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As a disguise of social justice, Ontario is copying its neighbours to the south in pushing this nonsense. Firstly, the schools in Ontario receive tax dollars as a whole. Meaning each school receives an equal amount of funds based on their specific needs. In the USA it’s based on local property taxes in your district (correct me if I am wrong) so that is why you have public schools in wealthy neighbourhoods that are envied and crap schools in poor areas where the tax intake is less. Therefore in Ontario each student from a wealthy neighbourhood or poor will receive the same supplies, access to the same computers, same modern amenities, same teachers. If anything the poor neighbourhood schools may receive more money for various after school programs etc.

So the reasoning is bs. It’s all a disguise to dumb down the middle class so the elites will not have competition. The elites send their kids to private schools so they will probably not be affected. They can easily switch schools that play to the parents’ tune. Middle class and lower not so much.

first they push this idea of kids not getting a fair shake. Next will be critical race theory. Etc. All of these utopian ideas in the end do more harm than good for the people they intend to help. Yes, a few may benefit, but the vast majority will be worse off.
This point you can take to the bank. From the 1960s to the end of the 1970s there was a big push of immigration to Canada from Europe. Many Portuguese from the Azores, Italians, Polish and former Yugoslavia. They had basically no English. school aged immigrants were not given special programs, they CBC broadcaster did not make hockey telecasts in Italian for example. The school system was not dumbed down in math for any reason. Look what happened? These kids grew up relatively successful. I do not know of one single welfare case in those immigrant groups. This is my personal experience.

Now, immigrants from Jamaica,Caribbean. Let’s start with Jamaicans who came during the same time. Today some of their descendants can be seen living in social housing neighbourhoods and their kids are not excelling in schools. Albeit this is a small percentage of Jamaicans, they still compromise the group that complains the most and is going along with this suicide induced by the puppeteers. The elite. Take your pick which groups belongs in this caste.

The groups pushing these narratives are harming the Jamaicans and every group with them. They will use the argument ohhhh discrimination and racism. Well, how do you prove this? They cannot.
European immigrants: no english, not familiar with British culture
Jamaicans: spoke English and were familiar with British culture as they were a former colony.
these are objective facts

racism is subjective. Cannot be proved 100%
yet they keep pushing this.

I say the Jamaicans had it easier. For one thing, they had more opportunities to work in jobs where you had to speak English. Banks, offices etc. The Europeans 100% did not get that chance due to their lack of English. So right off the boat they were behind already. yet you have videos on YouTube showing black kids behind whites in an exercise to show white privilege, “systemic racism” etc.

while the Europeans worked in Manual labour jobs in factories and construction.many European women also could not help their kids in their homework as they did not speak English. This was objective fact. Where are the videos of white European kids behind the blacks in opportunities? Ohhhh your name sounds too ethnic, that resume goes in the garbage. Ohhhh I have a Leroy Carter. Let’s call him. Sounds silly but there is truth to it. Yet only one group can suffer from prejudice, racism and discrimination it seems like. BS

muhhhhh racism. Where???? This is what they want you to believe. So reasons like lack of parental help or lack of school resources is hog wash. Granted there are specific cases where there are exceptions but this push of critical race theory and dumbing down the curriculum to “lift those groups up” is all lies. East Indian or Chinese immigrants do not cry for dumbing down the curriculum. Latinos although minimal here in Ontario aren’t the biggest complainers.

As for the African immigrants here. I would never put them in the class of Jamaicans nor blacks here who emigrated from the USA. Hard working and would not want the curriculum to be dumbed down. I chose Jamaican here as opposed to black because they have community leaders who are pushing this. I also do know Jamaicans who are productive and would not push nonsense either.

I say this to parents, I suggest, take your kids out of the high schools that are pushing critical race theory and dumbing down the curriculum. What’s the point in sending your kid to a glorified babysitting place when you can even homeschool them if possible. Or if you can afford a private school, do it.


I think there is one possible complicating factor to that Analysis we dont understand. It's places like trinity and Exeter school that are getting some of the most intense critical race theory training, and the kids who go there tend be ones from families like hedge fund and private equity elites.

My assessment is that this goes beyond merely "dumbing down" and they want to inculcate even lower and mid tier elites to openly hate white people.


It used to be that White parents in larger cities who didn't want their kids in the "diverse," crappy public schools, would send them to private schools if they could afford it. Parochial schools, secular private schools, college prep, whatever. As long as the schools were 90+ % White, had a challenging curriculum, and a good rate of the kids going on to college. The private schools gave parents who could afford them an alternative.

But then came "School Choice," the brilliant idea of braindead, short-sighted Republican politicians. To stick it to the public schools and the hopelessly liberal/Democrat teachers unions, Republicans came up with School Choice... giving public school parents, mostly blacks, the option of putting their kids in private schools, with all or most of the tuition being paid for by the city, county, and state (i.e. taxpayers).

