Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


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it doesn’t mention hospitalization rates. Which are according to one study they mentioned believe it’s CDC above average than influenza. When the crisis happened it became obvious after a while this wasn’t an Ebola crisis. But hospitals were overwhelmed. The hospitalization rates as I expected and was told are above normal flu rates. Around 20% even for young but at this point it doesn’t matter. Because shutting down economy is not feasible. This virus will be something we will have to live with until it goes away by itself or there’s a cure. It’s a really bad flu.
If by overwhelmed you mean by round the clock tik tok dance choreography...then yeah.

Otherwise stop with the propaganda already.


Here´s what the report linked which is being analyzed says:

  • The latest report from the US CDC shows that the Covid19 hospitalization rate among the over-65s is in the range of strong flu waves. It is slightly higher among 18 to 64-year-olds and significantly lower among those under 18.

Now the report which they refer to ( the word slightly disappeared) :

  • Cumulative hospitalization rates for COVID-19 in adults (18-64 years) at this time are higher than cumulative end-of-season hospitalization rates for influenza over each of the past 5 influenza seasons.

Btw they are not misleading by saying slightly. I believe CDC took it away recently.

My goal is not propaganda. Two reasons for me to post here:

Altruistic: When the pandemic started a lot of info was shared here. And now I want or at least try to give back.

Selfish: Gather info to prepare myself and my family for the future.

I´m normally more times right than wrong. At least in this macro long term trends I´ve been pretty much right all my life. And by nature I´m contrarian. Because herds don´t follow reason. They follow emotions.

This is an academic/pointless discussion because society/economy has to function. My wife realized this when we passed by car in the most ritzy area of our city and the cooks and waiters were outside restaurant smoking. It was daunting. Zero clients. She realized it doesn´t matter if there´s cases or not. Because governments have to collect taxes. And Trump has an election to win. People are tired and want to have normal life. It will be most vulnerable people who will suffer.

I could be wrong. If it depended on me I would like to be wrong. But I´m normally not. Even when everybody around me tells me I´m wrong. I persist. And end up being right. Still don´t know the full extension of this. Contagion and hospitalization seem to be higher than flu. But time will tell. Or maybe not cause it´s all angles. My family members are not propaganda. Every time I think this is passing. My wife asks me to call them. She says she can call them if I want and put them on loudspeaker.

As for the Tik tok nurses. They should all be fired. If I was on the board of an hospital and saw them doing that. They would be fired on spot. It´s a disgrace. Nurses are one of the most credible professions. There´s probably something here.

Epidemics are not spread evenly. You can have a region of a country on full of cases. And another without any. Even now Ebola in Congo is going in a region of the country. Because other regions have zero cases. It means there´s no cases there???

On this type of events. The reason is normally not obvious. We still don´t know what the goal of this is. Vaccines and chip maybe. But it can be something totally different. Nobody will ever know except insiders. This Trump/Hillary fight can be a distraction to something more global and abstract which fits elite goals.
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If hospitalization rates are only "slightly higher" in a year where there is massive propaganda that we are facing some horrible civilization-ending disease, then when you adjust for that, hospitalization is really way down this year. Most people would never go to the hospital for the flu, but this year, a sniffle will cause many to run to the ER. Plus all the media repeating that the way to fight this is to rush to your local hospital and get put on a ventilator! Considering that, I would expect hospitalizations of double last year. Anything less is proof of what a sham this was.

I talked to a female friend today and she is totally terrified of the WuFlu. To the extent that she had herself tested and doesn't believe the test which showed she was negative. She thinks we will remain locked down until 2021, and even if we are not she won't be leaving the house until then. She is just waiting for the vaccine to save her. Terrifying!


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MSM has been cranking up the volume on how cases have been spiking incredibly high recently, and of course blaming it on the "rush to reopen." Appearing like a clear shift from riots back to this. Not sure how it's going to play out. People in my neck of the woods just dont care anymore - the only people wearing masks are employees that are required to do so. The only teeth this seems to have now are big companies shutting down certain plants. Maybe that's enough? We'll see.
If anybody doubts that this thing is partly a Chinese scam all they need to do is look at the current Chinese case numbers.

Apparently almost nobody in China has got this thing in the past 3 months. Holy psy-ops Batman.


Part of the nonsense of the lockdowns is clearly being driven by middle aged Karens angry that Stacy got Chad's commitment and not her.

South Dakota Governor Kristi "Stacy" Noem, happily married to a Chad and mother of his children, heavily criticized media bias over covering the virus just a few days ago and largely kept her state open.

On the other hand, Michigan Governor Karen McManjaw, bitterly married to a beta (who in his defense would probably be considered quite a catch by women less spoiled than many eastern Great Lakes American women), could not get enough of the lockdown.



If anybody doubts that this thing is partly a Chinese scam all they need to do is look at the current Chinese case numbers.

Apparently almost nobody in China has got this thing in the past 3 months. Holy psy-ops Batman.
The question is whether this thing exists at all today, because the only mortality increases we have are regional where the medical services massively changed treatments, even stopped normal medication of elderly people (they did this for example in many parts of Sweden where suddenly elderly folk were given only morphine instead of their normal meds after the test was positive). China by the way quickly deconstructed that hospital they built for the photo-op. China has been fully operational for months while the rest of the world is still not open with everything. The tests also are 85% faulty according to new numbers - meaning that even if there is 0% "infected", that you get a few percent of false positives. That is exactly what is being observed - almost all of the cases are asymptomatic which means healthy.

