Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


This is what happens when your government gives billionaires 5 trillion to bail them out and then tells the people we can't afford to let you stay safely at home. Then on top of it they give people who make a million a year a $1.7 million tax cut. Then they tell you to wear a mask and social distance but at the same time it is okay for Antifa/BLM to break all these rules so they can burn down entire blocks within a city.



Can someone please provide with a good link(s) about the unreliability of pcr testing? google has not been very helpful, the algoritham is strong


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CA Governor Gavin Newsom: "Stay home! There will be no 4th of July Celebrations and fireworks this year. All beaches will be closed throughout the weekend. We need to flatten the COVID-19 curve."

Pre-4th of July fireworks message from various CA's police departments:

Meanwhile, on July 4th in various CA neighborhoods, Californians united together to give the middle finger to Newsom to celebrate Independence Day by putting on their own fireworks show. :squintlol: :laughter:

Our metro also had widespread professional fireworks. We also had the same warnings about how fireworks are illegal. Not sure if that's a thing they say every year or not. Regular people said they see it as a defiance. Could just be all those fireworks the city would normally buy had to go somewhere, at a discount.

It was nice to see though.


Walmart seems to be enforcing the mask wearing now with full security teams being called if you don´t put one on:

Two days ago, I decided to stop in a Walmart for a brief minute to pick up something I was not able to order online quick enough. I had checked to see if this Walmart near me had it in stock. I seldom shop at Walmart, so this was a rare visit to the mega-chain franchise, and I was planning on just getting what I needed and head on my way.
An older woman wearing a mask was at the entrance, and mumbled something about wearing a mask as I walked in, but I was in a hurry and so I just ignored her.
I found someone stocking a shelf and asked him where the item was that I wanted to purchase. He said he would take me there, and proceeded to show me the way to the aisle where it was located. As we were walking to the aisle, he looked back at me and asked: “You’re not wearing a mask?” (I obviously was not.)
“No, ” I said, “I don’t wear them for medical reasons.”
He showed me the aisle then left. Before I could even read the box and labels on the item I wanted to purchase, a husky young woman wearing a kind of security uniform with a two-way radio came up to me and said in a very loud and serious tone: “Sir, if you’re not going to wear a mask, you need to leave the store NOW!”
I was somewhat taken aback by this confrontation, as I had never wore a mask during the entire COVID Plandemic, and nobody had ever bothered me about it previously, at least not in any stores where I was shopping (only an outdoor Farmer’s Market gave me problems one time).
So I decided to call her bluff, and told her I had medical reasons for not wearing a mask, and that I was just purchasing one item and then I would be leaving.
She got on her radio and stated: “He’s refusing to leave. I need back up.”

Now my blood pressure kicked up a notch, as I was clearly being seen as a criminal, and a threat.
In less than a minute, a tall man named “Allen” with a badge that said “Assistant Manager” came into the aisle and told me I had to leave immediately. I pulled out my phone and began recording everything, and was told I was “not allowed” to record in the store. I kept recording anyway because I was being threatened and wanted a record of what actually was transpiring.
I tried reasoning with him and telling him I was doing nothing illegal, and that he had no legal authority to prevent me from shopping there. He would have none of that and said:
“You should have seen the sign when you came in that face masks are required to shop here. We are under orders to prevent anyone not wearing a face mask from entering our store, so you need to leave immediately.”
Top-down mask enfcorcement looks ever more benevolent eh? Next stop: No entry without your current vaccination ID at the entry.

The system as of yet isn´t implemented everywhere yet - massive fines and undercover maskless agents will enforce complience from smaller businesses or bankrupt them. Reasoning with them is useless anyway. However some of the employees were certainly full-on believers and enforcers. They honestly believe in all this bullshit and would shoot you in the parking lot if they had the authority.

Walmart seems to be enforcing the mask wearing now with full security teams being called if you don´t put one on:

Look at that fat tub of goo, it really is a polarity between healthy people not believing this hoax and the unhealthy who accept everything without thought. Walmart does curbside pickup still don't they? It may be beneficial and help both parties if you're going to shop there, call ahead and make them run around the store getting the things you need and just pick it up on the side, they'll get some exercise and you won't have to deal with mask harassment. The only other option would be for people to enter the store en masse without masks and tell them to collectively to go fuck themselves.
Funny thing in my state Walmart is one of the sane places I go. Went to one yesterday and mask compliance was about 40% and most people there don't believe most of this covid shit.

I must say hillbillys and rednecks have this thing nailed down.


That idiot Newsom actually said protests are ok while stay at home for the 4th of July?

I can report from California, there were much more fireworks in the neighborhood this year


Your covipass pre-chipping platform is going to be rolled out soon enough:

I doubt that you will be allowed to do much without having one of those - and of course be greenlit after testing and in the future after vaccination.

