Crackdown on profanity and overtly sexual language


I've noticed in the past couple of weeks a marked upsurge in the use of profanity and sexual metaphors on the forum. We already have an existing rule against it:
4. Do not use profane or vulgar language.
Unless you are quoting external sources, profane language will not be permitted on the forum, because it is used by the forces of evil to degrade your thinking and open the door to demonic influence. I'm sure that in your own life you have noticed a clear correlation between those who use excessive profanity and lack faith. There is no reason to bring that secular habit here.

To drive the message home, you will receive at least a 2 point warning (4 points is a 3 day suspension) for every instance of profane language (this includes trying to put an asterisk in one letter of the word). Remember that this is a Christian forum. Don't needlessly subject other Christians to foul language, and if you can't express yourself without using profanity then this is not the right forum for you. This is no longer the "male locker room" of old. Instead, RVF is more like the fellowship period that occurs after a church service. You wouldn't swear there so don't swear here.

This rule applies to all the classic swear words along with street slang describing sex acts and human genitalia. Borderline insult words will be reluctantly permitted (e.g. "faggot") depending on context.
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Yeah I've noticed an uptick, wondered what's started it. But I got reprimanded before this today, so I'm gud. I learned my lesson brother Roosh. If I'm going to represent Christ, l might as well do so in Word too.

Colossians 3:17, NIV: "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." ...

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He who expresses himself with the language of the lavatory wall cannot express himself.

- Peter Hitchens


I will be testing the boundaries for the purpose of tying to establish where they are.

How would the following be viewed:

Porn / pornography - This is a word that I feel cannot help but bring your mind and conversation to lower levels. I have used it as p*rn and also the internet slang "smoot", but both have the same effect. So I have taken to using "x-rated". I've avoided using 'adult content', as it plays into the idea that x-rated content is fine, so long as you are over the age of 21, 18, ...

Sex - Should this word in itself be avoided? As it is generally considered a PG-13 word that is loaded with Madison Avenue marketing. Some examples:

Crude: Me and my spouse somehow manged to get to marriage without banging like rabbits, like we do every night now.
Questionable: Me and my spouse did not have sex until we were married.
Clean: Me and my spouse remained chaste until marriage.

Crude: I met a highly sexualised woman and she couldn't stop pressing her bobs into me.
Clean: I met a woman possessed by lust. She tried to use her temporal gifts of the flesh to sway me, but to no avail.

Crude language - often considered PG-13 - words like those on the list under mild here.


I have begun posting more on another online forum with a similar membership as RVF. This same topic came up literally yesterday, and the anti-profanity moderator said that he didn't want any profanity but that he wished he had an actual Christian-based reason for it because he had none. I remarked that from my understanding, cuss words are not what is prohibited, because what is prohibited are "cursing" (as in uttering an appeal to demons for evil to befall another) and "swearing" (as in taking an oath over something else) and that most modern day Christian opposition to bad words is mostly due to conflating the names of the acts. However, someone else was kind enough to post the file that I am attaching, which makes a clear Christian case against profane language apart from the conflation that I noted. I encourage people to check it out (especially Catholics). It's fairly concise.


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