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Disturbing article about some of America's top private schools. Especially disturbing because these children are being groomed as future leaders and tastemakers.

"The school can ask you to leave for any reason,” said one mother at Brentwood, another Los Angeles prep school. “Then you’ll be blacklisted from all the private schools and you’ll be known as a racist, which is worse than being called a murderer.”

One private school parent, born in a Communist nation, tells me: “I came to this country escaping the very same fear of retaliation that now my own child feels.” Another joked: “We need to feed our families. Oh, and pay $50,000 a year to have our children get indoctrinated.” A teacher in New York City put it most concisely: “To speak against this is to put all of your moral capital at risk.”

Parents who have spoken out against this ideology, even in private ways, say it hasn’t gone over well. “I had a conversation with a friend, and I asked him: ‘Is there anything about this movement we should question?’” said a father with children in two prep schools in Manhattan. “And he said: ‘Dude, that’s dangerous ground you’re on in our friendship.’ I’ve had enough of those conversations to know what happens.”

The science program at Fieldston would make any parent swoon. The electives for 11th- and 12th-graders, according to the school’s website, include immunology, astronomy, neuroscience, and pharmacology.

But physics looks different these days. “We don’t call them Newton’s laws anymore,” an upperclassman at the school informs me. “We call them the three fundamental laws of physics. They say we need to ‘decenter whiteness,’ and we need to acknowledge that there’s more than just Newton in physics.”

One of her classmates says that he tries to take “the fact classes, not the identity classes.” But it’s gotten harder to distinguish between the two. “I took U.S. history and I figured when you learn about U.S. history maybe you structure it by time period or what happened under each presidency. We traced different marginalized groups. That was how it was structured. I only heard a handful of the presidents’ names in class.”

Brentwood, a school that costs $45,630 a year, made headlines a few weeks back when it held racially segregated “dialogue and community-building sessions.” But when I speak with a parent of a middle-school student there, they want to talk about their child’s English curriculum. “They replaced all the books with no input or even informing the parents.” The curriculum no longer features classics such as The Scarlet Letter, Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Lord of the Flies. New books include: Stamped, Dear Martin, Dear Justice, and Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass.

To question any of the curricular changes, parents say, is to make yourself suspect: “Every group chat I’m on with school parents, with the exception of my concerned parents’ group, they have a pattern of shaming anyone who shares anything remotely political or dissents from the group narrative,” one Brentwood mother wrote to me. “Once someone shames one person, many chime in agreement. The times I speak up to defend those they shame, they attempt to shame me.”

For high schoolers, the message is more explicit. A Fieldston student says that students are often told “if you are white and male, you are second in line to speak.” This is considered a normal and necessary redistribution of power.


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California's Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, based on the Marxist "pedagogy of the oppressed," instructs students to "challenge racist, bigoted, discriminatory, imperialist/colonial beliefs" and critique "white supremacy, racism and other forms of power and oppression."




R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, the original co-chair, worked on the early American history material. In the references, he denounces the United States as a "Eurocentric, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal, heteropatriarchal, and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.”



According to Cuauhtin, whites began "grabbing the land," "hatching hierarchies," and "developing for [whiteness]," which created "excess wealth" that "became the basis for the capitalist economy." Whites continue to subject minorities to "domestication" and “zombification."



In a related "mandala," Cuauhtin claims that white Christians committed "theocide" against indigenous tribes, killing their gods and replacing them with Christianity. White settlers thus established a regime of “coloniality, dehumanization, and genocide.”


The solution, according to the curriculum materials, is to “name, speak to, resist, and transform the hegemonic Eurocentric neocolonial condition” in a posture of “transformational resistance.” The ultimate goal, Cuauhtin says, is to engineer a "countergenocide" against whites.



The curriculum includes an official "ethnic studies community chant," in which students appeal to the Aztec gods—including the god of human sacrifice—for the power to become "warriors" for "social justice." Students seek a "a revolutionary spirit" through these incantations.





The state board of education will vote on this curriculum next week: if it passes, it will install the principles of critical race theory and its related ideologies into the state's 10,000 public schools, serving 6 million children.



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The result? Equal misery for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or socioeconomic circumstances — in other words, "equity."


In Queen Anne's County, Maryland, a Serbian born lawyer halted the woke brigade's attempt to teach critical race theory in the schools there.