It´s just good that my asymptomatic phobia of masks and suffocation prevents me from having to put on those masks as I cite this as an excuse. Also it´s good that my asymptomatic breaking of both legs is not hindering me from walking. Most of my family this year had an asymptomatic case of severe pneumonia and survived while not even noticing that they had pneumonia. We should count our blessings!

I am also ordering this wonderful facemask for swimming with great design - the summer can begin:


ball dont lie

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There is a local club that not a true business, its an industrial space that is rented and basically functions as a men's club type establishment. I go there on the weekends and meet people there. They have a meetups site but screen people and usually 2-3 days a week with events.

This weekend there were more people than usual and a couple guys I'd met before, one a doctor and another a local EMT were both saying how much BS this whole covid thing has been and how many people have died from the government rules affecting hospitals and EMT. Not the kind of thing often talked about on the news. The EMT guy in particular was saying his job has so many rules in place that getting someone into the ambulance is a lot of work and takes much more time, so people have all kinds extra problems waiting for oxygen, care, etc, or can die waiting to check all the regulatory boxes.

I meet a lot of people like this, but I will say up front that there is confirmation bias in my actions - ie Ive been going out and meeting people for months during the crisis at friends houses and this men's club so the people I see have been against the lockdown since almost the beginning.

Also one of the guys said he and his brothers all purchased handguns after the riots in the bigger city near here, where he lives. He lives in a gentrifying area and there were several mobs of people going down the main streets breaking everything with police consent the first two nights, before the police set a curfew and got out tear gas and rubber bullets.


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Theory/observation: there’s an attempt at producing an inner loop and outer loop narrative. Both coronavirus and the riots are fake/engineered/false flag - but there seems to be an attempt to make coronavirus more “real” (inner loop). The “data” shows a huge spike after the riots corresponding to the incubation period but nobody official (MSM) admits it. This leads those who aren’t completely brainwashed but not fully red pill to believe there might be some legitimacy to coronavirus.
I see corona as a mix of punishing China for not giving up Hong Kong and pushing the world nearer to the new world order end game where a two to three letter agency runs the show with the antichrist as the head.

The masses firstly need to be brutalized and deprived to make them more plieable for extreme solutions on the far end of either political spectrum.


  • The latest report from the US CDC shows that the Covid19 hospitalization rate among the over-65s is in the range of strong flu waves. It is slightly higher among 18 to 64-year-olds and significantly lower among those under 18.

Now the report which they refer to ( the word slightly disappeared) :

  • Cumulative hospitalization rates for COVID-19 in adults (18-64 years) at this time are higher than cumulative end-of-season hospitalization rates for influenza over each of the past 5 influenza seasons.
Same way the media created panic buying of toilet paper, they created panic runs on hospitals.

The same report confirms a lot of what we in this thread were insulted for saying.

The median or average age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.
Old people with serious conditions died and it was in line with normal mortality for the group. If you're under 80, go about your regular life.

In many countries, up to two thirds of all extra deaths occurred in nursing homes, which do not benefit from a general lockdown. Moreover, in many cases it is not clear whether these people really died from Covid19 or from weeks of extreme stress and isolation.
Lockdowns do nothing to stop the virus. If anything, lockdowns kill.

Up to 30% of all additional deaths may have been caused not by Covid19, but by the effects of the lockdown, panic and fear. For example, the treatment of heart attacks and strokes decreased by up to 60% because many patients no longer dared to go to hospital.
Lockdowns alone killed tens of thousands.

Even in so-called “Covid19 deaths” it is often not clear whether they died from or with coronavirus (i.e. from underlying diseases) or if they were counted as “presumed cases” and not tested at all. However, official figures usually do not reflect this distinction.
People who die with Covid don't necessarily die FROM it. And MANY people called a covid death were not tested at all. Meaning, the official numbers are wildly inflated.

Many media reports of young and healthy people dying from Covid19 turned out to be false: many of these young people either did not die from Covid19, they had already been seriously ill (e.g. from undiagnosed leukaemia), or they were in fact 109 instead of 9 years old. The claimed increase in Kawasaki disease in children also turned out to be false.
The media lies...duh. And on and on.

I only pop in this thread occasionally anymore to see if anyone still believes the covid BS. They do and it's sad.
^ Every time I see one of these videos of the doctors and nurses arguing over this or that, it just shows the absurdity of everything. They are self-appointed arbitrators of life and death, and human lives are but items on a checklist to them. I'm sure the head shriner doctor at most of these hospitals is eating all the souls he can get. Though this nurse, she seems like she would make a good wife and mother. The medical protocols have been killing people and there is no conclusive evidence for this virus even existing now. The whole thing is a demonic delusion, a spell cast over all the world by cheap-trick conjurers. Ventilators will cause respiratory failure, know two people this happened to, but no one listened to me.
What bothers me is the idea that after the pandemic fades away, that people/nations will not properly prepare for the next one. They will not have eliminated fresh kill meat markets in Asia, they will not have rigorously regulated biolabs in China, and they will not have huge stocks of face masks, gowns, gloves, infection detecting equipment, and ventilators, etc., for the next pandemic.

And they will not have removed large portions of manufacturing from China, due to greed and sloth, despite the extreme vulnerability such a situation creates for the West. I hope I am proven wrong, but I doubt it.


The nurse above cries in the end of the video since she recounts one patient who was probably murdered by some Satanic health practitioners who wanted to shore up the death toll stats. Countries that never changed or amended their treatments never got any spike in deaths - Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and most of the world frankly. Sweden funnily enough changed the treatment in a dire way at times which means that part of their medical establishment listened to different heads than the chief epidemiologist.

And I hope you good global citizens will like the new shopping experience - it just feels a bit like entering a high-security prison especially in the most obedient globalist bootlicker-countries like UK: