Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


All the restrictions have nothing to do with anything whatsoever. They do what they can get away with. In some countries they had more tests, are testing as many people with this supposed covid, but not even masks in supermarkets are mandatory - like Netherlands or Denmark.

Heck - there is not even much of a correlation between test and deaths as the deaths of and with covid are going down in the US despite the raw number of people testing positive going up.

The elite has to work within the local framework of politics, health officials, medical system and the level of gullibility of the population. They control the top everywhere, but sometimes the administration is not corrupted or the people are far more resistant and the politicians don´t dare to implement the worst measures that would make Stalin blush. It´s easy to bend the for-profit US healthcare system, entice doctors to strap panic-attack-patients onto ventilators for 30.000$, but this had no effect in countries like Germany, all of Eastern Europe, most of Scandinavia. They control the UK NHS well with insane orders from above, but have little effect in less centralized healthcare systems. They even managed to convince some solid numbers of Stockholm doctors to give all elderly patients only morphine after the covid-diagnosis, cutting short their lives, but that did not change the behavior of doctors outside of that city. (saw an interview with a Swedish nurse who told about the insanity there)

As one microbiologist once said - this thing (he believes that there is a thing) will be around for millions of years, are you going to cover up your face for the next millennia, practice social distancing until the end of time? Are you insane? They said in the beginning that 2 to 4 weeks would be enough, now it´s forever and the people believe that bullshit.

Tyranny under the guise of a supervirus after having primed the population with those idiotic virus-movies and the life-saving vaccines as the big saviors. One of the biggest hoaxes in human history.....


I was looking at some data from This is for NY. Look how far the projections were off. And it's not the lockdowns that saved everyone.



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Appeals court says Michigan gyms must remain closed, just hours before they were to reopen

A federal appeals court Wednesday night agreed to delay implementation of a judge's order that would have allowed indoor gyms to reopen in Michigan beginning at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued the ruling shortly before 9 p.m., saying Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's order keeping indoor fitness facilities closed during the coronavirus pandemic needed to remain in place while an appeal of U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney's decision of last week to reopen them was heard.

Otherwise, the public could be placed at risk by a second spike in infections caused by coronavirus or COVID-19, the panel ruled late Wednesday.

"We sympathize deeply with the business owners and their patrons affected by the governor's order," the ruling said. "Crises like COVID-19 can call for quick, decisive measures to save lives. Yet those measures can have extreme costs — costs that often are not borne evenly."

"The decision to impose those costs rests with the political branches of government, in this case, Governor Whitmer," the court said.

The panel included Judges Julia Smith Gibbons, Deborah Cook and Chad Readler. Gibbons and Cook were appointed by former President George W. Bush. Readler was appointed by President Donald Trump.

Maloney had ruled for gym owners last week, saying the state hadn't adequately explained why they were being forced to stay closed while some other businesses had already reopened with social distancing guidelines in place. While gyms have been reopened in parts of northern Michigan and in the Upper Peninsula subject to certain restrictions, they have remained closed in the rest of the state, although they can provide outdoor exercise if social distancing guidelines are followed.

But Whitmer's lawyers argued that letting gyms reopen despite her order could create "the likelihood of an unworkable patchwork" of rules for different businesses and regions across the state, which could "lead to unintended consequences and erosion of the common plan to fight the spread of the virus."

"The idea that gyms — with their high levels of heavy respiratory activity, shared indoor spaces and shared surfaces — might be one of the later businesses to come back online in the midst of this global pandemic is hardly surprising and highly sensible," Whitmer's lawyers said in requesting the stay.

They also argued that Maloney's ruling violated precedents suggesting that it was the governor's job to set policies in times of emergency — not be second-guessed by federal courts.

The three-judge panel strongly indicated that while gym owners had understandable concerns with the governor's order, legally speaking she appeared to be on solid ground making the decision she did. That could augur well for the governor's hopes of having Maloney's order overturned on appeal.

"All agree that the police power retained by the states empowers state officials to address pandemics such as COVID-19 largely without interference from the courts," the ruling said. It added, "The idea that heavy breathing and sweating in an enclosed space containing many shared surfaces creates conditions likely to spread the virus ... fairly supports the governor’s treatment of indoor fitness facilities."

"Though (the gym owners) bear the very real risk of losing their businesses, the governor’s interest in combating COVID-19 is at least equally significant," the ruling said. "To date, the disease has infected thousands of Michiganders, and it has shown the potential to infect many more. That the public interest weighs in favor of a stay is apparent for the same reason."

Whitmer's press secretary, Tiffany Brown, said the ruling was the correct one.

“Today, three Republican-appointed judges got it right: In the fight against a global pandemic, courts must give governors broad latitude to make quick, difficult decisions," Brown said "The governor will continue to take the actions necessary to save lives.”


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I live 30 minutes north of Atlanta and I still don't know of anyone who has gotten Covid. I've been living in flagrant disregard of lockdown procedures for a month now (frequent grocery shopping trips, meeting with family + friends, church, gym, etc.) with zero ill effect.

The gym in particular has been packed for the past two weeks. Haven't heard of anyone getting sick.

Just my anecdotal experience, but Covid is very far down my list of concerns right now.


Blacks are to get the lifesaving Gates vaccines first. Black Lives first - and I agree in this case. (Though no hate here - no one should take them, but whatever...)

Meanwhile I will be getting my sandwich without a mask while supporting my opinion with a few trinkets:



I met hardcore believers 2 months ago who were even having panic attacks. REcently I met up with them again and they were strangely relaxed about it all. Before that my opinion was the only dissenting one, but they told me that they had cousins diagnosed and their co-workers diagnosed with this. All of their co-workers who had supposedly this dangerous covid19 were super-healthy, sat at home in quarantine. After that no one in the company believed the mainstream story. The tests are meaningless and likely test for a human DNA particle so are absolutely random. Whatever causes any disease among some is unrelated to the test. Suicides are up by hundreds of percent in some countries, treatments are different for elderly people and that may kill some. Even solitude can kill some.