The EU already is planning to issue a 2022 vaccination card:

Meanwhile in the real world the CDC publishing the real covid death rate which has reached levels below 0,2% even with the inflated stats:

But of course that won´t stop them from locking down the world again in a few months:

We can see now that it all coincides with an increased marxist takeover, destruction of the middle class - small and medium businesses, elimination of healthy food and independent farmers (not only meat - potatoes, apples will be luxury goods - cricket powder and mealworms are the future), then of course forced relentless vaccination and after the covid-pass the convenient chipping.

So you end up with a society that will be poorer, more desperate, more malnourished (check out psychotic disorders among even well-fed vegetarians and vegans - they are at least 300% higher than among even unhealthy omnivores), but intensely vaccinated and controlled - far more dependent on the state since many jobs will be gone and the bottom-up wage pressure will keep wages also very low for decades. Add to it the climate of cultural marxism and blaming whites and the west for all of it - and you have a wonderful system coming into place.

The population will blame whites and capitalism (mostly the small business owner and farmer just as during the Bolsheviks), they will become sick soon enough as food becomes less healthy, the vaccines will make many infertile or kill them off in the next years. 2 rounds of vaccines every year will be able to murder billions easily.

Here funny the director of the Bulgarian pahology association:

Won´t matter of course....


Could someone help provide MSM's links which show how full of shit and inconsistent Fauci and WHO are.

My University's Lefty Alumni have started acting like Bolsheviks on the Alumni Facebook page. They want the current FDA head, who is also from my university, fired from his job as he has NOT refuted Trump. I told them, that objectively speaking, the advice given from Fauci and WHO is inconsistent and wrong at times. So one of them starts asking for proof of assertion.


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Youre better of pointing out that Fauxci is a white man and therefore inherently evil and duplicitous. You cant "win" an argument with neo Marxist chunks (as in change someone's mind) with logic and facts. You can however use their own emotions for self entertainment purposes

Besides...there's over 200 pages of material in this thread alone You want someone else to parse the info for you?
Could someone help provide MSM's links which show how full of shit and inconsistent Fauci and WHO are.

My University's Lefty Alumni have started acting like Bolsheviks on the Alumni Facebook page. They want the current FDA head, who is also from my university, fired from his job as he has NOT refuted Trump. I told them, that objectively speaking, the advice given from Fauci and WHO is inconsistent and wrong at times. So one of them starts asking for proof of assertion.
You could always ask them directly how many people they know who have ACTUALLY had a fatal case of hoax-vid 1984?

That usually starts to fry the ole 'cognitive dissonance.'


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That is pretty stupid math.

The logic behind it is even more retarded.

Do the math for the case fatality rate. 6k/217k

- Past case counts are not predictive of future case counts.

- Also, you need to give about 2 weeks time tor active cases to die or recover, or you need to subtract active cases from the numerator.

Lastly, some people are disabled for life from the disease.


I am not sure how this became a political issue either. People should wear masks, but they shouldn’t be compelled to do so. Same goes for quarantine. PPE is effective. I worked for years with all sorts of nasty agents and I can tell you that PPE is effective.

CDC using the same stupid math I did apparently

The CDC estimates the death rate from COVID-19 for those under 50 is 1 in 5,000 for those with symptoms, which would be 1 in 6,725 overall, but again, almost all those who die have specific comorbidities or underlying conditions. Those without them are more likely to die in a car accident. And schoolchildren, whose lives, mental health, and education we are destroying, are more likely to get struck by lightning.


Marxism, feminism and social justice behave more like religions than any semblence of science.

The Covidian faith believes in various contradictory statements and illogical assumptions. You only have to believe in the words of the pope Bill and prophet Fauci. As a Covidian believer you can spare yourself any logical considerations, listening to heretic scientists, heck - you can even wave away real mortality stats or the results from most of the countries in the world. You wave away empty hospitals unlarved around the world and disregard the fired nurses and doctors.

Everything happening around the world - including regionally higher mortality here and there - can be explained with other facts, but as a believing Covidian you don´t have to concern yourself with that. Believe that the masks will bless you while you practice holy social distancing and the salvation will come in the form of the constant vaccination and chipping, so that pope Bill can see what you are up to as a simple Covidian sheeple.

And I don´t want to be blaspheme here, because those psychopaths indeed create worldly religions - BLM and Antifa are such creations as we see, so the Covidian belief system follows the same pattern. And obviously all this differs greatly from true religion - it´s a perversion of a religion as good religions should be not only guiding people into greater apport with a higher force, but the religion should make the lives of people better.

The Covidian Satanic Communist belief only destroys lives, separates communities and humans from each other, it paints all people as potantial biohazards and evil carriers of virus, it tells children that they will kill grandma just because they breathe.