For sure they will screw a lot of things up that will greatly affect the lives of people in the beast system - lack of effective health care, lack of security, occasional power and food shortages - but they don't care about that. The breaks in the system - will be like under communism - something the system is willing to tolerate.

The best research suggests that Christ was crucified in 30 or 33 AD. That means that either 2030 or 2033 will be exactly two thousand years since. The tribulation is predicted to last 7 years, and be followed by a 1000 year earthly reign of Christ. So 2023 or 2026 would make for numerologically convenient times for the start of the tribulation.
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Isn't this a false premise of the Scofield bible?

The heresy of Millennialism/Chiliasm has existed in different forms since the early Church. The Roman Catholic Church denounces this teaching in its catechism, and Eastern Orthodoxy also denounces it. The Second Ecumenical Council denounced several heretics, chiefly Apollinarius and Eunomius who taught Chiliasm:
Canon I
The Faith of the Three Hundred and Eighteen Fathers assembled at Nice in Bithynia shall not be set aside, but shall remain firm. And every heresy shall be anathematized, particularly that of the Eunomians or [Anomoeans, the Arians or] Eudoxians, and that of the Semi-Arians or Pneumatomachi, and that of the Sabellians, and that of the Marcellians, and that of the Photinians, and that of the Apollinarians.
Ancient Epitome of Canon I: Let the Nicene faith stand firm. Anathema to heresy.
[There is a difference of reading in the list of the heretics. The reading I have followed in the text is that given in Beveridge's Synodicon. The Greek text, however, in Labbe, and with it agree the version of Hervetus and the text of Hefele, reads: "the Eunomians or Anomaeans, the Arians or Eudoxians, the Semi-Arians or Pneumatomachi, the Sabellians, Marcellians, Photinians and Apollinarians." From this Dionysius only varies by substituting "Macedonians" for "Semi-Arians." It would seem that this was the correct reading. I, however, have followed the other as being the more usual.]
Canon VII
Those who from heresy turn to orthodoxy, and to the portion of those who are being saved, we receive according to the following method and custom: Arians, and Macedonians, and Sabbatians, and Novatians, who call themselves Cathari or Aristori, and Quarto-decimans or Tetradites, and Apollinarians, we receive, upon their giving a written renunciation [of their errors] and anathematize every heresy which is not in accordance with the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of God. Thereupon, they are first sealed or anointed with the holy oil upon the forehead, eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ears; and when we seal them, we say, "The Seal of the gift of the Holy Ghost." But Eunomians, who are baptized with only one immersion, and Montanists, who are here called Phrygians, and Sabellians, who teach the identity of Father and Son, and do sundry other mischievous things, and [the partisans of] all other heresies -- for there are many such here, particularly among those who come from the country of the Galatians: -- all these, when they desire to turn to orthodoxy, we receive as heathen. On the first day we make them Christians; on the second, catechumens; on the third, we exorcise them by breathing thrice in their face and ears; and thus we instruct them and oblige them to spend some time in the Church, and to hear the Scriptures; and then we baptize them.
Ancient Epitome of Canon VII: [This canon is broken into two by the Ancient Epitome.] Quarto-decimans or Tetradites, Arians, Macedonians, Sabbatians, and Apollinarians ought to be received with their books and anointed in all their organs of sense.
Ancient Epitome of Canon VIII: Eunomians baptized with one immersion, Sabellians, and Phrygians are to be received as heathen.
Aristemus (in Can. vij.): Those giving up their books and execrating every heresy are received with only anointing with chrism of the eyes, the nostrils, the ears, the mouth, and the brow; and signing them with the words, "The Seal of the gift of the Holy Ghost."
Edit: This is really important to denounce. Believers of a literal thousand year reign of Christ on Earth in the Body, as Chiliasm teaches, may be led to believe the Antichrist is actually Christ Himself




I fear that this next month is going to bring a HEAVY wave of vaccine pushing. My mother-in-law who works for a law firm is going to apparently be "mandated" to get one. She and others say "I have no choice", but that isn't true. Brace yourselves lads, I hope I am wrong, but the battle has waned somewhat in the last several weeks with "back to normal" narrative. I think the action is about to ramp up here soon. Pray and be ready.

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Wasn't she literally just kicked out of politics because she was caught having an orgy or something (despite being married with children)?

And now she is accusing others of being demonic?

This is why I stay away from politics...
She's a woman. Enough said. When are men going to realize that they should never listen to what women say? Don't take holes seriously. Their brains stopped evolving at age 12.