Picking fights with lawyers and Green Berets can be a bit risky, and that is doubly true when one of them has extensive experience with totalitarian tactics.
Gordana Schifanelli is a lawyer married to a former Army special forces officer, and what’s more, she grew up in a Communist household in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. All of which makes for a powerful opponent in what has shaped up as a battle on Maryland’s Eastern Shore between forces of wokeness in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and some concerned parents.

“It’s totalitarian, what they’re doing, so I know it,” she said. “I was in the middle of a NATO bombing and barely survived. Now you want to tell me I’m a racist? Whatever.”

The battle began in June, when Superintendent Andrea M. Kane sent a letter to parents filled with attaboys for environmental improvements in the schools and news about the coronavirus, which had forced them all to close. Sandwiched in between, however, was a lengthy screed about systemic racism, the righteousness of Black Lives Matter and the frightening news that the schools in that sleepy community were infested with racism.

While Ms. Kane, who is Black, voiced her concerns in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Mrs. Schifanelli was appalled on many levels. For starters, who might be responsible for this terrible environment?

“Who’s racist? Where is this racism in our schools? I’m sending my kids into some rampant, festering racist place?” she said. “I think Black parents would also want to know who is being racist at school.”

In addition, Mrs. Schifanelli objected to the lecture from a government worker who she believed should be focused on educating her children rather than broader social issues that her 11-year-old didn’t really understand.

“You shouldn’t be using your microphone to promote your partisan political position as a public employee,” she said. “My kid’s 11. You want to regurgitate a particular political view about police and how they deal with criminal defendants and use my kids as your social justice warriors? The hell you will.”

Mrs. Schifanelli was also uncomfortable with Ms. Kane bringing in an activist group, Students Talking About Race, that tries to “encourage uncomfortable conversations and activism,” to instruct students. After a July session with the group raised some parents’ ire, the arrangement was quietly dropped, she said.

But just as she had once found her unwillingness to join the Communist Party an unwelcome stance in her childhood home, she now found her desire for a nonpolitical classroom and social justice-charged administration unwelcome among the powers that be in Queen Anne’s County, whose population is about 90% White and 7% Black, according to census data.

“I wrote and called everyone saying I thought this was wrong,” Mrs. Schifanelli told The Washington Times. “And everyone told me, ‘they have First Amendment rights; goodbye.’”

It occurred to Mrs. Schifanelli that perhaps she was wrong, or at least alone in her opposition to the trends prevalent among school administrators and county officials. So she voiced her opinion on Facebook and Instagram, where she learned she was far from alone.

Her pages, Kent Island Patriots and Maryland Patriots, attracted thousands of hits. They also attracted enemies who used every tool they could to silence and smear her and others, according to lawsuits Mrs. Schifanelli and others filed that now appear headed toward a jury trial.

“I wanted to create a space where whoever wants to speak freely against using kids as social justice warriors could do so,” she said. “That moment became hell.”

The response from Big Tech and leftists in her community would have made Tito proud, Mrs. Schifanelli said referring to Josip Broz, the late dictator of Yugoslavia.

First they shut down her personal Facebook page.

“So I said, ‘OK, I’ll create my own,” she said. Facebook and Instagram shut down the “Kent Island Patriots” and “Maryland Eastern Shore Patriots” pages, too. When her 17-year-old son tried to start a Facebook page, he was blocked, she said.

The people seeking to censor Mrs. Schifanelli’s opposition to left-wing politics, many of whom did not have children in the public school system, attacked her as a racist. They leveled their accusations with the Maryland Bar Association and at the U.S. Naval Academy, where she teaches economics and law twice a week.

Another target of theirs did lose his job, and he is a plaintiff in a separate lawsuit.

“They said, ‘we’re going to get her,’ and they started recruiting zealots to go after me,” she said. “What on earth is wrong with these people? You don’t go after people’s livelihoods.”

The situation is one she considered impossible in the United States, a country she said she looked up to even before she met Marc Schifanelli when he was attached to the U.S. embassy in Belgrade as a civilian contractor.

The pair fell in love, and theirs proved a war-torn romance. Forced to leave Yugoslavia when the war there was raging, Mr. Schifanelli refused to return stateside without her and thus decamped to Hungary. Eventually, on foot and by bus, Gordana made it across the border and then they got married in Cyprus.

“My parents were party members, they were true believers,” she said. “I remember when the Communist Party would do recruitment drives in high school. I didn’t want to be a member in any ‘party.’ God, they’d have all these meetings.”

But Mrs. Schifanelli’s aversion to politics changed when she found herself under attack. She decided to change the school board and went looking for candidates. She found one right at home.

“I told Marc we’re going to clean this mess up we’re having in public schools,” she said. “He looked at me. ‘Me?’ he said. ‘Politics?’”

Mrs. Schifanelli also recruited Helen Bennett, a local pet store owner, but the newfound political group learned they were too late to get on the ballot. With social media outfits blacking her out, they were reduced to sending thousands of postcards and ran as write-ins. They both won handily, while Dick Smith, an incumbent school board member also skeptical of Ms. Kane’s program, cruised to reelection, giving the reformers a majority on the five-person board.

By that time, tensions had mounted. Ms. Kane disappeared beginning in late October, later claiming illness, and Mrs. Schifanelli said her efforts to uncover racist teaching or incidents in the schools turned up nothing.

“As of today, I have not received one piece of paper, one shred of evidence that anyone has been racist in our public schools,” she told The Washington Times.

Neither the new board nor Ms. Kane expressed any desire to continue their relationship, and in January the board began looking for a new superintendent. That person is expected to take over before the next school year begins, Mrs. Schifanelli said.

Meanwhile, the defendants in her civil actions have tried, unsuccessfully, to get the lawsuits filed by Mrs. Schifanelli and others thrown out or moved to federal court.

Mrs. Schifanelli says she has no interest in a settlement because she doesn’t want any money. Rather, the goal is to show publicly that the schools are not a hotbed of racism and to reveal the organized way those saying that the schools are have targeted her and others for cancellation.

“They are targeting individuals and parents who speak against a particular political point of view; we are suing a government that organizes to shut people up,” she said. “I’m hoping this can be a message to a lot of people that we will never allow any more of this type of thing.”
Critical Race Theory in a nutshell -
jews on Top, Whites on Bottom, everyone else sandwiched in the middle in order of importance from most amount of melanin and least amount of historical innovations to those with least amount of melanin and whose productivity increases as you go. Gays of all races are exempt because they have their own place atop the inverted pyramidal totem pole of satan's society. This whole sham is uncovered as soon as a Mexican or a Black starts dissing on their hasidic handlers. Then they get accused of being "white" and anti-(((semitic))), a crime so evil they literally transform into a white person instantaneously.


I think it's also important to note that people between the very top and very bottom don't have a fixed position, but have to engage in a constant jockeying that keeps them focused on their hierarchical neighbors and not the people at the top who set the rules of the game
But physics looks different these days. “We don’t call them Newton’s laws anymore,” an upperclassman at the school informs me. “We call them the three fundamental laws of physics. They say we need to ‘decenter whiteness,’ and we need to acknowledge that there’s more than just Newton in physics.”

Leibniz (Newton invented Calculus first, accept it, Germans)

Galileo (Worked on Kinematics and insulted the Pope)

Edmond Halley (A comet named after him, which is pretty cool)

Pierre Simon Laplace (Who needs LaPlace's Demon when we have LaPlace Transforms!)

Robert A. Millikan (Nobel prize in Physics, finding the charge of an electron, and wasn't too honest in his research in my opinion)

Ludwig Boltzmann (Want to be kept up at night, look up "Boltzmann Brain" - Not the resurrection you imagined...)

Richard P. Feynman (I could've built a Nuclear Bomb too, and not needed any bongos to do it.)

Luigi Galvani (The guy who basically inspired Mary Shelley's "Dr. Frankenstein")

The list goes on...

Lot's o' Straight White Males in Physics... Gonna be a lot of work to 'decenter whiteness' from that field of study. Maybe if they studied more, and partied less, there would be more POCs in Physics. Until then, I'll happily tell them, "The Count from Sesame Street is more at your math-level."

In 200 years, Straight White Males went to the Moon. In 10,000 years Subsaharan Africans still pee in their drinking water. We've got TWO nuclear powered radio-controlled cars, and one helicopter ON MARS! There is no contest between the civilization White people built, and everyone else.

Von Abel speaks for me:


^ Alternatively you can sit back and watch society crumble and collapse and recognize that it'll force everyone to relearn how to build a functioning society.

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Lol if this was the only thing... veganism, homosexuality, lgbth+++, climate change agenda (the big enchilada!!) it is all pushed. Critical race theory is just one aspect of the overall agenda. And now the children are slaves too with the covid measures that we all know are here to be permanent, hurting them immensely socially and spiritually and grooming them to behave as prisoners (literal prisonars if you watch videos of how the children march into schools now seperated and with their masks on). I don't have children, but where this world is planned to go I cannot imagine how to deal with this if I had... are there people with children here who face this and how do you respond to it?