Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy


They just increased the testing tremendously in recent weeks to get the test case results up - virtually all are false positives or asymptomatic. The deaths don't go up, because the correlation of deaths to test cases are weak - they killed the few older people who reacted with a positive to those stupid tests.


I suppose Safety could be described as the religion of the athiest

I left the store at the start of the pandemic and a young man said to me "be safe". It has become the new, socially engineered buzz word.

When I saw someone I like leaving the church, i would say "be blessed". I miss those days.



You are not allowed to make fun of the ludicrous restrictions or make jokes about the virus it is protected. You will comply kids.

Seriously this is ridiculous now they are desperate to stop the wheels coming off this scam.

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You are not allowed to make fun of the ludicrous restrictions or make jokes about the virus it is protected. You will comply kids.

Seriously this is ridiculous now they are desperate to stop the wheels coming off this scam.
I'm expecting a lot of 'sick' kids. AHHHHHHH...CHHHH......


CDC quietly updated their numbers this past week to show that only 6% of all COVID deaths (9,210) were related to the COVID alone. The rest of the deaths (94%) pinned to the Kung Flu are attributed to individuals who had serious health issues. Majority of deaths were related to elderly people and nursing homes.

Meanwhile, in Europe...

I was getting all excited to import the CDC data set into R and disprove the you know what out of the killer virus narrative, but the shoddy data presentation of the CDC renders this data set essentially useless.

CDC said:
To avoid counting the same death multiple times, the numbers for different conditions should not be summated
The best I could get from this deliberately misleading snow job is that age groups below 45 account for 2.84% of deaths from all causes which of course includes multiple deaths for multiple individuals based on the categorical classification. Of course there's no breakdown of interactions between age and comorbidities, number of comorbidities, etc. Weight, BMI, and blood pressure would help with interpretation also. I guess we'll have to take their word for the 6% figure.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that 12,000 rows of data complied by the government doesn't give us a shred of useful information. Probably just a coincidence


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The only proper reply to this whole BS-19...

Don't even waste a second to read their argumentation, just get out of Kill Gates paradigm completely. He's just a monkey playing with his own balls in a jungle of vile stupidity.
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I have not seen a sick person in 4 months and they are increasing the restrictions e.g. can't grocery shop without mask, limited store hours. Also, the people who comply the most are Boomers and women, with almost an 80% compliance rate (not scientific, just my observations). They are not skeptical at all and just fully drink the CV19 Kool-aid.


6% huh? Taking that at face value (and using the inflated official numbers), 11,000 older people or people with unknown co-morbidities died. We destroyed the economy over 11,000 people - fewer than 1,900 a month.

A pox on the people responsible. Usquequo Domine?



'Our service was dead': NHS worker under investigation after claiming coronavirus is 'a load of b*****ks' and admitting she did 'f*** all' during the pandemic
  • Care UK employee Louise Hampton recorded video slamming a certificate given to her and her colleagues
  • 'This is my certificate of b*****ks.' Ms Hampton said. 'I didn't clap for the NHS, I didn't clap for myself. Because why would I clap for myself when I did f*** all?'
  • Ms Hampton's stark message comes amid rising fears over a backlog of millions of cancer screenings and other operations which have been delayed by the pandemic

Covid is a load of bullshit according to this NHS nurse.

Truly hard to believe that they didn't live through the biggest pandemic ever.



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Am I going crazy here or have they redefined the word morbid?
I have always known the word morbid to mean deadly.
If someone behaves morbidly, then, they are obsessed with death, dying, thoughts of their mortality, etc.
Morbidly obese means so fat you are likely to die from your huge weight.

Now searching in (((online dictionaries))) the word morbid means sickly or diseased.

But the entymology of the root word clearly means death. Morir in Spanish means to die. Mourir in French. Morris in Italian. More in Portuguese. Morior is Latin for to die.

One of my fears is that words will be redefined and we won't even realize it because there's only one online service (Meriam Webster), just as there is only one source many go to for history: Wikipedia. I'm going to check the huge old Oxford English Dictionary at my parents house that is about 5 times the size of my college dictionary.

I began searching because of this buzzword "comorbidities" that they are throwing around re: coronavirus. To me a "morbidity" means something you will die from, like cancer. A comorbidity is 2 or more of these. So if you have a morbidity, it is going to kill you. Whether or not you have a 2nd or 3rd or 4th morbidity. Is this right?