Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


Ok so you're saying if you give funding for testing, you'll find more cases of it. I agree -- because currently not many people have been tested.

So would you say it's better not to do any testing? Will that make it better? How?

Yes, it would make it better because the world could continue living. Testing is just a way to pump the numbers so the virus can be used as a tool by politicians and elite.

Everything has been explained by others much better already, There is no point to keep answering these individual questions and trying to convince someone. Whether you continue to believe in the mainstream talking points or not is up to you. If you want the truth there are 190 pages full of good info you can read why its better to not do testing and why the test kits don't work.

There should be a thread where the best and informative critiques of the corona virus are stickied, so it can be referenced to.
Now they are mostly lost in the hundreds of pages.
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If I'm required to give out personal info to eat at an restaurant then I'm not going to any restaurant ever for the rest of my life. Fuck 'em. I will do without it.

I once worked in gastronomy for several months and you don't want to know how disgusting and dirty some kitchens are.

Furthermore, home-cooked food is usually healthier and you know what's in it.
I used to work in a food place also, and I agree with you.

One thing that might be a bonus for a few folks is that they learn to cook food at home.

No more money going to fancy dates, the mark ups on food and drink are pure evil.


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During moments of heightened confusion and fear, the public is sold and conditioned in subtle ways to accept some new reality they never asked for or wanted. The “smart city” appears to be a key oligarch bucket list item

I think this is obvious, simply given the generally gushing reporting about China’s use of urban surveillance and smartphone tracking to fight the epidemic.

US elites (and especially tech elites) are jealous of China.

As an industry, AI thrives on the mass collection of data.


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The New York Times has published an article by popular author Kevin Roose in which he expresses his concern that half of Americans would refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccine, if it ever gets produced since there has never been one for any coronavirus including SARS, is likely to take 12-24 months according to experts.

In his article entitled What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it?, Roose laments the popularity of an anti-vaxxer video called Plandemic, which despite being censored numerous times by every major social media network has still been seen by millions of people.

Roose says that the urgency with which a vaccine will need to be produced will allow anti-vaxxers to claim it’s unsafe.

“Any promising Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be fast-tracked through the testing and approval process,” he writes. “It may not go through years of clinical trials and careful studies of possible long-term side effects, the way other drugs do. That could create an opening for anti-vaccine activists to claim that it is untested and dangerous, and to spin reasonable concerns about the vaccine into widespread, unfounded fears about its safety.”

The involvement of Bill Gates in the distribution of any vaccine will also fuel a backlash, according to Roose.

“If that’s the case, anti-vaccine activists, who have been crusading against these groups for years, will have plenty of material stockpiled to try to discredit them. They are already taking aim at Mr. Gates with baseless conspiracy theories claiming that he created and is trying to profit from the virus. These theories will be amplified, and the attempts to discredit leading virus research efforts will intensify as the vaccine nears.”

Finally, he asserts that it would be “a good idea” to make the vaccine mandatory if Americans want to fly or send their kids to certain schools, but that this “would play into some of the worst fears of the anti-vaccine movement” and create “a tangle of legal roadblocks and damaging publicity campaigns.”


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Isn't it illegal to not accept cash?
How is this allowed.

No its not illegal for them to NOT accept cash. But they can only refuse it before the debt is incurred. In other words if they charge you up front they can as a matter of policy make that choice

“This note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”

But if an establishment a restaurant for example lets you eat first (incur the debt) they either have to accept your cash or let you walk


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The latest from Computing Forever:

The main takeaway: Our immune system reuires daily contact with society at large to remain effective. Being shuttered for months on end makes us vulnerable to opportunistic viruses.


They are already taking aim at Mr. Gates with baseless conspiracy theories


this “would play into some of the worst fears of the anti-vaccine movement”

People with their baseless conspiracy theories make it tough for the cathedral to openly implement exactly what those conspiratorial nuts are saying they want to.


No they don’t.

Read the Snowden leaks. The government agencies (and political party/Foreign intel) deliberately uses crazy sounding conspiracy theories to poison the well and discredit legitimate skepticism by associationz

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Whats the 4D chess in this?

Trump says a lot of things. I've driven myself crazy over the years with the stupid, stupid things he's said. I've called him an orange buffoon and a retarded boomer.

Then I remind myself to focus on his actions and on what he actually ends up doing, and there isn't all that much I can fault him for.

Best example was April 7th, 2017, when he talked about Assad gassing his own people, and "beautiful babies" dying, and then launched a missile strike and we all went nuts for a week... is he a Neo-Cohen? He played 4D chess... AGAINST US?

Turns out, he bombed a bunch of empty buildings. No regime change in Syria. No boots on the ground on any large scale. ISIS eliminated. Deescalation. Same story in Iran and North Korea.

tl;dr: ignore his big mouth... watch his actions only.


Saw/heard the Plandemic documentary on bitchute yesterday.
Strong stuff, not really new to us, but still strong. Looking at how much money Fauci and Gates have to gain from a vaccine should raise a flag on everyones heads.

Here is the link in case you missed it:

edit: And clearly not an "anti-vaxxer" documentary. Judy clearly states that. Simply against Fauci-Gates untested vaccine (that probably will not work on coronaviruses).