Critical Race Theory


A lot of intellectuals are enslaved by language. Controlled by it. Also if you are scared to be a racist you will also be controlled.

I can be with Asians, Africans, whatever non-European people in a room. Because I do show respect to individuals if they respect me. Yet I still make racist jokes about all races. If you are scared of words then you deserve to be enslaved by it. If you are scared to get your feelings hurt by words...what can I say.

I am also honest. I don't like any country where the natives are pushed out and replaced by foreign people who clearly do not belong there. This is the same as wars in the older times. Nobody likes that. Go to any traditional country and you think they like it?

So this whole stuff is bogus. It is not existent. It works on insecure people with no groundedness.
No lifeform in God's universe is more self-hating than a present-day slobby white liberal cog, no one loves to spread their self-hate around more then these miserable cretins do, and no one gets more enraged or cantankerous when that self-hatred is refused by healthier, Godlier people.


I am speechless when it comes to CRT. As in I'm so disgusted and beside myself, I'm at a loss for words. Where to start. Here's a good place. "Critical "theory"" is a radical marxist/communist/radical left-wing "concept" and I use the word "concept" liberally as this "theory" doesn't deserve even that kind of moniker, because it gives it too much credibility. What I hate most is that this "theory" is based upon an extensive series of presuppositions all of which require, at the very least, critical analysis and scrutiny. Worse still, all these presuppositions are false and based on fantasy. The biggest of them is the presumption of "equality". Sometimes I look at CRT or "gender" as though I'm looking at a cross-sectioned 3D schematic of a thunderstorm or airplane. The kinds of drawings that let you see inside so to give you a better visualization of the inner workings. This is important, because, again, it helps to discern all the presumptions that go into these "theories" and, with emphasis, their "conclusions". Because, if the presumptions that makeup all the gears and levers that result in the "conclusion" are false, then certainly, the conclusion is, therefore, false. Also, and apropos to our faith, it's an examination of corruption and sin. We all know lying is a major sin. A single lie can manifest into a series of supporting lies. This always happens, as a matter of course, because the lie is invariably exposed and when it is another lie is required to cover it up. This is as much true in our everyday lives as it is for larger complexed society-level lies and critical "theory" is, perhaps, one of the best examples of this. Its a lie based on a lie based on a lie based on a lie.