Well, I have two previously good private, parochial high schools near me, and here's how School Choice has worked out. You drive by these schools now and there are an absurd amount of blacks compared to just 10 years ago. Test scores (like SAT) are down, disciplinary problems are up. White girls are being pursued by simians. Nearby convenience stores started to experience increased shoplifting and have mandated no more than 2 students at a time in their stores. These once-fine schools have been ruined by diversity. By School Choice. Now, the White parents who don't want their kids in public schools are screwed. They have no alternative. Now they can pay big bucks for the private schools, only to have most of the same problems that plague the public schools. And homeschooling is not a viable alternative for many families.

This is a very sad state of affairs. And even if you say "eff it," and move your family to a very White suburb or rural area, you may escape the diversity thing, but it is still likely you will get the gay agenda, Critical Race Theory, climate change BS, etc. The teaching field just seems to attract very liberal and naive sheep, as well as a lot of homos.
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Warning: Explicit language.

Little League Baseball coaches in Virginia have been informed that they will be required to undergo anti-racism training similar to the critical race theory training taught in schools.

Coaches in Alexandria area were informed via an email sent by Alexandria Little League board President Sherry Reilly that they must attend a May 24 workshop entitled “Sports Can Battle Racism,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“A Sports Can Battle Racism workshop document for coaches includes six core themes, from ‘Create a Caring Climate’ to ‘Model Anti-Racist Behavior.’ Coaches are encouraged to teach themselves to perceive their own ‘internalized racism’ and look for ‘potential institutional racism’ in the community. Coaches are also asked to ‘be on the lookout’ for moments that they can use as ‘anti-racism learning opportunities,'” the Beacon added.

Positive Coaching Alliance representative Casey Miller added that the training sessions could cost up to $10,000, but the Alexandria, Little League organization, did not respond to questions about how much they are paying for the forced training session.

“We want kids to have a positive youth character-building experience and resources and training that empower youth coaches and parents,” Miller went on to tell the Beacon. “How we define culture is based on how we dive into the ‘we’ piece about that statement. What does it mean to be a part of the we? Each person, no matter what background or what they look like, should feel a part of the we.”

After learning of the anti-white training, some parents expressed concern. Alexandria area parent Barry Bennett to the Beacon, “This is Little League, everyone plays in every game. This is a bunch of busybodies virtue signaling. Leave ten-year-olds alone.”

The Beacon notes that local Alexandria schools are also pummeling kids with this left-wing agenda in school:

One resource, geared toward high school student athletes, is a definition guide with more than 30 entries, such as “cultural appropriation,” “systemic racism,” and “intersectionality.” The guide links equality with “meritocracy” and includes an addendum that asks “whether equality is enough” and if “equity is a more important principle.”

Gender “transcends biology,” according to the guide, and is “very complex since people can identify in diverse ways.” It notes that Facebook offers more than 70 gender options.

Other topics being fed to the kids include “reassessing white privilege” and “identity wheels,” where kids can input their sexual identity, race, sexual preference, religion, and other criteria to “increase awareness of how privilege operates to normalize some identities over others.”




They are very correct in calling this system "The Matrix", because that is exactly what it is.



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California's Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, based on the Marxist "pedagogy of the oppressed," instructs students to "challenge racist, bigoted, discriminatory, imperialist/colonial beliefs" and critique "white supremacy, racism and other forms of power and oppression."




R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, the original co-chair, worked on the early American history material. In the references, he denounces the United States as a "Eurocentric, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal, heteropatriarchal, and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe.”



According to Cuauhtin, whites began "grabbing the land," "hatching hierarchies," and "developing for [whiteness]," which created "excess wealth" that "became the basis for the capitalist economy." Whites continue to subject minorities to "domestication" and “zombification."



In a related "mandala," Cuauhtin claims that white Christians committed "theocide" against indigenous tribes, killing their gods and replacing them with Christianity. White settlers thus established a regime of “coloniality, dehumanization, and genocide.”


The solution, according to the curriculum materials, is to “name, speak to, resist, and transform the hegemonic Eurocentric neocolonial condition” in a posture of “transformational resistance.” The ultimate goal, Cuauhtin says, is to engineer a "countergenocide" against whites.



The curriculum includes an official "ethnic studies community chant," in which students appeal to the Aztec gods—including the god of human sacrifice—for the power to become "warriors" for "social justice." Students seek a "a revolutionary spirit" through these incantations.





The state board of education will vote on this curriculum next week: if it passes, it will install the principles of critical race theory and its related ideologies into the state's 10,000 public schools, serving 6 million children.



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If it looks like a cult, smells like a cult, acts like a cult, then it's a cult. But that's what every aspect of leftism and liberalism are - narcissism and worship of nonsense.

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R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, the original co-chair, worked on the early American history material. In the references, he denounces the United States as a "Eurocentric, white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal, heteropatriarchal, and anthropocentric paradigm brought from Europe
I thought the country was actually built by blacks and women though?