Now the woke virus does not spread among the rioters and looters, but affects highly all non-woke crowds, is deadly in gyms and small businesses. It does not however spread in bigbox stores due to the chainlink-fence-against-mosquitos-masks.


It's very funny Cuomo says that stuff considering he let COVID-positive patients in nursing homes and had it spread there leading to deaths so he could get more federal funding because NY is broke and in a huge deficit. It's also happened in other blue states too but no one criticizes them because they follow the science of the day and are enlightened.

Another thing too with the "second wave" is that people were shut out for some time, isn't herd immunity happening in those places so people don't get it again? My local paper was talking about Governor Cuomo is a hero for what he did, give me a break. Whenever I look at these eyes, I see darkness.

It's also ironic that Democrats told people who protested the lockdowns are grandma killers when they were doing the same thing with the nursing homes, talk about projection.


So i work for myself mainly doing residential AV setups throughout the home. Mainly dealing with just home owners directly. Recently had to do this penhouse suite in a commercial skyscraper building and the whole procedure to get inside was very interesting. I had to give the general contractor my name and phone number and was told to show up there at 8. Once i got near the building it was exactly 8 so im not sure if this was location based or time based, but i got a text message that took me to a link where i had to answer few covid questions. There was a huge line of workers, and every few minutes they would take 4 of us in some, we would give them our ID and this machine read your tempurature from a distance. Then once you were cleared you went into another line, where you waited for elevator and they would let 4 in at a time. So the funniest thing is once you pass all that and get in, i had to go to the 67th floor, the elevators are huge and it would stop all the time on random floors and workers being like you guys care if we hop in and everyone would be like hop in guys and laugh at how much of a joke this is. Workers would constantly have to go up and down. Same thing happened on my way down upon leaving. I got there at 8 am and didnt get inside the unit until noon time, and i left at 2 but by time you go back down and get your id and temp check again took another hour or so. What a waste of time, all the workers wpuld just comply to get inside and then break all the rules that the building set for the construction. Theres no occupancy in the building yet. I probably wouldnt have taken the job had i known fully thats what it would be like. Wonder what they do with the data? Luckily this was a one time thing for me but i imagine people having to go through something like this on a daily basis where the checking and getting inside takes longer then the work that you do.


STudies about masks - there are way more of those:


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Everyone in the world wearing those masks until the end of time unless 7.5 bio. people get vaccinated every 6 months is one of the most insane and insidious cons in human history using the pre-existing human fear of death.


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FORT PIERCE, Fla. (CBS12) – The debate over a proposed mandate for face masks in certain areas of St. Lucie County turned heated.

"I will not be muzzled like a mad dog," said one man during the public comment session.

"I see any of you without mask on I will personally call the police on you, just so you get that fine," said another.

The St. Lucie County Commission held a special meeting on Friday to discuss a Proposed "Order of the St. Lucie County Administrator requiring face coverings be worn in certain circumstances to slow the spread of COVID-19 particularly in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain."

Such an order would be countywide.

"It ain't easy, but I don't want to be dead," said Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky.

“Hundreds of citizens have contacted me regarding this issue over the last couple of weeks and the overwhelming majority have been in favor of a mandatory order with a very spirited minority in opposition,” stated the mayor of the largest city in the county.

Port St. Lucie Mayor Greg Oravec said in a Facebook post, “Please note that Martin County went forward with a mandatory order, Alachua County stuck with their mandatory order after considering the input of the City of Gainesville, and the lawsuits against Alachua County failed to convince a state circuit court judge or a federal circuit court judge to grant an injunction against the order.”

For one Port St. Lucie mom of, there’s no masking it. The “coronavirus climb” in Florida is downright concerning.

Susan Rhodes, who started an online petition said the fast-spreading infectious disease puts her 84-year-old mother-in-law, who she cares for, at risk.

After a fierce debate, leaders decided to continue the meeting on July 1.




They think that they are so smart for wearing that mask....

I am so smart for first believing the authorities that masks don´t work. I made fun of people who wore the mask.
Then suddenly I was even smarter when the authorities told me that masks are best life-saving device ever!
I do exactly as the authorities tell me to do - I even research by looking for supportive studies and reaffirming data on Twitter, because I don´t see enough bodies piling up in my vicinity.

Though it´s hard to tell whether it´s an IQ test per se - propaganda is streamlined for every IQ level - generally it works the least on the lower and upper range. The lower range is supposed to take it via osmosis in their environment and they hope that the higher-range of folk don´t look at the counter-information out there. That is why they eliminate information by doctors, nurses, virologists on social media, fire even doctors and nurses for speaking out. Currently mainly retired virologists and microbiologists dared to speak out and even they got their university email account and access cancelled. Meanwhile fake studies are being published and later retracted (studies about overblown moratlity rates or chloroquine being suddenly super-deadly after 60+ years of use).

It´s more a test in gullibility and ease of being manipulated - the elite spits on you with contempt. They don´t respect you for adhering to those rules. They think that the mask-wearing Karens who now call non-mask wearing people Karens - they think that you are total morons and sheep. Even the lowest rungs of the pyramids - the freemasons - got multiple hints in all the media that it is a hoax and all the initiated brothers and sisters have nothing to fear. It´s not even that difficult to decode because those Masonic secrets are out there, but are just disbelieved because most people are not part of those groups and the normies think that worldwide cooperation is impossible somehow.

So yeah - you did not fail an IQ test for wearing a mask, you just failed for letting fear, laziness and elite propaganda sway your mind too much.